How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree Skirt; Beach Cottage Style

How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree Skirt; Beach Cottage Style

Hey Remodelaholics! Today Emily from Table and Hearth is sharing how to make Driftwood Christmas Tree skirt. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and like this video right now, as we get started! Supplies you will need are: Plastic garden netting, 1 yard of natural colored felt, Tons of driftwood in all sizes Heavy duty scissors, Twine or yarn Chalk, a tapestry needle and hot glue gun with lots of glue sticks I will include a list in the description box below And there are more instructions on our blog, To get a perfect circle, tie a piece of twine to the center point of your circle. Then, tie the chalk to the opposite end. Use the string as a guide to mark a perfectly round circle. Now cut along the mark that you made for the circle. Then cut out a small circle of the center where the string is tied. This is where the tree will sit. The plastic netting is easier to handle and safer than metal. But, the netting is only 3′ wide. So, to make the tree skirt you will need to cut two half circles and join them When you have your first piece cut out, you can use it as a template for cutting the next piece. Just lay it on top of the mesh roll and cut around the edges Now lay the flat edges together and using twine secure the edges together on both sides. So, it creates one large circle. As a side note you will be cutting one of these sides later on so don’t go crazy securing both sides. Lay out the felt under your netting and cut the felt to size. Now secure the felt the netting with twine and your upholstery needle. tying it in square knots before trimming the twine. Cut the seam so you can wrap it around the back of the Christmas tree. Optionally if you want to add ribbons to secure the skirt together now is a good time to do it before the wood is added to the skirt Now, adding all the wood! It helps to organize the driftwood by general size. Then working in sections, lay out all the pieces of wood to fill in all of the big and little spaces. Until you like how it looks. After each section is full, secure the wood pieces to the felt with your hot glue. While you do this, fill in any tiny spots that you think are missing driftwood as you go along. There you have it, the most beautiful, coastal, driftwood Christmas tree skirt! please like this video and subscribe to our Channel Emily did such a great job! Tell me would you like to try a coastal style Christmas? I’m thinking about it myself

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