House Party: Quest for Katherine – PART 11 – Game Grumps

House Party: Quest for Katherine – PART 11 – Game Grumps

Hey, I’m Grump I’m not so Grump And we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: Alright, welcome back. Danny: What the fuck?!
Welcome back to Game Grumps *both laughing* A: What the fuck?! How’s it going dude? D: Oh my God A: Okay, okay, okay. I’m gonna hit “hot damn” D: Uh-huh A: Alright, what should- okay, first of all D: Yeah A: Censor Nudity off D: Of course not A: Alright, um… D: Now that there’s actually gonna be nudity A: Well, they said one boob. That’s what they said D: One- specifically one A: Alright, so… D: So pick your favorite A: Um… What do I do? D: Uh, just talk to her. A: Oh, okay D: How about taking your top off? A: How about taking your top off? D: Yeah A: Nice; D: Neat D: Ew, gross, I don’t like it when you put your hand through your fuckin’ body A: Still a top. That is still a top. D: Yeah, talk to her again I don’t think that’s what Frank meant when he said “topless” A: “Fuck yes” D: Yaaay A: Whoa, oh my god D: Aw, I hate it when they’re all like shy- Rachel?! A: What the fuck? D: “Goddamn it!” Rachel- A: Get out of here! D: *laughing* Rachel- No! A: The fuck, get out of here! *Dan laughing* Goddamnit! D: *laughing* No, get her off the bed! A: Don’t lounge on the fuckin’ bed like it’s yours! It’s not yours! A: For fuck’s sake, get outta- Go, go, shoo, shoo! Shoo. D: “Shit, someone saw me” A: Ugh D: Amy, leave A: And you? D: Amy, please go A: And you? D: Amy… A: Miss Sunken Arm? D: Yeah, she’s like “My bed- My arm is fused to the bed, I can’t leave” A: Well, at least she’s keeping her occupied D: Yeah, I don’t know what to do now A: Get out Amy, get out! D: Okay A: Yes, fuckin’- D: Bye, Amy A: Bye. Bye. Goodbye. D: Alright. A: Goodbye See you! *Dan laughing* D: Alright, we gotta do it quicker this time A: Alright, what’s up? D: Okay- *laughing* A: Alright, “how about taking that topless pic” D: Okay, yeah, yeah Okay, “always a pleasure” A: Alright, here we go What- We already saw her topless, so I can turn on the Censor Nudity D: Okay great A: Um… “How about taking your top off?” A: Alright; D: Okay, cool A: And then… “this is what Frank”… D: Yup D: Okay, now you have to take a picture A: Okay So now in the- D: Open the inventory, go to the camera A: “Take photo” D: Boy, she looks really excited about it A: Yeah D: Cool, great A: Alright, cool D: Click, bang D: Alright A: Thank you, Katherine D: Thank you, Katherine Uh A: Uh, “Let’s take a break for now”? D: Yep A: Awesome D: Terrific Good luck with your arm surgery A: Okay, uh, “always a pleasure” D: Okay “Did you need something?” A: Alright, goodbye! D: Alright, bye! *both panting* A: Frank! *more panting* How’s it going, dude?! *Arin and Dan laughing* A: Uh… Oh, I need- D: “I’m plastered, dude!” A: I need to give her- I need to give him the- give D: Yeah A: Right, the camera? D: Yes A: “Make it a good choice” Yeah, okay D: Yeah, fair enough, I mean… A: Oh, totally fair. D: I mean, that’s fucking theft, but… A: Okay, so what am I taking? D: Um… Alright, let’s see Take the rum A: Done D: Boom A: And then give it to Katherine? D: Uh, “go back to Kat-” Yes D: Um, sa- save the game, though ‘Cause D: *drunkenly* Katherine, I got you the alcohol I got you everyth- got you everything you wanted A: Alright, give it to her? D: Yes A: Should I just talk to her? D: N- A: Uh, “What kind of drinks do you like”? D: “Always a pleasure” No, no, no, no need A: Okay A: Uh… ♪Alcohol th- oh wait I can give D: Yes, there you go A: Rum “That’s my drink, baby” D: Jeez A: Um… D: She is just a sweet girl *Arin laughing* D: She’s got her priorities in order, she- A: I love that it actually is 75% D: Yea- *laughing* “Fuck yeah, my lust meter is high, my sober meter is