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Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world well if you know me at all you know that I loves me my Dollar Tree and so I had a really fun little craft for you that I got with all the supplies at the Dollar Tree and so this is a puffball Christmas tree I’m going to teach you how to make it right now for this project you’re going to need a cone pins and seven packs of red white and green puffballs when you get your 7 packages you are going to find that your puff balls are divided into three colors and they are divided into four sizes so you’ve got a large one a medium one a small medium and a tiny so that comes in all the different colors now this is seven packages worth right here now the problem is the reason that you need seven packages is because of the big puffballs the little ones you do really really well with so you’re going to have lots left over for other projects but it’s the big puff balls that are the problem for some reason red seems to be the color that they don’t give you very much of so I was when I make sure when I was getting my packages I made sure to make sure that each one had at least two Reds in there ok so here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna take we’re going to start with the white on the bottom you can start with a different color but i’m going to do a pattern of white green red take your pin just be very careful of your fingers make sure that your fingers aren’t underneath here when you stick the pin through the center of the puffball now if you don’t want to use pins because you’re worried about little fingers getting stuck you can use glue dots but it takes a lot longer take your puff ball and about three quarters of an inch up from the bottom place the pin and stick it down in that is all there is to making this tree and what you’re going to end up doing is doing a layer of white you just put it right next to it going to do a layer of white followed by a layer of green followed by layer of red in the big puff balls then you switch to the next size so let me do this real quick and we’ll get our whites in that’s enough to show you we’re going to move to the next so what you want to do next is move to the green kind of looks like a clown hat doesn’t it we’re gonna do the same thing except for placement sake what we’re going to do is find that little place where the two go together and just place it right over top like that and we’re just filling in the little gaps next we’ll move to the red now you of course would go all the way around i’m just starting this to show you how you would do it and I would go color by color now once again we’re going to go right for the middle aiming right for the middle of those two below it and do make sure you get that pin right through the center once you’ve got your big ones all lined up 123 then you’re going to go back and start the process all over again but this time we’re going to be using the whites that are the next step down so i would call these the medium larges so again what we want to do is always go for that starter point being where those two come together now these are smaller so the next one is going to go straight up against and it should be pretty close to filling in between that little gap see how it’s starting to fill the whole thing up though next we would move into green and in this case you wanna head again for right in between and now because your sizes are the same you’re going to be going right in between each one again be very careful when you’re pushing your pin through not to get your fingers ok now we’re going to go to red the most important thing that was a big pin the most important thing is to get it through the center of the puffball what you don’t want to do is just catch the edge because if you just catch the edge it won’t hold it together it’ll peel off now we’re ready to move on to the next size which I call middle size we’re going to do the same thing that we did with this size in that we start with our white push that through and you’re going to need to fill in in between so you want to make sure that you get that right next door to the one you just put in there and because these are smaller size because they’re smaller size they might not quite be going for that in-between mode but as you can see you’re starting to get it to go around so we’ve got our large we’ve got our medium/large we’ve got our medium and now we’re going to go to the small and you know just like we did before we can do that with the small and stick those on in here and we’re going to do the Reds this is not hard to do it’s actually kind of therapeutic kind of fun kind of like relaxing but it does take time which is why I jumped ahead here and actually have one that’s finished pretty much because i did want to get this in in time for you so it’s not a long long long video alright so as you can see i’m now at the top so what I’m going to be doing is actually placing the next row which is my greens on the top to cap it off so these are going on the top and going straight down you’re going to need probably by this time it’s said and done you’re probably gonna need about a hundred and fifty pins so gonna need to make sure you stop and get yourself a brand new pack of pins i found mine at joann’s but usually you can find them at places like walgreens usually has like a little sewing section most places have a little sewing section and if they do they usually have straight pins pop that down in there okay now right here there’s a little hole and i’m going to use one of the big puff balls big greenie put him on the top here so that kind of caps off my Christmas tree now because every Christmas tree needs a little angel on the top I’m just going to take final red that is the medium large and then a medium white i’m going to take and I happen to have a very long pin here and I’m gonna push it through whoops i’m not going to use that one because that’s not very strong first I’m gonna put the white medium and then the red medium large and of course watch your fingers sandwich those two together and then stick them straight through the top and there you have it a Christmas tree from the dollar tree for more fun ideas inspired by the dollar tree come check us out at

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