How to make a floating Christmas tree.

How to make a floating Christmas tree.

Get a 100cm flower chandelier. Attach fishing line to create a center. Hang it on a hook in the ceiling. Put the tree topper in the middle. Here’s how you get it there: Take a decoration hook. Attach fishing line. A double knot will do. Attach the hook to the hanger. Cut it at the desired length. Tie the fishing line to an ornament. Remove the loose ends. Put it on the first ring. Repeat this process. Since we made this ‘tree’ a few years ago, We stored the ornaments by winding the fishing line around pieces of cardboard. We labeled these 1 for the first ring, 2 for the second and 3 for the third. So now we can build up the ‘tree’ starting in the middle and working to the outer ring. Last year, we added these LED ornaments. Have fun creating your own floating Christmas tree! Leave a like, comment and subscribe!

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