How Scooter Bars Are Made!

How Scooter Bars Are Made!

Yo dude surprise really quick any trick. Oh Sweet that works better See how this look it they’re going into the exit you know why because our community is stupid look the community that I live in decided to take out the code for Everyone when it comes to actually opening up the gate so chat. Talk to you guys you guys freaking suck Today we have a very special day ahead of us. We’re gonna go ride with Ryan today at Chino But before we actually go to the skate park we’re going over to affinity because Ryan has to get some new bars made So we actually get to show you guys how bars are made But before we go there I gotta let you guys know that I don’t personally run affinity bars the guys that work there and own the company are just good friends of mine and Ryan’s and they’re hooking Ryan up with Some bars today. Let’s cruise over meet up with Ryan and hustle over to I Don’t remember what city that they’re in but there Nice guy here Jackson. Oh Hey, dude, so we got Ryan scoot right here He is running or these taupe grips affinity bars took clamp till SES the best deck on the market the AOS b5 Raven Warner deck, it’s got some awesome grip tape on there too. My man smart guy today we were getting his bar switched out cuz he’s gonna get tie because these are chromoly not that those are bad or anything but Ty’s Just better. Oh, he’s got more goodies over here to macrame. Chrism. There’s no dog in here knows another person here No, there’s two more dogs in here. Yo, there’s another person in here right now Yo, dude, surprise really quick any trick Hey, dude, hey, you know the neverending story this looks like that dog, but smaller Not you Jackson. Nah, I don’t want you right now. No, I don’t have had enough for you Jackson This dog looks like it would have a voice. It’s like I like its dress Marley needs one of those How much was it? Shoot GTR fund Ryan is all ready to go dog is situated. I’m ready to go. So Chris and John, here we go And I get down and get on Grey about it. Okay All right, so we made it over here to affinity we have a mr. Gasps going right here We have known Gaskell in for way too long Brian every day. I swear. I want to fight you every single day Chris has given us permission to film him cut and make Ryan’s bars. They do all the stuff in-house, which is really really cool So shout-out to Chris for letting us invade his personal bubble Oh, if you’d get it all cleaned up for us because he’s such a sweet guy So first things first Ryan’s measuring out his bar to make sure that he isn’t done young goofy He isn’t one as bars to be hogwash it also he wants to watch her hogwash 20 There’s a cat so step one of the process. Chris is gonna measure out our G’s this is his crossbar here, right? Yep It’s a crossbar. So he’s gonna measure these out slice them up. I won’t get in the way very cool. What’s this awful? It’s not just a saw the bandsaw today. I are just getting some goodies for his intense stuff two photos So we got the sovereign right now the law says that we breath This is not the same kind of cell that we used to use over a spear zone when I worked there We just use the straight up chops Boom done titanium takes a long time to cut so it’s gravity fed So though the weight of the saw itself is what makes it go down. And so this is hydraulic So basically fluid goes through it and then you open it and however much it opens or closes Dictates how slow it drops uh-huh? And so basically I can set it towards just slowly cutting to where there’s less pressure on the metal itself And it just slowly takes chips away. Okay. What are you doing? Oh, yes So what we have right here is called a jig now The jig is actually what holds the bar in place when they weld everything because like I said, they weld everything here They actually made this specifically to hold this particular bar in this exact position When they actually go to weld it, so if you do it just by hand Obviously every humans flawed you not be able to hold it as still as you need to so this works really really well And it’s really convenient easier for them. So this big old tube right here This is full of argon, which is the gas that you used to actually Heat everything up and weld it all together. This is the welder right here. It’s a spinning welder Sorry, geez. No, I’m trying to make comical. He’s gonna do the bandsaw again All right. We already explained this part to you. So good colors Okay, that’s being a jerk. Just staring at me Hey, I Didn’t move us first Gasps it’s officially turned on Undid the valve right here to make sure that all the gas is going through. We got a pipe going through right there We can’t actually look at the point of contact when it comes to the weld because it really hurts Your eyes is not good for you, but you guys can look through the camera. That’s my bet You guys actually might recognize this shot for those of you guys that watch the $10 Envy scooter build This is what we got. The bars powder-coated. Did I get anything else powder-coated here? But right now Ryan’s gonna get his bars powder-coated He’s picking out a color I don’t want to tell you guys the color until after it is done because well I don’t know what color is doing spider cat spider cat Do duty Just Christ Chris you almost lost your cat Here is the powder room you guys remember John and