How To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree

How To Choose An Artificial Christmas Tree

-If you wanna wade to enjoy the tradition
of the Christmas tree that lasts year after year, an artificial tree may be the choice
for you. It’s convenient, maintenance-free and as you can see, a great way to get creative
with your holiday decorating. Let’s take a look. When choosing an artificial tree, the
first thing to think about is size. The box is almost artificial trees; list the total
height including the stand. But don’t forget about the additional that topper will add.
You may be overwhelmed by the number of artificial Christmas trees you encounter, so try to focus
on three assets- shape, needle size and density. Tree shapes range from full to slim. Full
trees are traditional cone-shaped trees. They have a wide face that tapers up to a single
branch on top. Slim trees, sometimes called Pencil trees are much narrower at the bases.
You can find all sorts of shapes between full and slim, so pick one that fits your available
floor space. Now that you’ve chosen your favorite tree shape, it’s time to take a closer look
at the tree needles. There’re 2 main types of needles on artificial trees- molded plastic
and shredded plastic. Thousands of shredded plastic needles are woven into wire branch
frames, sometimes the shredded plastic needles are trimmed to give a more natural appearance.
Molded plastic needles mimic clusters of real branches and can appear remarkably life-like.
Some trees combine needle types with shredded needles on the dense interior areas, and molded
needles on the tip. Now when choosing the right tree branch density, think about what’s
more important to you- lights or ornaments. Trees that are smooth and dense resemble cone-shaped
pine trees. They’re great for covering with loads of lights. Trees that are layered or
have an in-and-out profile feature lots of pockets for showing off ornaments. Whatever
type of artificial tree you pick, choose one that’s flame retardant. Another important
aspect to consider is tree construction, and how the branches attach to the trunk. Most
new artificial tree branches permanently attach to the pole and fold up like an umbrella.
Who says Christmas trees have to be traditional? There’re so many beautiful and unique options
available. Artificial trees let you get creative. Look for trees with block needles, accents
like berries or pine cones. Go for a tree in a totally unique color, or even fiber optic
elements. And of course, one big benefit of an artificial tree, you can buy it pre-lit
with hundreds or even thousands of lights, saving you the time and stress of untangling
and letting you get right to the fun part, decorating. Here’s a pre-lit tree with 750
lights, after we add in more with 1,600 lights, and now with 2,500 lights. All 3 look good.
It really comes down to personal preference. Here’s one more thing to think about when
purchasing your tree- getting it back into the original box after Christmas can be a
challenge. Do to make it easy, purchase one of these canvas or heavy duty tree carriers
to protect it during storage. Whatever type of artificial tree you select, you’re sure
to enjoy of this holiday season and for years to come. For more holiday ideas, visit

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