How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree

Now you got the tree and you got it home. So a couple things. First things first, if you go to a tree farm, they shake it for you, which I love ’cause it gets all those… it settles.
It settles. The dead needles are out.
Exactly. It settles out the dead stuff. But if you’re getting it from a lot, make sure that you are shaking it. You want to get all that off before it gets inside your house. So that’s a tip that I always do. Next thing, watering. Its a court of water for every inch in diameter. That’s the biggest thing. So it’s very easy. Anthony’s gonna show you how to pour ’cause it’s very technical. It’s very technical. Water and electricity, fantastic. (laughter) Let me say this to you. Make sure you’re over watering at the beginning because it’s acclimating to your home. We have heat inside our home, so it’s going to dry out faster. Also, if it drops down too low, a resin starts to build in the bottom. And then it can’t suck up. And then it can’t suck up any water. Look, Rachael knows this. This is it. You know it. (audience applause) I did have fresh trees for years. I also think another clever trick, and it kind of slows down and keeps making more water, is I fill that with ice if it’s a real tree and the ice melts down slowly. Yes, it does. But also it doesn’t matter the water temp, hot, cold. Oh that’s not true. I always use hot water, always. (laughter). Nobody likes a cold shower in the winter time. Nobody. Okay, sorry. And another thing I will say, if you have a dog, pile lots of presents around the bottom because that’s going to become the water bowl. Yes it is. (audience applause and cheers)

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