How To Do Toes To Bar (WODprep Tutorial)

How To Do Toes To Bar (WODprep Tutorial)

– What’s up, this is
Ben from WODprep and today we’re
going to talk about a toes to bar progression. So, I see a lot of people just
jump up to the pull-up bar and do whatever they can
to lift their knees up and then they kind of
flail their feet up to touch the bar. And that’s great. I guess, technically,
it counts as a rep but it’s really not
good for you, especially if you’re
disengaging your shoulders. And it’s really not a
great way to get efficient at stringing all those
reps together. So, today we’re going to
talk about a simple progression. All I’m going to
do to start is, I’m going to work on
doing levers, okay. So just front levers. Obviously, not like
a gymnast would do where they’re doing
it really far. All I’m doing is grabbing
onto the bar, I’m activating my shoudlers and I’m letting my shoulders
and torso move back behind the bar, okay,
and I’m going to do that. I’m going to do that
a few times. And as you can see,
I’m starting to develop a little bit of a kip. I’m actually not using
my legs at all. All I’m focusing on is
activating my shoulders, activating my lats, to make sure that I can
pull my torso back to make way for my
knees and feet, eventually, to come touch the bar. Then the next step
that I like to do is, I’ll get athletes to actually
start lifting those knees. So, I’m activating,
I’m pulling back and then I actually lift
my knees a little bit to my chest and then
I re-establish my kip. So you’ll see, I pull back,
lift my knees up and then pull back through
to re-establish the kip. And I’ll start to have athletes
swing back and forth doing that, just focusing on
lifting their knees up to about their belly button
or their chest. But keeping that nice active
shoulder in lat positioning. Next, we just take that
and bump it up a notch. So, I’m lifting my knees
to my chest, except, not my belly button now, now it’s all the way up to,
pretty much as high as I can get them. My kip needs to be a little
bit more aggressive, but you’ll see I’m still activating
my lats and my shoulders to get my shoulders nice and high,
torso out of the way so that my knees can come
straight up and then, as you guess it, the next step
is actually doing the toes to bar. So I pull back,
I lever back, I lift my knees
as high as I can and then instead of trying to
lift my toes to the bar, I actually, I call it a flick, I literally take my toes
and I flick the bar, they both make contact
at the same time. And then I’m immediately
pulling them back down and re-establishing the same kip that I was doing in
those previous drills. So, pull back, knees high,
flick the bar and then pull yourself
actively back through that window and
underneath the bar to re-establish your kip. As long as you can do this, make sure that you’re keeping
your shoulders activated, keeping those traps engaged, and I promise you,
it’s going to help you string together these
toes to bar much much easier and then you’ll be able
to crush them in your next workout. So if you liked this video, please leave a
comment below, I love hearing about how
these videos help, or maybe they
don’t help people. Also, if someone’s working
on trying to get the toes to bar,
be sure to tag them. Tag some people at your gym
who need help with this. And most of all,
thanks so much for tuning in and be sure to stop by to get more information
about what we’re doing. Thank you so much,

100 thoughts on “How To Do Toes To Bar (WODprep Tutorial)

  1. I've been working through mobility on T2B this week, tomorrow's WOD contains this! I'm excited to add your tips to my attempts in the morning. Thank you!

  2. Heading to gym in an hour. We got 30 20 10 T2B.
    I’ll try the progression and hopefully it’ll help.
    Great vid, thanks a lot!

  3. Thanks for the vid. New to CrossFit and I’m coming with a pretty neglected back haha. So I think I’ll try the levers. I’ve been trying to swing to get the kip. But I’m not feeling it in my last which must mean im not engaging them correctly. This vid is so helpful

  4. I just knocked out the first 8 of 2018-1 non-stop, but by the third set I was fried. Could not do a single one. My gymnast judge suggested I stand back a bit and jump AT the bar in an arched pose. When I did I was able to kip right into one on the first swing.

  5. That's the DUMBEST thing I've ever seen in my life. You're not supposed to go at it like a crack Demon.. slow down, try using more core muscles to not swing around, activate your lats instead of doing a half ass gymnast and do the full exercise correctly.

