How to Combine Hanukkah and Christmas Traditions

Growing up in Israel, as Jew, it’s always
been Hanukkah for me. I was never too familiar with Christmas. Christmas to me was this holiday people celebrated
abroad. in places where it snowed, and houses had
chimneys to fit this fairy tale figure called Santa But, for the better part of the last 4 years
I was living in Amsterdam, where I got to meet people who do celebrate Christmas, and also celebrate
it together with them. And while Hanukkah, for me, will always remain
the more significant holiday, it’s been forever infused with touches of this other
celebration. And here’s why. Today I’m meeting up with a couple of friends to celebrate Hanukkah together We light the 2nd candle out of 8 I started the day off buying two pastries. A combination of not wanting to show up empty
handed with my miserable cooking skills. Besides omelets, that is. My omelets kick ass. Back home, I helped my dad… fix stuff. It’s a recurring theme in the Goldman household,
to help papa Goldman fix stuff. There’s always something to fix. And it usually looks something like this: Mission accomplished When we were done, I headed to do some work at a nearby coffee place. I already explained in a previous video my reasoning
behind how I choose an environment to work in. And while this coffee place isn’t perfect,
it does the job for now. In the evening, I started heading north, to
meet up with my friends. And sure enough, the road signs had just been
changed the other day, which resulted in me missing my exit. Hate being late. I have never been an observant person. However, I do value tradition. Holidays for me are less about their religious qualities,
and more about their story. What they signify and represent. Hanukkah, for that matter, is a holiday of
light. But more than that,
Hanukkah, like most Jewish holidays,
is about being together with the people you love Christmas is not “mine”, but it’s based
on similar values as what is. In the cold, dark days of winter, Christmas
brings light. But, just like Hanukkah, Christmas mostly
brings people together with their loved ones. When I lived in The Netherlands, it brought
me together with my friends. And, this year, while I participated in my
tradition of Hanukkah, my friends, and their tradition were also in my heart

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