House Party: Stealing a Credit Card – PART 12 – Game Grumps

House Party: Stealing a Credit Card – PART 12 – Game Grumps

Arin: Aww dood, I’d give my left nut to have a night with her Danny: Great A: Dood I’d give my dude dude dude I’d dude my dude dude dude dude *Arin and Dan laughing* D: Hello, and welcome back to Game Grumps, House Party: The Never-ending Quest to Embarrass Ourselves A: How’s it goin’- D & A: -duudes (at same time) D: Ah, dude Alright, this is the last thing we’re gonna do with this game A: What? Are you sure? D: I mean… A: Oh, this loading screen takes like three hours D: Yeah, it does Uh, unless- A: Oh, never mind D: Oh, oh A: How’s it dude h- dude dude, how’s it dude- D: How’s it duding? A: Dude dude, how’s the dude dude, how’s the dude dude- Okay, what do I do? D: Okay- A: What do I dude? D: N’alright Um… A: ♪Should I talk to Frank? His body is bangin’ He looks like a guy ready to fuck- what? *Dan laughing* D: So, to make Arin’s dream of romancing Frank come true… Uh, we have to- We actually have to- It’s part of Amy’s quest A: Who’s Amy? D: She is the Asian girl with the yellow shirt… who… needs to go on a scavenger hunt A: Okay… Scavenger hunt? D: Don’t you remember that? Don’t you remember from our first playthrough? Where we romanced Rachel? A: Man, I don’t play Game Grumps D: Wow *Arin laughing* I remember it like it was fucking yesterday A: Okay D: This game is like burned into my brain A: Well, there’s Amy D: There she is A: Should I talk to her? D: Yep She’s like very nice A: Hi, Amy! Wow, I’m in love D: Uh, yep. Just- Top one A: Oh my god, Amy, please. I love you *Dan laughing* Can we do Amy instead? D: Y- Yeah, I mean that’s what we have to do anyway A: Oh, okay D: “You look pretty pensive, what is on your mind?” D: Oh my God, Amy *Arin laughing* Please don’t talk in paragraphs A: Not in love anymore D: Ashley is like next to her just like “Um, should I go? A: “Ummm…” D: “I’m gonna pretend like you guys are talking to me too” A: “My audition for Medusa is gonna go great tonight” D: “Yeah, I have snake hair.” Um… “I could help you out. I’m awesome at finding things” Guh-reat A: Yes D: Um, go- A: Amy, you’re so fucking cute! What? D: *laughing* Go- go to Derek A: DerRAAAHKK!! D: *laughing* “I like Amy!!” like- A: DARAHK D: Really loudly and clearly in- within earshot of her A: D-D-Derek *Dan laughing* Derek! D: You’ve had sex with two of them. D: Alright, man- Damn, those thighs are gonna save some lives D: *laughing* “What’s Amy’s deal?” A: “I recorded this in a different session” D: Panic! at the Disco! Shout out to- A: “There she is now! Anyway, she’s crazy” D: Okay, cool A: Okay D: Uh, “Later Derek A: Uh, it’s supposed to be “Panic!” with an exclamation mark D: Yeah A: Should I talk to her about Panic! at the Disco? D: Yes- er, just chat with her again A: Amy, I love you Oh my god, you’re so fucking cute!! D: “That song that’s playing reminds me of this one Panic! at the Disco song” “Nope” No, no, no, no, d- uh, “Yes. I love that-” No, not that one A: No, no D: Uh… A: “To be honest, they’re good”? D: Jeez… Uh… Okay, yeah, you’re f- uh- A: It’s 30 Seconds to goddamn Mars D: Anything but the Jared Leto one A: Okay *Arin sighs* But I love them! D: Siiigh… Okay Um… The first- A: I love Gerard Way! D: “Let me take a crack at one of those scavenger list items” A: Okay… A: “Leave it to me!” D: “Leave it to me” “I’ll steal someone’s credit card!” A: “What about MINE?” *Dan laughing* “That would make things way easier!” D: Oh gosh, alright- A: It’s in here, right? D: Uh… It- th- Um… Oh yeah, good memory A: Ohh… D: Whooops It’s expired! Oh, ow, oh, kidney punch, alright A: Well… D: “Aw, hell no!” A: *laughing* Whoops *Arin and Danny laughing* A: “What the hell? I invite you to this party, and you go around looking at credit cards and shit?” D: “I was just looking at it” *Arin and Danny laughing* A: “I tha- was like- ‘Is this a city bank?’ and was like ‘I don’ recognize a blue credit card'” D: “I was like ‘Is this MY credit card in this drawer?'” *Arin and Danny laughing* “I got confused” Alright, Uh- I guess we gotta start over A: “It’s my credit card! It’s my credit card!! AAH, it’s mine!! It has my name on it!! *impact sound effect* AH!! D: Alright, we better, um… We better pause it An- and, uh… We’ll get back to that spot A: How’s it going, dude… D: Dude! A: Hey duuuuu… *Dan chuckling* …uuuuuuuu… *Dan chuckling some more* …uuuuu- *Arin and Dan laughing* *Arin laughing* D: Oh my God A: How’s it going duuuu… *Dan laughing* …uuuuuuuu… *more laughing* …uuuuude *Arin laughing* D: Stop, you’re givin’- You’re givin’ me the hiccups A: Alright D: Oh, God A: So, we gotta get Frank out of the room D: Mm-hmm A: Um… So I guess I’ll talk to him and… “I’m complete-” Oh Okay, so I gotta talk to… The f- This guy D: Patrick? Sure A: Actually, I feel kind of bad for ‘im A & D: “What can I do to help?” A: “I’ll keep an eye out” D: You got it, bro A: Alright, so I think that’ll trigger Frank? D: