How to Hang Garlands & Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

How to Hang Garlands & Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

How to Hang Garlands and Tinsel on a Christmas
Tree. Master the art—and it is an art—of hanging
garlands and tinsel on your Christmas tree. You will need Garlands or tinsel Craft wire
or ribbon and a stepladder. Pets are sometimes attracted to eating tinsel,
which can cut up their intestines. Step 1. Decide whether you want to hang tinsel—those
silvery strands hung from branches to add shimmer to a tree—or garlands, which are
long, decorative pieces that wrap around the tree. Using both can be a bit much. Step 2. String the lights the way you want them before
you put on the tinsel or a garland. Step 3. If you’re using tinsel, commit to hanging
it one piece at a time. Yes, it will be time-consuming, but the end
result—even instead of clumpy—will be worth it. Follow the six-six rule: Don’t hang more
than six strands per branch, and leave about six inches of space between tinsel-decorated
branches. Step 4. If you prefer garlands, decide what kind you’d
like. Choices include ones made of tinsel, popcorn,
cranberries, candy, and beads. Buy or make 10 feet of garland for every foot
of tree. You can use one long garland or several shorter
pieces. Step 5. Start at the top. If you need to, use a stepladder to reach. Drape the garlands around the tree, creating
evenly spaced dips. To keep your garlands’ shape, secure sections
to branches with wire or ribbon, or just wrap it around branches. Step 6. For a more unusual look, hang garland strands
vertically, knotting them to top branches and letting them float to the bottom of the
tree. Did you know Ukrainian Christmas-tree decorations
often include a fake spider and web because of a folk tale that a spider spun a beautiful
web to decorate a poor family’s tree.

15 thoughts on “How to Hang Garlands & Tinsel on a Christmas Tree

  1. @ioport Not only am I going to use both tinsel and garlands, but also a shit-ton of LED lights, so that even when the overhead light is off, the room is bathed in warm light.

  2. @ioport Oh, and those little clips, so that I can add even more stuff. Christmas trees are supposed to look like defiantly anti-minimalist statements, they're supposed to be garish and over the top, there is no such thing as "a bit much."

  3. helpful…NOT. and i emphasize….NOT!! NOT!!!! NOT!!! NOT!!! Geez, I could have gotten this useless advice from a 4 year old. Thanks for NOTHING!!!

  4. "use a step ladder to reach" oh, wow. would have never thought of that. oh, and thanks for that useful insight on some stupid spider web tradition that the frickin' ukranians have. that's really helpful to me in Michigan as i try to decorate my frickin' tree.

  5. I think all you people with ignorant sarcastic comments should go ahead and post your decorating video's now. I mean, it's been a year, let's see how much better you can do

  6. 1:41 There,something different I can try,cause I suck at doing it the traditional way.:-D
    Thanks for the tip about the tinsel..For sure at least one of my cats will try to eat it.
    Now I remember why I stopped using it in the first place.

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