How to Hang Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

How to Hang Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

How to Hang Ornaments on a Christmas Tree. Showcase your holiday ornaments to their best
advantage with these arrangement tips. You will need A Christmas tree Ornament hooks,
string, or ribbon Ornaments A tree topper and green florist’s wire. Step 1. Make sure you have enough ornament hooks. If you have pets, use ribbon or string instead. You never know when they’re going to get
their paws on—or sink their teeth into—an ornament. Hang ornaments with green florist’s wire,
which blends in better than ornament hooks. Step 2. String the lights and tinsel or garland before
hanging any ornaments. Step 3. Start by hanging sets of matching ornaments
so you can disperse them evenly. Step 4. Hang some ornaments close to the tree trunk. They shouldn’t all be teetering on the tips
of the branches. Step 5. Put the heaviest ornaments on the sturdier,
inside branches. But don’t forget to put some smaller, lighter
ones there, too, for balance. If you have an ornament that would benefit
from backlighting, dangle it near a tree light. Step 6. Protect ornaments with sentimental or monetary
value by placing them higher up and deeper inside the tree, where they are less likely
to get knocked down. Step 7. After you’ve hung the last ornament, gently
add the tree topper. Step 8. Step back a few feet and study the tree from
different angles to see that everything looks balanced. Make adjustments if needed. Did you know A German glassmaker created a
$26,000 Christmas ornament decorated with 12-karat gold and featuring 120 diamonds.

18 thoughts on “How to Hang Ornaments on a Christmas Tree

  1. I just take the ornaments and toss them into the tree, they're shatter proof, so when it's time to take the tree down, I just shake the tree and save about 5-10 minutes 🙂

  2. Nooo! my daughter is 17 months, and I thought it would be nice for her to have her first christmas tree this year… I bought everything EXCEPT wire to hang them with… and the only ribbon I have is not the right colour. Damn, I wanted to set it up NOW :/ lol

  3. I thought you were supposed to glue the ornaments to the wall! I've been getting it wrong all these years. Thanks for telling me how do to it right, HowCast!

  4. We have always used string. And we tie each one. Once and then leave it there forever. We have had the same ornaments for 27 years mine are the ones my mom gave me. I bought new ones for once and I have no idea what a hook for them even looks like. I think I will just string them like my mom did. But I gotta buy string.
    (They might be older as I'm 27 so I dont know how long my mom had them before I was born!)

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