I in here when he was spray-painting or spray-painting Praying the bars got all kinds of different powders right here. We did land under color for our G What is it called gloss black over the old show blue sparkle? It’s like a really subtle blue inside of like a gloss black looking thing So actually might look really really sick with the scoot that he’s got right now cuz is the blue deck he’s got blue wheels on Right now but his gonna switch to black he got and you know a lot of black little accessories on that, too So well then sir good choice anything you guys ever see that is powder coated is done in a room just like this one right here, and then they throw it in the Furnace, but whatever you want called the hot room bakery furnace heater spa. I don’t know Hey, what do you call the hot room oven? That’s a good one? Okay That makes a lot more sense. I was calling it like a spa That’s dirty. Whoo – dirty Ryan’s getting some shots of the spray gun right now He’s one of those guys that likes to get every other aspect of it just kept for like filler and things like that Lifestyle shots, so he’s good at that so Binder game spider cat Everything sprayed down making sure she’s good to go loading up the powder right now Everything has been cleaned the inside of this was clean before he put the powder inside of it And here we go comes out. It looks like really thick when he actually sprays it Are we gonna get spa or anything? One of them’s negatively-charged one of them as far as we charge I forget which one but I basically like there’s a metal tip right here Yeah, and basically it shoots the charge. And so the basically the powder sticks Static electricity is always. There you go. Get this power going on right now As I said, it is a very thick look when it goes on when he pulls it out of the oven It’ll be super smooth glossy finish everything Turning them around make sure you get the other side. I Like that sound and there you guys have it as I said, it’s it’s not like a smooth look just yet Now they have to go inside of the oven and once they come out of the oven and completely transform So as you guys that watch my $10 energy scoot think you guys would have seen this process already But for those of you I didn’t there you go. Don’t don’t worry about it Don’t worry about it. There you go. Sure does taste weird? So yeah. Yeah a little bit while you’re doing it So how long does stay in there for like 20 minutes, all right we’ll be back You know, I think they’re nasty dog The trick whit bro and the last final touch Boom Brian officially has his new boss. I believe it’s time to go test these things out always a pleasure. All right you’re driving but This is a story idea all bad labem I clicked on your phone wipe that Drool into my car wipe it off you uh So over here at little Chino right now, ah, it is currently a 255 p.m. It’s getting dark here about 4:30 right now And so we got 5 minutes now go ride. Yeah. Yeah. We got like an hour hour and a half to ride There we go. Huh. How about this guy’s a nice family time and that’s family dinner Christmas dinner. I’m just making up I know it’s a leave here, but I don’t know that There’s another Vibe all right, made it over here two little chains cable We got our G in the middle of skate park right now cruising around doing this thing Whoa, every just kind of jumping around right now. So let’s drop in a quick good quick fill up in Burt now Let’s cruise back over this way. Just borrow this hip cruise up over this one and it’s gonna quick in do the spine Put melon and black Hello – line All right dropping back guys get a quick with our air And triple heal Let’s try to get bar t-bog or a slash and eat on this hip straighten a koala air and then I’ll try to whip invert coming back, but that quad might kind of screws and speed but we’ll see All right, dropping and starting off with the for Indy Doug. I get quad Wow for Indy on the quad There we go Hey, can you put you? All right. So Branson and I are both going to try to get foot jams on this quarter I brought in a foot jam like a proper one in like a year eight months maybe People I didn’t give on foot would pass bar Oh, you’re a closer now what else All day oh You had it dude Oh Good god, who do you guys think is gonna land it first RG or bran flake. Let us not right now because RG oh, oh Yeah soon back to freakin back boys Ouch crime, let’s see if I can grind up the UH pledge right there. Tell me this isn’t frickin. Sketch though Dang it don’t try to do the feeble and then just straight 180 out and as opposed to doing the mani and then 180 because I feel Like that’s cooler No Boom Move oh, so now we’re gonna try a feeble up part 180 and then out of that out of Fakie we’re going to try to go up People down and then 720 out So that worked out as well as it did got the front side through Yale, we already saw Brian laying it He’s trying to get a Princeton cliff right now. I’m gonna go this way so I don’t destroy his audio But thank you guys so much for watching today’s video Hopefully you guys enjoy sitting house cruder bars are actually made shots out to my boy Chris for letting us come in and just kind Of film some stuff while Ryan was getting his bars made very nice of you Chris and dries them as bars Just in case you’re wondering so till next time I’m out of here

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