How To Make A Christmas Tree Funnel | EASY DIY 📍 How To With Kristin

hey guys it’s kristin well it’s that time of year again when everyone starts getting their christmas tree and if you have a real tree you know you have to water it this becomes a huge pain in the butt now the space is not big enough for like a job so usually end up running back and forth with cups of water or something like that my boyfriend and I put together this little funnel that makes it a thousand times easier you don’t have to bend down on your hands and knees get all pricked with all the pine needles really really fast and it’s very cheap and easy to make i’m going to show you what we use and how to make it for this project you’ll need a one-and-a-half inch braided clear tubing that’s approximately two feet long a funnel a hose clamp and a screwdriver to assemble just simply put the hose clamp over the end of the hose and before closing it snugly insert the funnel you can make this longer or shorter just depending on your needs so now that you know how to put this together i’m going to show you how easy it is to use now that we have the funnel assembled simply insert the hose into the tree base next you’re going to slowly add water to the funnel and watch it run through the holes just keep adding water until you have as much as you need once you’ve added enough water take the hose out and place it somewhere until you need it again see how easy is I love it I wish we had done this years ago so i’ll leave all the information of where you can buy everything and how much it costs in the description if you guys like this video please give me a thumbs up and if you want to see more Christmas tutorials don’t forget to subscribe

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