How Much Candy is a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Ticket Worth?

How Much Candy is a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Ticket Worth?

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is
an annual event that takes place at the Magic Kingdom every September and October. As the name implies, it’s a Halloween party
that’s, well, not so scary. One of the selling points of the event is
that you can go around the Magic Kingdom and trick-or-treat. Now like the Christmas party or after hours
events, Not So Scary is a paid ticketed event meaning you have to pay separately to go. It got me thinking: How much candy would you
need to collect while trick-or-treating to essentially pay for the ticket to Mickey’s
Not So Scary Halloween Party? So the answer actually changes depending on
what kind of ticket you purchase, but the short answer is that it most likely wouldn’t
be possible to pull off in most cases save for one. When you get to the party, you’re given
a free bag for trick-or-treating. Doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a
child, in costume or not. For the purposes of this video that’s the
bag I used. On a few occasions I collected one single
bags worth of candy, brought it home, and weighed it. I also timed how long it took to fill that
bag. The average weight of one bag of candy came
out to 48.3 ounces, or a little over 3 pounds, or 1.36 kilograms. Because I love spreadsheets and this is all
totally in the name of science or YouTube or whatever, I also recorded the breakdown
of what kinds of candy you get and how much. The event is partnered with Mars, so it’s
a lot of Skittles, Starbursts, M&Ms, Snickers, Milky Ways and that kind of stuff. In terms of timing, I wasn’t really rushing
from spot to spot, but I also wasn’t stopping to do anything else. I just continued from one trick-or-treat location
to the next. It ended up taking about one hour to get to
the 14 trick or treat spots and to fill one single bag. I ended up on some lines that were virtually
empty and I coasted through, and some that were packed and had a bit of a wait. OK. So we know that roughly every hour you can
collect around 48 ounces of candy. What does that mean for getting your money’s
worth out of the ticket? Well to make the comparison I did some online
shopping. There was no one option that perfectly matched
the candy selection at the party, but I settled on this. It’s a variety bag with a lot of the candy
brands from Not So Scary. It costs $24.99 and will get you 127.7 ounces
or 3.6 kilograms of candy. That comes out to twenty cents per ounce. Next we have to look at the different types
of tickets for the event. You see, the prices vary depending on when
you go. There’s also the Halloween ticket, which
costs extra. So here are the breakdowns for each type of
ticket, and how much candy you’d need. Tickets in August and September for an adult
ran for $85 and got you access to one night of the party. That $85 would otherwise get you three variety
bags of candy, or 383.1 ounces. At an average of 48.3 ounces per bag, that
means you’d need to collect just about eight bags of candy during the Not So Scary Party. At one hour per bag, that would take eight
hours which isn’t possible as the party itself and the trick or treating within it
only runs from 7pm to midnight. Now that we’re in October the tickets run
from $105 to $115 for adults depending on which day of the week you go. With that increased price you’d need to
collect ten and a half bags. Now if you decide to go on Halloween night,
the adult tickets are $135. That throws an extra variety bag into the
mix and once again ups the number of trick-or-treat bags needed to just over 13. I mean, maybe with the August ticket you could have rushed from spot to spot and leaped over children or worked a smaller loop of trick or treat spots and possibly have gotten those extra three bags, but I just can’t imagine a single person collecting
13 bags of candy in one night. You obviously could get more candy with more
people in your party, but that also means more tickets you’d need to buy so that defeats
the point. There is however one way to make this work. This year Disney introduced for the first
time a season pass for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. For $300 a guest is able to attend every single night of the event with the exception of Halloween night. With the recently added event nights, that’s
35 trips. Now that $300 can buy you twelve variety bags
of candy, totalling 1532.4 ounces, or 95.7 pounds, or 43.4 kilograms of candy. That is a child-sized candy haul. Rounded up, because why not, that would require
you collecting 32 bags of candy from the party. Now in one night that would simply be impossible,
but with the season pass you don’t have one night. You have 35 nights. That means you could casually collect one
bag per night for 32 of the nights, and then take three nights off. Or if you don’t want to go to the party
that many times you can just dedicate seven nights to just trick or treating and get all
the candy. By the way, using my breakdown from earlier,
that haul would come out to over 500 packs of Skittles, 544 Starbursts, nearly 300 of those little Snickers that are somehow smaller than fun sized Snickers, nearly 300 packs of M&Ms, and enough of those Lifesaver Big Ring Gummies to fill a garbage bag, because what else are you going to do with them? They’re gross. So I suppose in most cases the reality is
that you likely won’t be able to get your ticket’s worth in candy alone. Of course this is just a nonsense video and
you shouldn’t really try to begin with. After all, there’s so much more to Mickey’s
Not So Scary Halloween Party. The parade. The stage show. The fireworks. The somewhat shorter lines. Not to mention seeing all of the fun and creative
costumes that guests show up in. Now to figure out what the dentist bill looks
like after 95 pounds of candy.

