How to assemble and dress out a Smokey Mountain Christmas tree with Memory Wire and a Power Connect

I’m going to show you how easy it is to put
together a 7′ Smokey Mountain premium Christmas tree. It’s one of our top of the range trees, one
which will last up to 20 years and features amazingly life-like Feel Real technology. So this is how the Christmas tree arrives,
and it’s a good idea to keep the box for storage for next year. First take the stand and the screws out of
the box, pull the stand out so the holes are lined up, lightly twist the screws into the
outer piece of metal but not all the way. Find the base layer of the tree, this’ll be
the one with the tapered end. Place the tapered end of the stem into the
base and tighten the screws, if you put the screws too far through the stem you won’t
be able to insert the base layer. Place your foot on the base and pull the sleeve
up over the section, as this is a Memory Wire tree it doesn’t need much dressing out. You may just need to pull out the end wing
branches to an angle of about 45 degrees, then do all the branches just like that. Plug in and switch on the Power Connect lighting
system. Push the next layer of the tree into the top
of the base layer, if it is fully connected the second section will light up. Make sure the branches are not lined up on
top of each other. Dress out the branches as you did for the
bottom section. It’s always easier dressing out the top section
before fitting it to the tree. Firmly place in the top section and the lights
will come on. Stand back, take a look at the tree then just
tweak the branches into place to cover any gaps. Finally plug the pre-lit angel or star into
the wire at the top. I know it’s traditional to put the topper
on last but believe me it’s much easier to put it on first so you don’t ruin all your
lovely baubles. Now there is just the decorating to do. All the hard work is now done, just sit back
with a well earned glass of something bubbly and celebrate putting a Christmas tree up
in record time.

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