How To Make A Marauder’s Map Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt!

How To Make A Marauder’s Map Harry Potter Christmas Tree Skirt!

I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good Aha Look at this Oh my goodness. Welcome to Pins and Things. Today is day two of our Harry Potter Christmas week So we’re making a marauders map tree skirt, so I’ve started out with a yard of canvas This is very thick material even really hard to iron actually but it’s just one yard and you might even need less than that and I am going to now take my string and measure how big I want the tree skirt underneath to be. I’m going to basically bring it to the middle of my tree where I want the skirt to start and I’m going to just bring it out as far as I think it should go So we’re just getting the radius of our circle right here And that’s about as big as I want it to be because I’ve got a skinny tree I’m tying my string to a thumbtack on one end to help me measure out my entire circle So the radius that I have here is about two feet. Now I’m going to put my thumb tack into the center of my canvas and I can actually poke it right down into the carpet I’m trying to make it stay as even as possible all the way around All right, now It’s time to mark my middle so that I know exactly where it goes around the center of the tree. Okay, so at this point I’m just gonna cut out the whole thing. So I’ve never made a tree skirt before but I feel like I know pretty well just from looking at them cause they look pretty simple, so hopefully this turns out good So the middle of the tree skirt right here where I’ve marked before Needs to have a little bit of a circle so that it will go around the middle of the tree perfectly So I have a cup you can use any size something that I would consider though is putting up the cup next to your Christmas tree and having it be close to the same size or slightly larger so that it will just fit around it perfectly. What’s cool about this is it doesn’t have to be Harry Potter you could totally totally make any tree skirt with this same pattern. Now I’m just gonna cut it out and if you wanted to make a marauders map that wasn’t even a tree skirt You could totally do that too and just use canvas in fact, when I was ironing it I was thinking This would make a really really cool party tablecloth. About all of the things that you guys will need for this on Amazon I will have a link in the description below for you guys It’s always easier that way just so that you don’t have to like shop around and try and figure out if it’s the same thing I just love having it right in the description and easy way to find exactly what you need really quick So now it’s time to try on the skirt So fancy. Cool So to age the fabric what I’m doing is taking a sponge, some water and some brown paint and I’m putting only a tiny bit of brown paint in there to be able to just give it a little bit more of a darker tone than the cream that we already have with the material. Definitely take a piece of scrap material and test it on a piece of scrap material before just so that you can get the right tone that you like and make sure to dry it completely To write the lettering I’m actually using a paint marker I’ve never used one before but it is really cool and it turned out amazing I’m using some blue painters tape to make sure that I get the spacing right on the words Make sure to take your time as you’re going through because you’ll really need to just figure it out as you go and make sure that it looks good Give yourself a lot of time. This is an art project. I’m using my phone for reference I’ve looked up a few marauders map tree skirts on Pinterest And I’m just kind of mixing and matching finding the ones that I like the best and picking the pieces out from different a couple of different ones and mixing them together into one that I like and that I’m going to make myself So far, I am loving what we have, we’ve got the Golden snitch tree topper we’ve got our awesome gryffindor scarf ribbon, and then we also have our tree skirt. That’s the marauders map I love it so much. I also love it everything that I did here. I was able to do it just by looking online and finding the patterns that I liked the most from all of the different parts of the marauders map So you can make it simple with just some steps on it Or you can add the rooms on. The rooms are not actually lines. They are drawn with words Which I love. I think that makes it so unique. You could even do your own house plans on this. That would actually be really cool If you want to see how I made these harry potter wands for super cheap super easy and so much fun, click the link in the description below. Stay tuned for another video every day until Saturday this week I will also have everything that you will need for this craft on Amazon. Make sure to subscribe. Check out yesterday’s video where I show you how to make this scarf and check out the behind the scenes on The Beach House. We put up new videos every single day there of me and my crazy family. Alright, we will see you guys next time

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