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  1. My wife and I went a couple of weeks ago and were wondering the exact same thing. We made out pretty well with our two bags and thought that we wouldn't need to buy candy for Trick or Treaters coming to our own house. No such luck, we ate it all in a week.

  2. Hey all! Just as a disclaimer: as far as video topics I've done go, this is the one that I think has the most variation. There are probably places where you can get candy even cheaper by the ounce. In some cases I've seen some people at the party report being able to get even more candy than I did in less time. So I just wanted to stress that the numbers here are just my experiences averaged out. Also here's a text version of my candy breakdown so that we can all discuss which is the best and worst candy (just kidding, we all know those big ring gummies are the worst):

    Livesavers Big Ring Gummies 20

    Skittles (Fun Size) 18

    Starburst 17

    M&M (Fun Size) 9

    Snickers (Baby Square) 9

    Twix Minis 8

    Snickers Crisper 7

    3 Musketeers 4

    Snickers (Fun Size) 3

    Starburst Minis 2

    Milky Way Mini 2

    Chocolate Pirate Coins 2
    Dove 1

    Gogo Squeeze Apple Pumkin Spice 1

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. Hey Rob, have you thought about showing a video talking about Tivoli Theme Park in Copenhagen and its influence on Walt and the parks?

  4. I was at the Halloween party last week. Between the four of us, we got about 10 pounds of candy over the night (not an accurate measurement), a little bit more than a full bag for each of us by only visiting each station once. But, it got me to thinking – How much candy does Disney World give out over the entire course of this event?

  5. If you eat 95 pounds of candy, it's not the dentist's bill that will be the issue; it's the endocrinologist's.

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  8. I love normal life saver gummies, but have never heard of the big ring variety. Just from the pictures in this video they seem to be the regular ones, but larger and sour. Seems like a very strange choice.

  9. Ha. Gonna that garbage bag of the life saver gummies. I liked them. But for our two parties we went to, we barely trick or treated. Basically forgot it was a thing and enjoyed the parade and fireworks and rides. Great video though, as always!

  10. I've seen people leave with the large bags from the gift shops chock full of candy and the later your there the more the cast members give you since they are trying to get rid of the candy so you can probally get more than what your control baggie and maybe recoup closer to half the actual price that you paid for the ticket.

  11. Great video. I was wondering this when I went last week. I guess you can get your money's worth if you just stayed on one treat trail and repeated it nonstop till you got you 8 bags.

  12. 2:50 is that a pirate color guard?!? Sorry I just got excited. I’m in the color guard at my school and it made me happy to see something like that in the parks. Great video rob!

  13. It’s a fun party, I’d rather do everything else then spend the whole night just getting candy. I like the parade and Hocus Pocus

  14. This would be a good way to stock up on candy if you have a lot of trick or treaters on Halloween night. Be the cool house and give a TON of candy that night. 😄

  15. If I ate 97 pounds of candy then went on any of the mountains, I would likely die from puking. Then again, if I ate 97 pounds of anything, I imagine my body would straight up implode on itself, and I would die regardless.

  16. 🎃Between the “excess calories”, “tooth decay” , “risk of diabetes”, and “depleting ones natural and healthy nutrients”👻,,,, it may not be a good idea -after all ✨☠️✌🏼#lol

  17. i think the ticket pays for the candy, PLUS the entertainment, the ride overlays, and just the experience of peoplewatching some cool costumes

  18. Awesome video Rob! I often wondered how much candy I would need to justify my park ticket but just as you analyzed it . its almost impossible to get your monies worth. I. Just think of it as an added bonus. Rides , treats, and entertainment. And yur at Disney

  19. My family and I went two years ago and we had to give or throw most of it away. We got a lot, my fingers were in pain from holding that much candy. It was awesome! I went as Mr. Smee.

  20. Lol unfortunately you need to add in “August” to the beginning of the video. But totally should NOT be 3 months long!

  21. Dont forget the hospital bill if you get up so sick from all that candy and the nights you stay awake from all that sugar! lol

  22. If you bought the $300 pass for 35 nights and each night is 5 hours (from 7 to midnight), you could spend 175 hours collecting candy. Using Rob's numbers, that's 8400 oz of candy. Assuming you could sell it for 20 cents per oz like they do online, that's $1680, which would not only cover your $300 Halloween ticket, but also a $1000 Platinum Plus Annual Pass. And, after tax, you would still have a couple hundred left over.

  23. Try 145.00$!!!!! October 27th at Disney's California adventure. That's the price. There is no way a single person gets there monies worth. DCA candy handout it pathetic to say the least. My family says this is the last year. 6 people cost 870.00!!!! For 5 hours and major crowds and treat stations that give out 2, YES I said two pieces of candy!!!!! Listen up California disney!!!!!! RIP OFF!!!!!

  24. Pay $300 for the season pass, bring along a backpack 🎒 so that you can refill your treat bag and take those candies home to eat for the next 365 days or give them out on Halloween 🎃.

