How To Make A Remembrall Christmas Tree Ornament!!!

How To Make A Remembrall Christmas Tree Ornament!!!

Welcome to Harry Potter Christmas week and to this time it’s going to be a Christmas countdown, a countdown to Christmas. So the first one that I’m going to be showing you guys is the remember I have wanted to do this one for such a long time. This is such a quick and easy ornament to make I swear I forgot something Was was that? I can’t remember Oh, I remember okay We need to have a throwback to last Christmas and show all the awesome things that we did for Harry Potter Christmas week. Ready? set, go! I think that throwback was much needed. Now let’s get on to the tutorial of how to make a rememberall. All you need for the remember is a glass orb I know This is a little bit bigger than the one they have in the movie But I think because this is the only one I have on hand it will work just fine, so we’re going to start with this and some hot glue and some ribbon, so I’m wearing my time-turner necklace today And my sweater that I made by myself, it’s amazing and I love it all the time So I’m using extreme glitter in the color champagne from folk art And it’s so pretty, I love this. So I’m literally just going to be painting it on top of the orb in swirls All righty, I hung it on the Christmas tree to dry Now it’s all completely dried and you can see the swirls and marks on it I feel like that looks a lot like the rememberall in the movie I’m gonna use some of this ribbon around the outside edge. Just like in the movie. However in the movie it looks a little bit more metal, and I don’t have metal so I’m just gonna use some gold ribbon over the top of my Magical looking ribbon. It’s gonna look good Okay, there’s the outside of our rememberall all done, and now we just need to, I forget something So I am using some dark, dark, dark pink tulle, but it also has sparkles on it And I just feel like that makes it look that much more magical And I’m just gonna be shoving that on the inside of our rememberall I actually think that looks pretty good, doesn’t look like we need anymore, so I’m just gonna cut it right there, and I rememberall is finished Wow, that looks so cool I’m just gonna use some of the ribbon that I put on the outside, to make a little hanger for it So cute We have a rememberall Happy Harry Potter Christmas week. I’m so excited! So this Harry Potter Christmas week is going to be the week leading up to Christmas We’re gonna have seven different Harry Potter tutorials for Christmas And it’s gonna be amazing So stay tuned because we have a lot coming your way. Make sure to subscribe if you like this video Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you click over here you can watch another Harry Potter Christmas video, and if you click over here you can watch me every day on The Beach House We have some pretty exciting things coming up if you don’t mind me telling you right now We will see you guys next time

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