How Expensive are Bars in Mexico?- The Dollar Bar Challenge ! 🍻

How Expensive are Bars in Mexico?- The Dollar Bar Challenge ! 🍻

Every thing here One dollar What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Guadalajara And tonight.. We’re going to put Living Cheap in Mexico To the test I’m going to be taking you to not one.. But two seperate bars Where every single drink And every single item of food on the menu Is 1 dollar Yes, I am not making that up I am super excited To try these places out And we’re going to see.. Exactly how much food and drink We can get For not to much I think you’ve been waiting for this all weekend We haven’t gone out Friday night We didn’t go out Saturday night This is like our Saturday On Sunday Yeah I’m excited I’m thirsty I want to do it Let’s go A special guest All the way from San Diego, California This is Rob I think he flew in just for this video, right? I did exactly And i’m hungry So I brought.. 2 Dollars So i’m going to get two things Two things only .. okay For our first stop We’re going to Cerveceria Chapultepec This is a chain Of bars In the city Where everything is 19 pesos And the exchange rate right now Is about 18.5 pesos To 1 dollar This is amazing This dollar place Has their own Dollar beer I am more curious to try that than anything Cerveza Chapultepec That’s what it’s called Mojito de Frutas Rojos That’s actually a decent size For one dollar But you don’t know how much liquor is in there We don’t know how much liquor is in here Let’s see how drunk she is after the drink I’ll let you know after three Yeah let us know after 2 or 3 How strong it is for sure We have our fish taco We’re going to get salsa seperately What is this? This is an ahi tuna Tostada of some sort That actually looks a lot better Than this one That one looks sad But I want it Okay go ahead I want it so bad Go ahead I’m stealing Jons’ taco because it’s cochinita Let’s keep in mind it’s only a dollar Is it worth it Yeah it is.. For one dollar That’s way better than I expected It’s pretty good To much sauce But.. But it’s pretty good Told you.. A fish taco It’s one dollar That’s my response I mean that’s a pretty good ratio? It’s a lot of fish It just doesn’t taste that great Rob is tallying up How much it would cost To order every single thing on the menu So just for the food 33 dollars if you want one of everything Not including drinks It’s so great, you just buy the whole bar Here you go guys Of all the random things.. i think you could have on a dollar menu They have po boys here I got a shrimp po’boy And a marlin taco For my next two dishes This is not New York City where it’s dollar pizza We’ve gotten some crazy varieties going on here What do you think so far? You’re the Mexican at the table. For one dollar It’s a pretty good deal I like it You can come with your friends if you’re in college And you don’t have money! This is a La Cubana Michelada That’s not bad at all actually I don’t normally like Micheladas That is not bad at all Now it’s a Michelada Now it’s a real Michelada Ahh better We’re going to spot number two Which get this Is not 19 pesos It’s 18 pesos And when I came by here earlier today I just discovered this spot a few hours ago And the lady out front told me Not only are we 1 peso cheaper But we’ve got more variety on our menu I’m pretty excited about this I would go again for a beer I would probably skip all the food The tuna was okay But I would probably skip it Definitley just the beer Some drinks maybe Don’t drink mojitos You don’t get alcohol in them You think there’s a 17 one block away Keep going that way.. we’ll get to like Cerverceria dos Tequila.. Rum Stoli.. that’s not bad for 1 dollar actually It’s actually got a little ham on it It’s decent But does not even compare To a good dollar pizza slice in New York That’s all i’m going to say What’s this for?
I asked for Brandy with coke Brandy and coke.. okay This was I think the best deal yet A shot of stoli vodka One dollar Random observation by the way What is it with the 80s music in both of these places You are old.. Well I know I’m old.. but that’s beside the point They heard you were coming So they played the music from your generation They know you love this music They know I love 80s music yeah.. What’s your favorite 80s song? They were playing something from Rocky 4 In the other place That was pretty cool actually Final thoughts on your dollar Bar night I think these two places are perfect for drinking If you want to drink Good.. beer in the first one I liked beer in that one.. And I liked the cocktails.. the little shots with cola Whatever.. in that one Isn’t that amazing they’re located Within 1 block of each other Mr. Rob Your final thoughts on this? Agreed.. with all points Stick with the beers Cause you don’t know how much alcohol you’re getting in the other drinks Unless you get the shot poured in front of you Yeah beers were good I mean the food was fine Whatever, if you’re hungry Get a snack Alright Members of the Barrio We showed you two different spots Where you could drink and eat For $1.00 Each thing Honestly if i’m going to spend a dollar on a taco I would rather go to a really good taco spot. Those two were totally correct You have got to go with the drinks When you are in there Actually I liked the second spot Where you could order like the shot Of Stoli Or a shot of tequila For exactly 1 dollar And mix it with something I think that’s your best bet If you’re going to these places Come early in the night With your friends If you’re going to pre-game Then go out to another place But certainly it is a novelty And if you’re going to visit Guadalajara I do recommend you check out at least One of them I know Cerveceria Chapultepec is very famous And their are tons of them All over the city Guys thank you so much for watching Leave me some comments Tell me what you think about these places Make sure to subscribe If you are new to this channel Until next time For just one dollar At 2 bars That may be..

34 thoughts on “How Expensive are Bars in Mexico?- The Dollar Bar Challenge ! 🍻

  1. Just like everything in Mexico, we have very big extremes and gaps. I’ve been to very cheap bars and very expensive bars where a single bottle is over $100 US.

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  3. En Guadalajara cuando no traes mucho dinero. Es muy popular ir a cervecería Chapultepec 😂. Es el paraíso de los borrachos de abolengo.

  4. Hi Juan Cantina!!!, you should try the "Vía Recreativa" route to Parque Metropolitano on sunday. Just take Chapultepec heading towards Niños Héroes and follow the path until you get to UNIVA – (Universidad del Valle de Atemac) intersection, then turn to the right and keep on going for about 15 minutes until you see a giant red totem that marks the entrance to the park. You can have a delicious and cheap breakfast on a little street restaurant that's a few meters before the roundabout. It's a ride of about 45 min to get there and another 45 min to return to Chapultepec.

  5. Parecía un muy buen momento. Me recuerda a una noche de cervezas en la universidad ($0.25), estoy mostrando mi edad.

    Espero que grabes el video de tu reunión

  6. Tip for tourists: never order cochinita pibil outside of The Yucatan Peninsula, you'll get random (mostly crappy) pork dishes that taste nothing like the real stuff.

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