Hollywood Bar // TheCandyGuy

Hollywood Bar // TheCandyGuy

Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where I talk about treats for the sweet tooth Today I’m going to talk about the Hollywood bar Now I’m not going to make it a habit of talking about candy bars that I don’t have in my possession or that I can’t taste or review but one of my aunts desperately wanted me to find out what happened to one of her favorite candy bars so this is what I found out the Hollywood candy bar was produced by the Hollywood Candy Company In Illinois, in the late 30s does the Hollywood Candy Company sound familiar? well it should because that’s the same company that produced the PayDay and the Zero bar the Hollywood candy bar had a nougat center and peanuts embedded inside of it with a caramel layer on top and it was coated in milk chocolate apparently it was a very sweet milk chocolate so what happened to the Hollywood candy bar? sometime in the early 80s Sara Lee Company purchased the Hollywood Candy Company and that’s where the trail went cold the only other information I could find was that the Leaf Brand Company purchased Sara Lee in 1988 and with that purchase they acquired the PayDay and the Zero bar but there’s no mention about the Hollywood bar so honestly i don’t know what happened to the Hollywood bar in the 80’s It just vanished It either got locked away and stored and one of those companies that purchased Hollywood Candy Company have it locked away for some other day to bring it back, or through all the purchasing it just never got passed on, the recipe, and someone threw it away and it got forgotten it’s happen to lots of candy bars so I’m sorry, I gotta to tell my aunt I don’t know what happened to your Hollywood bar it might not be coming back sorry for the bad news maybe all I can say is take the nougat center of the Zero bar the peanuts of the PayDay, dip them in milk chocolate and maybe you’ll get some remnants of what the Hollywood bar was I don’t know Thank you for watching this week’s video of TheCandyGuy Links for the Penny Candy Store and myself will be in the description of this video I post videos every Friday, so I shall see you all next Friday Have a sweet day. Bye! Please remember to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my videos and also share if you’d like. Thank you

7 thoughts on “Hollywood Bar // TheCandyGuy

  1. Well this answer a lot of questions for those who got that one at a time and then it stoped being produced, is always sad when your favourite sweet (be a candy bar or other kind of sweet) stops being made and sold, makes one feel sad and rather empty, but also opens up to try new things and candies to search for something similar or better than that which was your favourite.

  2. Sherlock (Daniel) Holmes on the cold candy case! I see a few empty wrappers from this bar for sale on eBay, maybe one day there will be a site where you can order custom-candy bars made-to-order and then your aunt can put in the specifications!

  3. I can't say I've ever heard of this bar. Did a quick search and could see where you got all your research. Alas, it appears that candy bar is gone for good. My advise to your Aunt would be to just eat a Snickers bar. That's about as close as you will get now. Thanks for another interesting video!

  4. omg it's like the Amelia Earhart of Candy Bars! (I was gonna say the Black Dahlia of candy bars, cuz it's more "Hollywood-ish", but I thought that might be too dark [too soon?] ?)

  5. ввёл твою локацию в гугле и увидел что ты живёшь в Юба-сити, это над Сакраменто, помню читал точно не помню какую книгу вестерн, но там была долина сакраменто

  6. I remember eating it one time at a girlfriends house when there was a sleepover. I have not had one since, but it would be nice to have back. A more recent "disappearance" is the Milkshake bar. It too, disappeared in the 80's.

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