Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 7 – Glowing Christmas Tree

Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 7 – Glowing Christmas Tree

(light music) – Hi everyone, Kristina here. Welcome to day seven of
the Holiday Card Series. Today I’m gonna be making a card using a new-ish stamp set from Altenew and I’m gonna do some heat embossing first and then put some watercoloring on top, kind of like a glowing effect. Hope you guys enjoy and let’s get into it. The stamp set I’m using
is called Starry Night from Altenew and it has some really great star cluster images, one
that’s in the shape of a tree, and another that’s kind of
got a corner element to it if you wanna use that one. So I’m going to start out by
using watercolor paper today. I plan to do some painting
over the top of that tree shape so I’m just getting my
watercolor paper ready. This is some Fabriano Artistico
extra white watercolor paper and I placed it inside a
Misti stamp positioning tool and then I’m going to
prep the watercolor paper with an anti-static powder tool. Going to be doing some heat embossing and I want to make sure that
this area’s completely ready so that I don’t have any embossing powder kind of sticking to areas
where I don’t want it. I’m inking up that tree
shape with Versamark ink and then I’ll go ahead and stamp that down onto my watercolor paper. This is a really big image
so I’m gonna make sure I really walk my fingers
over every single area of this tree shape and I’m
actually going to stamp it twice and this is because
this watercolor paper is quite textured and it just really helps to stamp things twice on watercolor paper. You’ll get a much better
impression and it gives it kind of a second chance
to fill in all those gaps over the textured areas. So I’m going to add some gold
embossing powder over the top. This is actually gilded embossing
powder from Brutus Monroe and it’s a nice gold
shade and I do want to add an additional star to the
top of this tree shape but I’m not going to heat set this yet. I decided since that little
star wasn’t really going to interfere with the embossing
powder that I just applied, I would go ahead and add it first and add the embossing
powder on top of that before I heat set the entire card front. (clears throat)
Excuse me. I’m doing this voiceover
early in the morning so my voice isn’t quite awake
yet so please forgive me. I’m stamping this star
twice just like I did for the rest of the tree
especially since this star is a little bit bigger and more solid, I really wanted to make sure I had a nice, complete stamping of that shape. So I’m gonna add more
of that embossing powder and what happened this time is I think I put my fingerprint
right next to that star when I was placing it
onto watercolor paper. So I had some embossing powder
that kind of stuck to it so I just took a dry paintbrush
and brushed that away and used my heat tool to heat set this until it was completely smooth and melted. So now I’m going to move on
to the watercolor portion of this card front and this
is where the bulk of my time was spent when it comes
to this card design. Taken some blue painter’s
tape and taped this down to a hard board so that I can paint on top and it’s going to help prevent the paper from warping as it dries. I’m coating the entire area with kind of a generous coat of clean water. This is going to help the
colors to soften out and mix. I don’t want really harsh
lines in my watercoloring, I want them to be fairly
soft and I’m going to do this in a few different layers. I’m going to put down a layer
of color at the beginning and then I’ll go back
through after it’s dried and add an additional layer of color. So I’m starting out with
this lighter, limey green and then I’m putting
some more intense greens around the outer edges
and then eventually, I’ll be adding black to
the very, very corners. I did take a paper towel and
sop up some of that color on the center ’cause I wanted
it to be a little bit lighter but basically I just want
this to have a glowing effect from the tree shape and
have the outer edges be very dramatic, be
very, very dark and black and I was also thinking
as I was painting this that as it dries, it’s going
to lighten up quite a bit. So you’ll be able to
see here as I dry this that all of the colors
just kind of mute back, they’re not quite as intense as it was when my paint was wet. So after this was dry, I
went back in with more color just to darken up those edges again. I wanted to make sure that
it was nice and dramatic. Brought that green back
in and I eventually added some more of that limey green shade right back in the center. So this is almost done,
I’m just gonna go back in and cover up some of those more dry spots that were kind of just screaming at me. I just wanted them to look a
little bit more blended in. I added even more black
around the outer edge and added a nice green along the edges to get that nice transition
from the lighter green in the center to the dark black shade on the edges and corners. I also cleaned up that small
little area near the top. So after all my watercoloring
was done and dry, I peeled off the blue painter’s tape. This is one of my most favorite parts of watercoloring like
this because it’s such a nice clean line. And then I’m going to
trim down this piece here ’cause I want it to be
a little bit smaller than a 5 x 7 card front. So I’m just trimming it down. And then I’m going to
work on the sentiment that’s going to go on the card. I’ve chosen to use some vellum
and I’m going to prep that with an anti-static powder tool. I’m going to stamp it and emboss in that same gold embossing powder. So I have a stamp from the stamp set, it just says Merry Christmas
and I’ve stamped that in Versamark ink and
like I just mentioned, I coated it in some gold embossing powder. Once again this is gilded embossing powder from Brutus Monroe. Tapped off the excess and then
hit that with my heat tool. And I trimmed this piece
down so that it was a little narrow flag and then
I took my Versamark ink pad and I added it just to the
left edge of that strip, dipped it in the embossing
powder and then hit that with my heat tool and
this is going to give that one edge just a gold shade
and that’s going to give me an opportunity to put
adhesive behind that area. I did the same thing to all the
edges of my watercolor piece just to add a little more gold. I added some inking
around all of the edges and then dipped each
side into my container of embossing powder. This is when having a larger
container for embossing powder is really helpful, you
can dip your entire edge of your piece into that embossing powder and it’s super easy. Then went around the edges and
heat set that ’til everything was smooth and melted and I
really love adding gold edging like this on my holiday
cards, I think it gives it a little more of a elegant look. So as far as that greeting goes, I’m gonna wait to adhere that
until I’ve got everything on my card front but I
just wanted to get an idea of how it would look so I’m
placing it over that edge and then I’m gonna prep my card base. So like I mentioned before,
this is a 5 x 7 card. I’ve got some Basil marshmallow card stock and I’ve cut it to be 10
inches wide by 7 inches tall and then scored it at 5 inches so that it created a 5 x 7 card. I folded that over and creased the fold with my bone folder and then I put a bunch of foam adhesive behind
my watercolor panel. I was not shy with the foam adhesive. I wanted to make sure
that it would hold up to going through the mail
and then I pressed that down onto my card front, nice and
centered on my 5 x 7 card. So the last thing to do is to adhere that little sentiment strip. So I’m gonna take some Ranger
multimedia matte adhesive and put a tiny bit of adhesive just behind that gold embossing on the left edge and I’ll get that in place
and then I’m going to put an acrylic block over
the top and that’s going to hold it down while it dries. The vallum wanted to kind of curl up but once I placed that on the, placed the acrylic block on top, it held it down long enough
so the ends adhered flat. And that is the complete card for today. I really enjoy how this card turned out. It’s a little bit dramatic
with kind of the darker edges and the glowing from the tree. If you don’t want to miss
anymore holiday card videos, wanna make sure you hit
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I’ve got two more cards for you to check out. These are the 2017 and
2016 cards for day seven of those years so if you
want to check out those, click on those on the screen right now or you can check out even farther back all of the previous years
of day seven down below in the video description. Thanks so much for watching today and I will catch you guys
on Monday for day eight.

