How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

Today I’m going to show you how to make a model of the coca cola lorry, it looks fantastic and makes a great Christmas decoration. We’re going to need 12 empty Coke cans, 11 plastic bottle tops, 4 kebab skewers, and a tube of super glue. First, we’re going to use a knife and a pair of scissors to cut off the top and bottom off all our cans, and turn them into a flat sheet of tin. Be very careful not to cut yourself. You should be able to cut them to size of 9 x 21 cm. Then take the collected out of the tin by
running it backwards over the table edge until its pretty much flat like this. Then using a marker pen and a ruler, we’re going to mark out the templates for each part of the lorry. Once we’re finished marking out the templates, we’re ready to start cutting them out with our scissors. Then using a straight edge, we need to fold over the tabs, and bend the tin into shape. This piece is going to form the bonnet, roof and windscreen of the cab. Next using a drawing pin we need to pierce a line of holes along the edge of our template approximately half a centremeter apart. Do the same with the side pieces and pierce through holes for the axles as well. You should end up with a small pile like
this to make the cab. Next using our super glue, we’re going to stick the sides to the bonnet, windscreen and roof section, then glue on the grill, use celotape to hold it all in place while the glue dries. Next take the wheel arch, curl it into shape, bend over the tabs and glue it into place. Do the same on the other side and we should now have something which looks like this, Started to look pretty cool eh! Next glue the lorry base into position along the bottom edge of the cab, and then add the back panel. Then using a kebab skewer, we’re going to pierce through the holes for our axles to make them the right size. Next we need to curl the tin for our exhaust by wrapping it around pen and a kebab skewer, pierce in some cooling holes with a pin, and glue the pieces together. Then fix to the cab. And finally glue a bottle top at the back of the base for towing the trailer. Apart from the wheels, that’s the cab finished. Next we’re going to cut out and fold all of the pieces for the trailer, piercing holes along the edges, and in 4 lines along the top. It should look like this. Once we’ve got all the pieces, its time to start glueing them together. Start with the top and sides, followed by the front and back, then add the base. Then we need to take our axle runners, pierce holes for the wheels, fold them, and glue them onto the base. We’ll also add the side rails now. Next we need to fold over our bumper unit, stick it together and glue it into place. And finally add the towing hitch at the front. The cab and trailer are now complete, and all we need to do is add the wheels. Take a bottle top and pierce a hole straight through the middle with a pin, then push through a small screwdriver to make the hole a bit bigger. Next thread one onto your kebab skewer, push the axle through the holes on your truck, cut it to length and add the other wheel. Do all the cab and trailer wheels, then cut out some wheel covers and fit them in place. Attach the trailer and the model in now complete. To make it light up, put inside some LED keyrings and dim the lights. Music Music I hope you enjoyed watching this video, if you want to see other click on the links on the right hand side. the top link will take you to the plans for building this model, I’m going to go and brush my teeth after drinking all that Coke. Thanks for watching

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  1. my bro tryed to do this he drank 5 cans of coke and had to be taken to the hospital… he turned out to have a small hole in his liver…

    this video is still good though

  2. I hate it when people in the 1950’s are expecting to have flying cars in the future and would be disappointed later of what is happening today. They should have been realistic enough in setting expectations…If they were to expect something, they should start it from thwmselves (for example create a business out of flying cars) This is to prove how stupid, and moronic the 1950’s people really are ?…

  3. DaveHax thank you very much for the great tutorial. I did Shuttle Truck from Pepsi can by inspired by your video. If someone interested you can check out from my channel, recently uploaded. Good luck guys!

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