How to Make a Santa Claus Costume : How to Add Hair to a Santa Costume

How to Make a Santa Claus Costume : How to Add Hair to a Santa Costume

Hello! My name is Matt Cail and on behalf
of Expert Village, I’m going to show you today how to do a traditional Santa Claus costume
as well as some edgy alternatives. With our Santa jacket on, it’s time to basically move
on from the main piece of clothes of our costume onto to some extras, specifically on the head
area. First, we’re going to deal with hair. Santa Claus has hair. In this case, Santa
Claus has lots of white hair. In Santa Claus’ situation where it’s kind of a 19th century
tradition, so it’s going to be kind of long curly crazy hair. You’re going to look kind
of like a little bit of a red George Washington because we actually have not added another
piece of hair, which we’ll be getting to shortly. Definitely start off with a wig. Santa Claus’s
look very strange even if you do have say a beard. Then if you have jet-black hair or
light brown hair up here, it looks a little strange. We want to have a nice big silver.
If you’re hair is this way naturally, good for you. If you need some help, you’re going
to need a hair piece or wig. Definitely, the whiter and more brilliant and the curlier,
the better.

3 thoughts on “How to Make a Santa Claus Costume : How to Add Hair to a Santa Costume

  1. This is horrible. Too much fluffy stupid analysis of rather than a fluid, logical progression of putting the suit on and together.

    cut the bad humor, the beard, wig, hat and glasses, makeup could all be covered in same video.

  2. You fucking suck. You're not funny. The only reason I watch these videos is to see how bad you fuck up simple make up jobs. That's probably one of the worst Santa beards I've ever seen. No one's mustache grows on the middle of they're cheek bones. And most people with beards HAVE A MOUTH, not a dime sized hole in a tangled mass of nylon "hair" . Stop making videos.

  3. I wish Expert Villiage would bring in a real expert for things like this. There are actually useful things to teach about santa wigs and beards, but none of them were mentioned in this video. I'm a costumer and wig dresser and I style at least 80 santas every December. I'd love to give people some valid information that they can actually make use of.

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