35 thoughts on “Holiday Card Series 2018 – Day 7 – Glowing Christmas Tree

  1. I love that glow…it’s like shutting off all of the House lights and letting the tree glow with Christmas lights!!! I am so loving your hair color! It’s gorgeous!

  2. Love, love this card! What colors would you suggest to use with a nativity scene stamp? Maybe light yellow then golden yellow and dark blue? Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  3. I was freaking out when you kept adding the black, actually cringing. What do I know? haha! The card turned out dramatic and beautiful. Another classic.

  4. Got to admit that while you were working on the watercolor it looked like a hot mess. But the end result is gorgeous.

  5. I love the dramatic look of this card! If I tried it I'd start out & end up with a hot mess. I also think the way you are doing your hair is so very pretty.

  6. I am enjoying your card series. I'm learning alot. Thank you. I know I haven't left a review on every one. However, they all have been lovely and I love watching the video's. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

  7. Very dramatic and I loved it and maybe to see the little stars on the tree hit with another blast of gold… really go for the gold. It's dramatic so make it sing…. love it………..

  8. I like the cards you make which do NOT have a stamp aspect. Your 'freehand' cards are by far my favourites. Plus I don't have all the equipment you have and so it means those cards with all the fancy equipment don't apply to me. 🙁

  9. Could one also use the embossing powder to glue the vellum? – heat set border and velum both together at the same time?

  10. I don’t get the thumbs down, some people are just not right! Wish I was even marginally as talented as you are just in watercoloring! I’d be thrilled to have a teeny tiny bit of your talent! Hope you feel the love from the the people who are inspired by beautiful, clever and awesomeness! Some people have to be negative, so sad! Oh well too bad, so sad for them. You and you’re videos rock!!! 😉

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