  25. this is really interesting! I wonder if the answer would be skewed if you calculated this for someone going to the event with an allergy bag… the brands they give out, such as enjoy life, are way more expensive, but I don’t know how much candy they give you when you redeem you tokens as I haven’t been to this event in years :/

  26. I feel like we are on the same wavelength here Rob! Im surprised the hosted vloggers don't try to take you out!!

  27. When I was a child I was able to get 4 bags in about 2 hours but that was also when they had more candy stops

  28. What I do when I go to those parties is I bring an empty book bag and every time I fill those comp bags I dump the candy into the book bag and refill the bag and repeat the process till the book bag is full.

  29. Looooove these videos, wait every week to hear about another PowerPoint presentation put into a video form… I’m not kidding I love these videos.

  30. Well now I want to see you figure out how much candy was in the giant cauldron at Allison's house in Hocus Pocus, what the cost of that much candy would've been in 1993, and then adjust it for inflation to see how much it would cost in 2019, and of course how many bags of variety candy it would've taken to fill up the cauldron back then, and how much it would take now. And just for fun, maybe throw in the price differences in the variety bags of candy from different stores (like Walmart, Costco, Vons/Albertson's, Smart and Final, etc), and maybe figuring out how much a cauldron that size would cost in 1993 versus 2019 (and maybe see if there are any bigger ones out there). Then we could maybe get some idea how rich Allison's family was, as that's supposed to be what the large house, and lavish masquerade Halloween party indicates to viewers.
    (I work as a cashier at a supermarket, so I'm seeing quite a few people buying those large variety bags of candy as it gets closer to Halloween.)

  31. Just as a personal experience, my girlfriend and I went two weeks ago and we got a total of 14 pounds of candy in 3 1/2 hours… We also met characters, ate, enjoyed some shows and shopped… maybe it was a less crowded night. Also, we were walking at a 7 1/2 month pregnant woman's pace so I know this video was just for funsies, but I believe your pace was the only thing holding you back

  32. I don't think I realized how cool the current Halloween decorations look. Thanks for such a well composed video, Rob! Does make me want to go, for sure. Not for the candy, though? Trashy mass-market American junk fare…

  33. Ha! I love that you did this video. I had just (partially jokingly) said to my husband that if we lived near WDW that I would spend my money on going to WDW for the parties to collect candy to give out at Halloween instead of spending money directly on candy. Candy has gotten so expensive and I'm kind of a Halloween Scrooge. So if I could go have some fun in the parks, why not? LOL.

    Also, there is nothing like a good Excel spreadsheet, am I right?

  34. I wonder how big of a difference it would make if you added in additional variables. For example: You can use anything for a treat bag, but let's say you got the $8 from the gift shop and decided to just do one line over and over? Or how many of the apple sauces could jump up the price?

  35. Haha I love this! I am now subscribed & am so excited for all the nerdy disney breakdowns & info. MNSSHP is my fave, too.

  36. So what you're saying is that you've found a way to PROFIT from going to Disney World.

    I wonder if my married friends will let me borrow their children….

  37. Maybe I don't need 95 lbs of candy, but being able to give a pound of candy to every trick-or-treater who shows up at my door, and still having plenty left over seems worth it. Especially if it means that I get to ride my favorite MK rides with shorter lines while I'm collecting it all.

  38. I was told by some Anaheim locals when I went last year that they go every year and get so much candy that after the kids have enough they use the rest for Halloween trick or treaters. Needless to say they were not just filling one bag. I myself brought the disney store jackolantern baggy which held probably held three times as much. I just filled it once though, like a sucker

  39. Honestly it was worth going at Disneyland for $99 because my boyfriend has never celebrated Halloween so it was a really cool experience! The shows are worth the money, the candy and the rides you can go on! I think it is with it! 🎃 I will probably not go again because of the price but I’m so glad I had that experience!

  40. I don't know where this would take you, but: have you ever considered doing a video about Disability Access Service? (The present incarnation of the Guest Assistance Pass). My particular role at WDW involves working with and registering guests for DAS on a daily basis; and unfortunately, there is a plethora of misinformation out there. I think that you (Rob) would find the transition from GAP to DAS fascinating, as the history and the legality of it is quite the rabbit hole

  41. you forgot to mention about the popcorn buckets they are haunted mansion ghosts a set of three people are reselling them on eBay to help cover the cost of going to the parties

  42. Did the price go up or did I get more of a discount than I thought? In september 2017 my halloween party ticket was only $60 or 65, but I did have a season pass holder buy it for me. But the real value is not the candy I forgot in my luggage at the airport when I was supposed to remove all food, it was the lack of lines for the rides

  43. As a person who doesn't celebrate Halloween, I loved your video. Not only the research that went into it but also the footage and even all of the extras like the graphics on top as well. You are awesome and I love your videos. I also really appreciate that even though you live in Florida now your videos have not just become vlogging at the park. You kept what brought people to you to begin with and that's awesome. Keep up the good work

  44. Thanks for mentioning the weight in kilograms – it's very much appreciated for metric system lads like me!

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