  6. Thank you for this tutorial! I’ve been trying to work on this for weeks now but haven’t been able to find a good breakdown! 🙂

  7. Why haven't I seen a single comment pointing out that this is an awful way to do the exercise, momentum does not equal strength, if you wanna actually be strong, never kip, do everything slow and controlled. I see too much of this stuff in CrossFit, anyone who wants to build strength with their body weight should do calisthenics, not CrossFit.

    I would recommend OFFICIALTHENX. A great Calisthenics channel, they have plenty of guides, and they don't swing like crazy with nothing but momentum, every movement is done with muscle power and often they do the exercise slow, as that's how you build strength, you don't swing around on a bar like a 4 year old who has no idea what they're doing and just thinks it's fun to swing.

    For anybody who sees this comment. If it gets deleted, then you know I'm right and this CrossFit guy is just scared to have any comments that aren't 100% agreeing with him under the video.

  8. This is so horrible, crossfit is actually useless. Do it without swinging at all, that is a REAL toes to bar

  9. hahaha what the fuck is this….i do them with 0 kip just muscle .. it's like doing pullups with kip ahahah so bad

  10. This video did not help me. I wasn't looking for how to swing like a kid on monkey bars in order to pretend to do a move that I haven't properly built the strength to do.

  11. I was wondering, before watching this video, how to make this happen? But thanks for the video and now i am able to do this exercise.

  12. thank you so much!!! this tips are great! i've been working on them and now I can do 10 perfect pullups unbroken and I finally can say that I do ttb!!!! you are amazing! thank you so much for sharing💛💛💛

  13. I appreciate this. I can get one or two T2B on occasion, but not consistently. I've been working every day on lat pull downs, but will add this shoulder work/levers!

  14. Second week of CrossFit for me 😣 toes to bars is on the white board for today's WOD. This will be my first attempt at them. This video is going to be super helpful. Thanks brother!!

  15. What a great video. This is by far the best and simplest way I have seen to progress. You guys are awesome and thanks for helping out the community I love, the CrossFit Community 💪🏼

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  17. Helped me so much to understand the kipping movement and the activation of my shoulders! I can now touch my bar with my toes after one only practice with your advices !! Thanks a lot

  18. Did it for the first time on accident this morning, was fairly easy and really clean. now I wanna add them into my workout 😂

  19. First time trying this… Can't stop my own momentum, or catch in the right place… End up having to perform one rep, then effectively stop, start again
    … Any more tips?

  20. Buddy! Thanks for this! Quick question, what about the width of the arms? Straight on shoulders or a bit open? THANKS

  21. Thank you bro. Definately having trouble with these but you've explained it well. Will try it at next workout before taking on 19.2 😨😬 God bless!

  22. I attended a wod session at my local CrossFit and I literally looked like an idiot trying to do these. The people I asked for help seemed to not know how to explained it, so when I would finish I would miss out on doing my cleans. This video helped so much. Thanks.

  23. Straight to the point and effective. I wish more videos were like this, instead being bloated with excess verbiage from people who just like to hear themselves talk.

  24. Hi!! Was practising these today and realised I should have watched your tutorial before my workout. I probably looked like a fool. Maybe next time it will be better 😂 Great tutorial!

  25. today i made toes to bar i couldnt finish the last round not because i lost energy, but because i distroy the skin of my hands from the grip any advice

  26. 😔 calisthenics version of toes to bar is harder and much more effective. Came to the wrong place. I appreciate your effort WODprep

  27. Just did T2B today! Was feeling sick so I worked on knees to chest and was feeling the kip a lot more than when I do my T2B. Thanks for this illustration on the last part of the progression. I’ll have to try that “flick” at the end.

  28. Seriously, thanks so much! None of the tips from the others at the gym were helping! Thanks to you, I nailed this movement on the first attempt after watching your video! SUBSCRIBED

  29. Looks like fun! I had a guy show me these yesterday and this was a perfect vid to share with some others and keep my form good!

  30. Forcing your shoulders into and past natural range of motion while loaded = messed up rotator cuffs in your future.

  31. Isn't it better to do strict toes to the bar? I feel like people rush into doing excercises too soon without preparation. I couldn't do toes to the bar at the beginning but I worked on my knee raises and straight knee raises (no kipping) and also pull ups and hamstring flexibility and now I can do 7-10 toes to the bar strict and it engages my core a lot , it took me some time but it's better to do that than to see how beginners swing like crazy on bar trying to do this excercise with such a shitty form lol

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