low” A: Okay, so what should I do now? D: Uh, jeez, okay A: Katherine D: Um… *Arin making kissing noises* D: Ask her what- Oh *Dan laughing* A: Sorry D: Ask her what you have to do to get to 100% A: Okay “How can I ensure a 100% chance of getting in your pants?” A: Wow, okay D: Great A: Tha- This is- Tha- That’s- Uh, yep D: “Hmm, humiliate myself or turn down sex? I guess I have no choice. I’ll do it!” A: Alright, so just… put my wang out and start talking to everybody? D: Uh, let’s see… “Go to everyone and wait for a text to appear with all of them. After that-” Oh A: What? D: Oh, yeah Um… You have to show… your sausage to everyone at the party, including her A: Alright, so… D: You can do that by pressing ‘P’ A: Cool D: Sorry A: Alright Can I just walk around my dick out? D: I d- p- I guess so… *Arin and Dan Laughing* A: ♪Do do do do do Both: ♪Do do do do do D: Cool; A: I’m glad you’re glad? D: Neat A: Uhh D: Hey, everybody! A: “Dude, put that away. What’s your problem?” D: Just soak it in, Frank A: “At least somebody appreciates my efforts” Yep D: Thanks, Amy A: Alright, who else do I got? D: Does anyone else- *Arin faking being taken aback* D: “Thing”? A: “It’s big- bigger than MY thing…” D: This is causing a real- A: ‘Sup A: Sweet D: There is no way that pulling your penis out at a party gets this many good reactions D: Thank you, Derek!: A: Oh, yo, Derek, you’re the man D: Much appreciated A: Um… I don’t even know where he is I think that’s everyone, right? D: No, no, Rachel A: Rachel? Where’s Rachel? D: I don’t know, maybe she’s out in the yard Rachel? A: Where the fuck is Rachel?! D: I have to show her my penis! A: Rachel, my penis! D: Wait, turn around Turn around, like, maybe she’s in that corner A: Um… A: Oh, here we go; D: Yeah, there we go A: Hello A: Well, it doesn’t matter D: It’s happening to everyone A: Hello Oh jeez, what a bummer D: XYZ, Examine my zipper A: Alright, that’s it, right? D: Okay- actually, that would be XMZ Yeah- I think that’s it A: Cool, I’ll just put this- Put my boy back in D: Just put this penis away *putting penis away noises* Oh dude, come on- dude, come on. A: Hey. How’s it going, dude? D: Hi, Katherine A: Uh, “I did it! I flashed every single person” D: You’re a really nice sociopath *Arin laughing* “Well, if that’s any consolation, I think I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life” D: Great A: Um So, yeah… D: Uh, talk to her A: You got it A: Um D: Uh, “Want to go somewhere more private?” A: Hell yeah A: Wow D: Wow A: Oh A: Uh, yeah, sure D: Okay, great You know what? I don’t mean to be a negative Nancy, but I don’t think you and your boyfriend are gonna make it A: So… you teleport onto the bed… D: Great A: …and then what? D: Chat with her for a m- I guess? Oh God, is that what the salami is for? A: My penis! D: That- eugh, god, that is what the salami is for A: Well, let’s give her the salami D: Alright. A: God Okay, fine, I want to watch Where’s the- where’s the bottle water- water? D: I dunno. Close the door, close the door A: Close Oh, she’s naked already D: Yeah, I know A: Water, water, uh I NEED WATER!!! *Arin and Dan laughing* A: How do I- How do I activate the hand? *Arin and Dan continue laughing A: Where’s the water at? D: One of my favorite things about playing this game is imagining this guy running into rooms and just screaming all this random shit *Arin and Dan still laughing* Oh my God Okay, um… A: Where’s the- D: Uh- I- Oh… Let’s see- We already took water, didn’t we? A: Didn’t- Did we? D: I don’t know, let’s see A: I got painkillers… The key… Vodka… D: No, we don’t have water A: Oh, do we have to fill the vodka with water? D: Oh, yes “Go to the tap in the kitchen and fill it.” Good- Good job A: “Bottle has been filled with water” D: Great, just take our word for it *Arin panting* D: Wait, turn off the Censor Nudity! Thanks, Matt and Ryan A: What? No D: No! It’s- Arin! A: What? D: We’re finally gonna have- have intercourse! A: I know but it’s not- that’s not how it works D: This is bullshit I hate you, Matt and Ryan You guys are the fuckin’ worst A: “Give vodka” D: Just blur the whole goddamn screen. It doesn’t matter A: Bottle- D: Great A: Okay D: This should be enjoyable A: Uh, “It’s okay- I mean, it’s about fucking- I mean, uh, great” A: Um… D: Uh, wait, wait A: What? D: You gotta clo- You gotta- A: Clo’ di’ do’ D: Clo’ di’ do’ and lock it with the mysterious key A: Okay, um… “Lock” Boom D: Then it says you have to turn off the Censor Nudity button *Arin and Dan laughing* A: Dan, come on D: I’m just reading the walkthrough! A: Dan, that’s not what the walkthrough says! D: Alright, fine, whatever. “Take off your clothes using ‘Y'” A: Y Remove… shirt? D: Yeah, why not, remove all of them A: Remove shoes… D: Leave the shoes on A: Put on shoes? D: Yeah A: Uh, remove- wait, is that like a little dick I can see? Oh weird D: No, I can’t see it A: Remove pants? D: Yeah A: Re- remove boxers Yes D: Do you still have your shoes on? A: Yes D: Great A: “I’m happy somebody pulled my dick out” D: I’m happy too A: Alright. Uh, talk? D: I d- I guess? A: Oh, I still have to take my shirt off D: Oh alright, fine, she doesn’t want me to take- uh… But they’re my lucky sex shoes! *Arin and Dan laughing* A: I use these in order to get my pee-pee big! *Dan laughing* Uh, “Fuck” D: Alright, I guess we’ll have sex A: We did it! D: Yaaay! Whoa, what’s happening? A: Oh, it’s a- OH, it’s a nightmare! D: She’s huge! A: Ah, it’s a nightmare! NO, this is awful! D: What’s hap- *laughing* A: Oh God- Wait, hold on D: What’s happening?! A: Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on… D: Alright. I don’t even know what I’m looking at A: OHHhh, no! D: This is crazy! A: Whoa, the actual sex is still censored D: Yeah, look at that! A: Alright, sorry, I gotta turn this back on D: Okay Whoa! A: D- Do you like it? Do you- Sor- Stop disappearing! Do you like it? D: Is it good for you? A: Is it good? D: Is it hard with all these censor bars around? Is that my hand? A: Wow, what a- ya- I’m hover-handing you! D: My wrist is broken! *Dan laughing* A: That’s a nice plant *Dan laughing some more* A: Hi… D: So… Wha- What do you think about tangerines? A: Um… D: I’m freakin’ out! A: ‘s nice pillows D: D- H- d- This’s a good- I wonder if they went to K-Mart- er, not K-Mart, Ikea Haha, sometimes I mix up… my corporations… when I’m having sex *Arin and Dan laughing* A: My brand loyalty gets all fucked up when I’m inside a woman D: Um, Uh, so Uh… So what are you doing later? A: Dan, don’t touch me accidentally! D: Sorry! A: Goddamnit! D: Your fuckin’ legs all the way over here on the couch This is crazy! A: I-I-I think she’s gonna orgasm before I orgasm D: This is going on a long time Katherine! Katherine, I’m busy, I have things to do! A: Boy, this is an interesting screen, isn’t it? D: Yeah, it is kind of weird, I- Katherine keep it down, my mom’s in the other room! A: Are we just- Is it- Are you just- Are you just a- a one-trick pony? D: Yeah, is it- A: You just wanna get fucked missionary style? D: Well, first of all, it’s making love and then it’s secondary missionary- A: Yeah, this sure looks like makin’ love D: very- very pleasurable to both parties A: That’s the- that’s the touch of making love right there D: And- wait- A: There she goes, there she goes D: Hooray! A: Is it… Not- not very, uh… D: Yeah A: It’s not very, uh… climactic D: Yeah, just take- Just take our word for it A: Oh, there we go, there we go I’m ‘unna- I’m ‘unna spoot! D: D- Oh God- *laughing* A: I’M SPOOTING! *Dan laughing* D: “I’m gonna spoot” A: Yeees, I spooted! Tell