How to Make a Christmas Tree

How to Make a Christmas Tree

Today, I’m going to show you how to make three different decorative Christmas trees. And we’ll begin with this little fella. Start by taking a cork, and using a sharp
knife, carefully cut off the end. Then take a cocktail stick, and push it into
the center of the cork, like this. Next we need a sheet of green tissue paper and using a pair of scissors cut out a circle
roughly this size, it doesn’t have to be exact. Then we’re going to screw the paper up, open it out
again, and thread it onto the toothpick, like this. We need to keep repeating this process, so
cut out a load more circles, arrange them in size order, then going from large
to small, thread them onto the toothpick. Don’t forget to screw the paper up, otherwise the
tree looks too flat and very uniform. When you’re done, you should have something which looks like this. And finally, we’re going to add a little decrative star to the top. Sprinkle it with a little bit of glitter if you
like, to help give it a snow effect. This pretty little tree is a great festive
way to brighten up your work desk. For the next tree, we’re going to start by taking an A4
sheet of paper or card, and rolling it into a cone. Use some strips of tape to keep it all together, then cut off the bottom of the cone so it
sits flat on the table like this. Next we need to take a roll of wrapping paper, I’m using
silver but you could use green for a more tree like look. and cut off a strip roughly 5 inches wide. Then we need to curl the paper around so the
two ends are together, and tape them up. Do this down the whole length until you have something which looks like this. Next, using a pair of scissors, cut little
strips up the wrapping paper like this. We’re cutting through the curl, and not the side we’ve just taped up. Keep going down the whole length of wrapping paper and
we should have something which looks like this. Next, taking the cone we made earlier, we need to wrap
the paper around until we’ve got a full circle, cut it to length and fix it in place with some tape. Repeat the process working your way up the tree
so the paper slightly overlaps on each layer. Add a Christmas star to the top, and that’s our tree complete. This tree makes a fantastic center piece for a table, and it’ll
impress your guests when you tell them it’s homemade. For the final tree, we need a selection of sticks
with all the shoots removed, like this. Cut your sticks to length so you can make a tree formation like this. Next we’re going to use some Christmas ribbon, and one by
one we’re going to bind the sticks together. We should have something which looks like this. Next go ahead and hang decorations on the branches. You can use beads and buttons, as well
as a mixture of conventional decorations. To fix it I stood mine in a weighty candle stick holder. This makes a great feature decoration on the mantelpiece Or it you prefer, you can tie a ribbon around the top,
and hang it from a picture hook on the wall. I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this video, if you’d like to see
more, click on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my YouTube channel page. Thanks for watching and Happy Christmas!

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