How to Light a Christmas Tree

How to Light a Christmas Tree

a Christmas tree covered in hundreds are
even thousands of flights can make the holiday season magical but the effect can be very different
depending on the life while he cute and the string method you here’s what I bring the holiday blinked
in darkness the first second I hear christmas tree achieving a typable for so many lighting
options available and eat can have a different look you wanna
call Kathy a one-goal are you concerned about energy
efficiency let’s take a look and be available lighting happen basic indoor mini lite have been around
for years there inexpensive to purchase and produce a warm glow look for them in
numerous color and combinations upheld LED light turn give up brilliant white
light and Peter area shape poly have LED hot more than many like but they’re much
more energy efficient and laugh thousand hours long Short Strand novelty light have special covering they
can add a unique touch to your tree and your holiday decorating for include
custom bob that produce one-of-a-kind affect whatever type II QQ be sure that there You Allah and at the
light have a non with pocket for fattening the vball
birthplace for conflicting results in EV connective el-ad shoot the same brand
typeof light for your entire 3 how many might be
anything back accord with the matter preference but a
good place to start a hundred library but now I have a dream but I think went
out three need 100 life for a basic level lighting
and if you love life double or even triple the amount
recommended for example here the tree with 750 like many how about the plane tree with 2500 like
amazing after the attack that all the bulbs are
working you’re ready to light your tree have a
sturdy that matter at hand plan to work with the president like fun that we all know exactly where adding
your life anyone have an opinion on how to string
present like they’re basically 3 nobel me the way it any good assembled start at the top of the tree
and we’ve in in out of the rain going lower and lower hanging like the
back as well if you want to add more light do another starting from the top in working down
trying technique you live your dream provide
any Air Force plane going back leave the light back and forth across
the triangle being careful not to traffic court over
when you reach the end of the string plug in the neck that can continue
reading night back and forth until you reach the bottom you love life ranch dropping into technique for you
simply start at the bottom working punk out moving from branch to
branch rap lights around the individual
branches working further and further out when
you’re about four inches coming and that the final branch that
work your way back to the trunk wrapping the car just one-third like to hold it in place whichever
lighting technique you never three strand and when you finish extreme go back to the heart when you’re done in your life general I stand away from the chain and evaluate
your work squint your eyes until the trio Larry and look for dark patches then rearrange
like to fill in any hole for more holiday
idea visit Bhd dot com flash holiday
twinkling in bright you’re well like Christmas tree is now
ready to decorate and celebrate the people

18 thoughts on “How to Light a Christmas Tree

  1. Best to use green corded lights on a green tree!! Save those white ones for a white tree! 🙂 I noticed you had it right at the end of the video! 🙂

  2. It's a very WASPy Christmas! Helpful video. Though disheartened to hear I need 1600 lights to get the effect I want. Yikes. $$$

  3. To bad I'm finding that LED's aren't lasting any longer than the old lights I used to use. Plus the LED's are more expensive to buy. I don't know if I always get bad sets or if everyone has problems with LED's not lasting as long as they say they will last. Some I can't even get to last a season. Reason I bought LED's was to save energy but it isn't saving me money having to constantly buy new sets year after year.
    Never thought of wrapping branches with lights. Would take forever on the trees we get.

  4. My LED's have lasted over 5 years. I purchased new ones this year because the cords were getting all untwisted and looked funny. I will be using them outside this year. The "regular" strands only lasted me about 2 years if I was lucky. I have a rotating tree base, so I start from the bottom and work my way up doing  a branch wrap, spiral combination. I have a 7.5 ft fake tree and have been putting 6-800 lights on it. I"ve never had a problem doing it this way and it has always looked great.

  5. NEW to the market (electricity FREE xmas tree lighting) our new LED lighting strings of 100 or 200 RGB LED lights is powered by salted water in a small red box you locate at the base of the tree, inside or outside of the house with no worries about long cable runs to a socket, no need for UL or CE certification, as these are electricity battery free.
    Change the salted water every 7 days for a 36 day Xmas light up, running 24 hrs day. Stay safe this Xmas, with any dangers from faulty electricity parts.
    I am seeking a USA importer distributor for Xmas 2016, still not to late to place orders.

  6. People here look for any flaw and jump. Sad and dumb. The white strands were only to make viewing easier. They are CLEARLY green on finished tree so nice try haters.

  7. I've only every used the Wave technique so thank you for sharing the 2 other techniques. Also good to know the lights to tree ratio. Very helpful!

  8. in 1917 Albert Sadacca first sold "strands of Christmas lights" from his NYC store , these lights remain in that original format , why not try new

  9. Omfg I've got a roughly 6ft tree and I only used one strand of 100 light (I recommend using an extension cord for convenience) You most certainly do not need 100 lights per 1.5ft, that's just ridiculous. My tree looks absolutely fine. What are you trying to do, light up the whole house? Talk about a waste of space, money, and energy. I don't think it's probably very safe to advise something like that to people with houses that have old electrical work either. Moreover, 7ft to 7.5ft is statistically the recorded average for Xmas trees, so we're talking about buying 500 lights for most of us just to throw out some perspective here. I know people get rather vain about Xmas decorations, though. If you're the gloating sort, I'd recommend following her advise, hell, buy enough lights to blind your neighbors like in Christmas Vacation. LOL

  10. "UL listed" is meaningless if the lights are made in China (and they usually are). Chinese-made goods are notorious for having counterfeit UL labels.

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