your boyfriend I spooted all over your censor bars *Dan laughing* D: Ohh, my God… A: Ohh… Doesn’t matter, had sex D: Cool A: Thanks for letting me spoot D: Thanks Alright, it’s- it was really… Okay, the door- that’s not how doors work, but… A: It’s locked D: He- Oh A: She can’t get out, it’s locked D: Here, let her out for the love of God A: Mmm… *Dan laughing* D: What’re you doing? “I’ll make my escape!” and you jump out the window D: *laughing* What are you doing, Arin? “I just wanted to show you how good I am at doors” A: Oh, I thought I could close the blinds D: Oh c- my God… A: Looks like you’re mine, now D: Oh my God, Arin, don’t be weird about this *Arin laughing* A: “Don’t be weird about this”?! D: Yeah, you just had se- A: This entire game is weird about this! D: You just had sex with a complete stranger, it’s fine A: Here Enjoy your door opening D: Yeah A: Oh do you- now you want to stay? D: Yeah, n- well, now you gotta- you gotta open the door for her A: Oh, NOW she wants it D: Dude, I think your dick’s still out A: Oh, is it? *Dan laughing* A: I’ma put that away for right now D: I- I’m sorry, Ashley A: I’m trying to put it away! Would you stop talking to me and put it- put it away?! D: Rachel, stop walking into rooms that… A: Put it awa- oh, I’m naked D: Oh, you’re totally nude That’s why, that explains it A: Okay D: Okay D: Uh, I have my shoes on A: Oh, I didn’t put my boxers on, hold on… Let me take my pants off… And then- oh, no- D: “Take off your shoes, you fucking idiot.” Well- A: Okay, so that was it D: That was very romantic, I enjoyed that A: Did you? D: Good date Are we married now? Are- Are you my girlfriend? A: Can I kiss- Can I kiss you when it’s not having sex time? D: Oh, man A: Can I kiss you when it’s just normal time? D: Okay, so, next time on Game Grumps, I guess that was it A: Wait, there’s no like… “Wow, congratulations,” or like, “Game over…” D: Dude, there’s never congratulations in this A: It’s just like real life D: Yeah Do you want to try to romance Frank? A: Right now? D: Well, I mean in another episode Oh goodness A: Could I just like… hold on, I know how to end this D: Do you? Wait, what?! *Arin laughing* D: Cool A: Derek, help Help, Derek! D: Mmmhmhm A: Help! D: It’s okay, you had sex A: Doesn’t matter D: This party’s over D: Great job, Arin A: Alright, I’ll see you next time- D: Bye, everyone! A: -where we will romance Frank D: You will, I’m gonna… kinda hang back and… A: Eh, it’s a group effort D: Alright

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  1. I will never understand the censorship in the US. It is totally ok to show people getting their heads chopped off or guts flying around. But a womans breasts?! DEAR GOD NO! CENSOR IT!!

    so stupid…

  2. i never thought i'd be more scared of danny and arin but when they screamed "i need water" i was terrified–

  3. "Imagining this guy just running into rooms and screaming this random shit"

  4. 14:03 not the line I would have gone with. I probably would have said, I didn't finish that royal treatment yet. or what's the rush, thought you wanted a stress relief, tell your boyfriend to listen closely, this is how a man treats a woman right.

  5. my husband is being unreasonable and wants me to stop shouting "HOW'S IT GOING DUDE?" at opportune moments during sex

  6. the funniest part is when you hear the guys yell and shout over the FUN thats happening. i wish i was there doing some nice girls

  7. 0:05 wtf doods
    1:00 threesome Arin, what are you thinking
    3:55 she is adorable
    5:00 dicks out for kat
    7:30 she's not worth it
    9:40 mat and Ryan bruh
    10:55 pp hard
    12:20 bruuuuuuh
    13:20 wtf psycho
    14:20 man the conversation was omegalul
    15:25 ha


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