Yup A: No, it doesn’t I think I have to give him- D: No, start with “I’m completely sober” A: Oh, okay D: Yeah yeah yeah A: “How’s it goin’ dude?” “Frank, I overheard someone saying they had alcohol, what do we do?” D: Yup A: “Holy shit!” D: Did he- is he pointing to his biceps? *Arin laughing* A: Hehe, “Here’s the plan” A: “And then I’ll take it from there, and the- and then I’ll punch ’em” D: “And then I’ll- Then I’ll put his penis in my mouth” “Eh- ah, uh- Uh…” “How’s it goin’ dude?” A: “Solid plan, Frank, let’s do it” D: We can’t risk any alcohol, In the hands of these wackos Where’s- Where is he, where is he, where is he, where is he, Where is he, where is he, where is he, where is he, Where’s he go? Where’s he go? Where’d he go? Where’d he go? D: He’s usually- Oh, there he is A: Uhh, Hello. Um… “Saw some booze…” Yeah, let’s go downstairs D: Yeah, let’s keep your buzz going- A: Get outta the way, Rachel D: Hi, Rachel I still love you You’ll always be my first *Dan laughing* A: ‘Sup, Medusa? A: Alright…; D: Girl D: I get Ma- A- Mashley Addison and- Oh, Jesus *laughing* A: *laughing* Addison and Mashley? D: I get Madison and Ashley confused constantly A: ♪A soop, a doop, a doo do do… *Arin and Dan dooting some more* A: Alright, look under the couch Look under the couch Oh, oh, I’m just waiting for him to leave D: Yeah, yeah yeah A: Who gives a shit if he finds him? D: Right Yeah A: Go, go- D: No, Derek! Get out of here, Derek! A: Derek, stop chatting him up! Fuckin’ get over here D: Hate to break up the tea party, ladies A: Come over here God, now both of you are in that room D: This is f- A: Even if he lives, Derek should be there! D: “even if he lives…” A: Leaves! *Dan laughing* A: Freudian slip I’m gonna kill Frank D: Try talking to Derek. A: Ugh… D: That’ll- That’ll get him- It’ll get his attention Shit… Oh, Amy said she’s looking for him A: Oh, really? That- well, that’ll get him out of the room A: Thanks for the heads up, buddy! D: Who says that? Just be like, “Okay, thanks” A: Okay, let’s do it Alright, d-over here Franklin, get over here D: Talk to Patrick again, ’cause there was a way to get him… to- When you talk to Frank, you could be like, “He puts alcohol in his pants” Oh, yeah, yeah, A & D: “You should watch out for Frank” D: “How the hell do you even have a bottle?” A: “Every time I hide it down my front” It looks just like a penis Alright D: “Down the front of my pants” A: Frank’s gonna come in one minute D: “My pants-” No, just go to him… A: “My pants, my pants…” and, uh… and be like “Patrick’s got alcohol in his pants” A: Oh D: But, I mean, “his pants” *Dan laughing* A: “I’m gonna fuck his shit up” His arms are all wiggly and shit D: Yeah A: Go ahead, go ahead, go, go, go, just go D: Go, go, go, okay, go, go A: Credit card! It’s mine! D: Take it! D: Yaaay! I love that he doesn’t kick him out out of the party, he just beats the shit of him and leaves him there This never works out for Patrick *Dan laughing* A: Sweet “How’s it goin’, dude?” D: “How’s it goin’, dude?” A: “Who the hell else am I gonna beat up?!” *Arin and Dan laughing* D: Yeah, he really has that look A: Uhhh… D: Alright, great A: So, where’s Amy? I just gotta find her- Oh, there she is Amy! Amy, Amy! I know this is whole- the Frank thing, but I’m starting to develop feelings for you D: Yep A: Uhh, “credit card” D: Yeah, she’s cool We’re tight A: Yeah, yeah, she’s awesome Umm, so… now- D: Talk again A: Okay Yeah, I know God, I love the way you say that I love the way that you are D: Yeah, I love everything about you, Amy and voice actress Amy A: Uhh, Let me take a crack at one of those? D: Yup A: “Oh gosh” *Arin sighs* D: “I got this” A: I love condoms from strangers D: Okay A: I’m like the condom from stranger guy, HAHAHAHA D: Alright, alright H- We are at a critical crossroad juncture A: I’m gonna go ahead and save D: Okay “Aymie” A: Okay, what’s the cause- D: Oh, is it time for next time on Game Grumps? A: Well, I- D: Oh, no, we had the pause A: Well, that was five minutes, and no- yes- D: Okay A: It’s next time on Game Grumps D: Okay, Well, alright then… uh, we’ll pick this up… and we’ll decide whether or not… to be gaaay! A: I- I say yes D: Yeah… What a shocker *Arin and Dan laughing* A: Dude! Uhh… is there a pause button? We just gotta keep going

25 thoughts on “House Party: Stealing a Credit Card – PART 12 – Game Grumps

  1. I like that Amy is the hardest girl to get with and its simply because you’re being a nice dude throughout most of it.

  2. “We’re only going to do four parts” “this is going to be the last thing we do in this game.”

    (Part 12/20)

  3. The girl in the weird painting near frank reminds me of cate blanchette. Also all the furniture and stuff is from the houseflipper game?? wtf lol

  4. When he said "What about mine?" he sounded like Alastor from HazBin Hotel, and now I have to pause the video to look up that clip again bc reasons.

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