How Black Friday Killed Thanksgiving: A documentary

How Black Friday Killed Thanksgiving: A documentary

It doesn’t really bother me that much to work on Thanksgiving, I don’t live with my family, so (shrugs) Christmas started at Halloween. There was no Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is getting passed up Thanksgivings gone away. I don’t know, people just have really…bad attitudes I would say. During the holidays, more so than any other time of the year. Well, I kinda wish that they would not open on Thanksgiving, because I know a lot of employees need that time off to spend with their families I just think it’s overcommercialized a whole lot Yeah I think so. More family time and more organization Absolutely. They should open at midnight (on black friday) I mean me personally, if I could change anything, I would definitely get rid of the holidays, but… Uh yeah. But I mean it doesn’t… I don’t really mind that much cause you know hours are hours yeah and then all of today is volunteers so everyone who is working is volunteering

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