How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Perfectly

Lighting can be a lot of peoples’ nemesis especially if you’re using lights from the year before and you’ve got a rat’s nest that you’ve gotta go through. Bain of your existence. Yeah, so my number one tip for reusing lights. When you’re taking them off the tree buy a cord wrapper, she’s already got it. Buy a construction extension cord wrapper and wrap it around. When you pull those lights off the next year, you’re in perfect, perfect shape. Little pre-planning there is gonna save you a ton of time. (audience applause) And break fewer lights. Yeah, so, in general the quantity of lights. You need about 100 lights per foot of tree. So the count is on the box, that’s all you gotta look for. If it says 100 you’re gonna get about a foot out of them. I like to stick the lights in as deep as possible so … I agree it has depth. And glows out, exactly right. Another fun tip I know everybody wants to do the tree topper last and it’s so great in the scene from the movie. With all the ornaments on the tree, the branches extended, everything is done, you really wanna be reaching over this tree? No, put it on first. So if you do the tree topper now if I can find the plug here somewhere, it’s done. And now you can decorate the tree and you don’t have anything to worry about. No, get back in you didn’t get it all the way. Use those muscles. Okay, there we go. Yeah, you should really do that so it doesn’t disturb everything. (audience applause) Now let’s get into the ribbon. ‘Cause the ribbon’s fun, right? This is one of those things you can do with a family member. It’s a good time. You always wanna start at the top. You mean the ribbon is a garland? Yes, go around. So you wanna make sure that you start at the top. You’re gonna be going for every … Ant, come on buddy. I saw that coming. Anthony, Anthony don’t do this to me. This is a good one for the kids. Don’t do this to me. Don’t … you’re gonna go all the way. And this is the beauty of having a cousin. Thank you very much. So Rach … (laughing) That looks great. So now I’m part of the tree. So Rach, why don’t you start decorating the tree since I was gonna come down and do that. If you’re buying garland or ribbon to go around the tree is there any math on that? Ten feet of ribbon per foot of tree. English is my first language I promise. Ten feet of ribbon per foot of tree. Yes. Gotcha. Ten feet of ribbon per foot of tree. Is this how it’s gonna be? Am I really … I’m just … thank you. So I can do all the ornaments on top. Here we go. I’m just gonna hang them on you. Hang them here, here we go. (audience applause) Thank you boys. All of the tips for your tree shopping and how to decorate it will be up online if we were distracting you with our very poor job at comedy. Grab a snack, we’ll be right back. (audience applause) (musical chimes)

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