How To Install Putco Pure LED Tailgate Light Bar

How To Install Putco Pure LED Tailgate Light Bar

Hey guys, John here with Today
I’m going to show you how to install the Putco Pure LED light bar onto this GMC Sierra. The
really cool thing about this light bar is that it comes with everything you need to
install it. There’s two options that you can go with here, either you can use sticky 3M
tape-on stuff, which is what we’re going to use for application, or it also comes with
these brackets and screws that you can attach these and clip it in place. That’s going to require some drilling into
your truck, and we don’t really want to drill into this new truck. We’re going to use the
tape-on stuff and plug it right into our trailer wiring, because this has already a trailer
kit on it. We have one extra wire that goes into our backup light, so we can hook that
up. First thing we’re going to do here is test
fit this, to make sure where we’re going to want it, and start hooking this thing up.
All right, looks good. Let’s go ahead, get the tape on this thing and get it installed
up in here. We’ve got our 3M double-sided tape attached to our light bar, what we’re
going to do is go ahead and peel all the tape off the back so we can put this thing on the
truck. We’re ready to install our light bar unto
a truck. Something you want to pay a really close attention to is to make sure that you
get this wiring harness onto the right side of your pick-up. If you don’t, when you turn
you left side signal on, it’s going to flash on the right side back here. That just wouldn’t
be cool, funny, but not cool. The really neat features of this light bar
is that it comes with a pre-installed four way flat connector, so if you already have
a trailer wiring on your truck it’s just a matter of plugging this thing in. What we’re
going to do is we’re going to put a little Dielectric compound on these, just to keep
the water and moisture out of them. We’ll plug her in here. We’ve got that plugged
in, the next thing we’re going to do is go ahead and zip strip our wiring up underneath
so it’s not all over. Then we’ll pull our taillight over here and attach our reverse
light, so we get the full effect of this light bar. So we can get the full function of our light
bar, we’re going to have hooking up our reverse light to the reverse light of the pick-up.
We could just use a scotch lock and put it on here. Find your reverse light, find your
trigger wire, which in this one is the green one, and just go ahead and attach it. You
can wrap all this with electrical tape, to get any moisture and such out of it. Okay guys, there you have it. That’s how easy
and simple it is to install the 60 inch Putco Pure LED light bar on your pick-up. There’s
only one thing left to do, check how this thing works, and remember, until next time,
happy motoring.

14 thoughts on “How To Install Putco Pure LED Tailgate Light Bar

  1. Ismael It is a bit brighter than the OE backup light. I unfortunately cannot find anything to tell me how many lumins it is. Something to keep in mind is that these are not designed to replace, only to enhance, the factory installed lights. If you are simply looking for something to really light things up when backing at night then check these out:

  2. The only concern I have about these tail gate LED light is if they work on any truck? I have a chevy S10 and the spare tire release hole on the rear will interfere with the installation.

  3. what if you use your receptacle for your boat trailer lights? where do you plug the light bar in then?? can I get that truck hook up like you had for my 2012 GM??

  4. Check the right left signals before putting the bar on. My 06 Colorado is correct when the wires coming out oAre on the drivers side!

  5. Hi there.. I installed the lite bar , works great with the trailer plug , but I hooked the white wire up to the back up light, it comes on bright , but when I turn my signal light on , flashes 3 times , then I get a message on my dash that I have a fault in my turn signal. Any help would be appreciated . Thanx in advance .

  6. congratulations this guy just voided the whole electrical system on a new pickup that cost big bucks .When you cut into the insulation to connect a wire now it has become a splice So just think before you do it this way you can buy a quick connect harness from Putco to install light bar its plug and play

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