How to make a hanging twig tree for Christmas

How to make a hanging twig tree for Christmas

Hello and welcome to Hayes Garden World and
today we’re going to make a hanging twig tree decoration. So to make our tree, we need 2 nice straight
sticks about 3ft long, or they can be longer if you want to make a larger tree, and you
then need 6 pieces of stick, one to cover the width at the bottom, here, and then they
all go up. As well as that we’ve got some brown wired
tape and we’ve got some raffia. We’ve got some gold brilliant spray, in order
to paint it at the end, and we’ve got some ribbon in case we want to decorate it with
ribbon. We’ve got raffia to form the loop at the top
and we have some pine cones and some teasels, or you can use anything that you find out
on a country walk with your children, ‘cos it’s a free project. We’re also using a glue gun in order to construct
the tree. So to begin with we take our base stick, I’ll
move the others out of the way, and our 2 side pieces and we cross those over at the
top and we make sure that we get a nice even fit, between the 2 sides and the base. And that’s how we want to start our glueing. So we take our glue gun, which is on and ready,
and you just lift where it overlaps at the top and just put a spot of glue on there and
drop the other stick on top of it. And then we just repeat that process on one
side at the bottom and on the other side at the bottom. We’ll just leave that for a few seconds to
let it set. We then take the next stick and we do exactly
the same thing. But if you want to see how it’s going to pan
out and get your lengths right you can just place all your pieces in ascending order up
the length of the tree until you get to the top, like so. So we’ll start from this end, and you just
repeat the process of putting a little bit of glue on one side, making sure you glue
on the other side and that your little overlaps at the edges are even and that the spaces
between the twigs are even. Okay so now we’ve left the tree for the glue
to dry so it’s nice and solid, so now we’re going to take some of our brown wire twine
and we’re just going to cover up any excess glue that you can see, and it just gives it
a nice bit of a more rustic feel and almost like a Scandi feel, which is very popular. And we’re just going to wire around each joint. So once you’ve tied up each strut you can
get that one out of the way and we can bring back the one that we finished earlier to show
what it looks like once it’s been sprayed gold, which obviously you don’t do inside
‘cos any kind of spray paint used indoors is not nice. And then this is all ready to be decorated,
and to see that just watch our next video.

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