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Ah. Hello Dolly. It’s a musical and it’s the name of one of my absolute favorite desserts. I actually grew up calling these things magic bars. They’re pretty much the same thing, Hello Dolly magic bars. It’s chocolate, it’s coconut, it’s pecans, pecans, however you say it, graham crackers, butter and sweetened condensed milk. It’s a seven ingredient recipe. Let that sink in. Seven ingredients, one pan, you’re done. To get it started, graham cracker crumbs. You can mash these up yourself, crumble ’em all up from a box of graham crackers or you can be like me and buy the pre-crumbed out graham cracker crumbs in the box. Mix in some sugar and melted butter and you’re going to mix this until it resembles wet sand. I had someone ask me what is wet sand? Is it east coast sand, west coast sand? Not Destin’s white sands. It’s a little bit darker. It’s definitely the wet sand. Maybe the Bay area. One thing that the recipe does not call to do that I do in pretty much every baking recipe is line my nine by 13 pan with a sheet of parchment paper. You might be inclined to put your parchment paper down this way in the pan but obviously that doesn’t fit and you’re gonna come out with a lot of wrinkles. So it actually fits pretty perfectly this way if you do it like this and then you can use these two as handles to lift it out of the pan and then you have almost a mess free pan and you can cut them a lot easier and then graham cracker crust. Spread it out in a nice even layer and then pack it in really well with your spatula to make sure it’s even. Couple things about this. The melted butter helps your graham crackers adhere together but also really important in here is the sugar. So the sugar melts and becomes like syrup in there which when it cools, hardens and makes like a traditional crust. If you were to just put butter in there, it wouldn’t harden and it would probably crumble on the bottom. Fun fact 101 about baking. Once you have it all packed in in a single layer, you can put it in the oven for about eight minutes or until it’s toasty, nutty and lightly golden brown. Once you can smell your graham craster. Graham craster, yeah. Graham crasters. Once you can smell your graham crackers all nice and toasty in your kitchen, it’s time to pull your crust out. Here’s what I love about this recipe, y’all. It is going to take me less than a minute to get the rest of it done. Are you ready? Here we go. One cup of chopped pecans. A cup of semisweet chocolate chips. Boom. If you wanna go bittersweet, if you wanna go milk, sky’s the limit here. If you wanna do triple chocolate, go for it. If you want more chocolate, white chocolate, you do you. Coconut. This is shredded sweetened coconut. Sweetened condensed milk. My grandmother and I’m pretty sure everyone in her generation calls this Eagle Brand milk. It’s not sweetened condensed milk. It’s Eagle Brand. Regardless of what you call it, one full can of sweetened condensed milk and then you literally just drizzle this overtop of the whole thing. Since that literally took me 30 seconds, your pan is still gonna be really hot. All you do, take your hot pads, back into the oven for about 20 to 25 minutes until the coconut is toasty, everything is set and then you are ready to go. Y’all, look how easy this is. Look at this. Chocolate is ooey gooey and melty, the coconut is perfectly toasted and the sweetened condensed milk has soaked all the way through these to make a creamy and chewy and just all over amazing bar. Let this cool completely at room temperature like this. Once it’s cool then you can transfer it to a cutting board and cut it into squares. You can use your parchment handles to gently ease it out of the pan but if it starts to stick on one side, just run a knife around the edge and it should slip right out. Ooh. And look, this pan is pretty much clean. There’s a couple places in the corner but it makes your cleanup a lot easier. Parchment trick for the win. Now it’s time to cut them. You can cut this really in any shape, size that you want to. I think the recipe says makes three dozen. Whew. To me, this makes 12 but if you wanna cut them really small, they are super rich so it might make three dozen which is a lot. You can cut ’em as big or as small as you want. Like I said, it’s up to you. Let’s cut these into 12 and see how big they are. So I guess 12 is pretty large for a Hello Dolly bar especially since they’re so rich so I might go ahead and cut these in half and they are ready to go. This recipe was literally seven ingredients, one pan and very minimal cleanup. To me, a win win plus it’s also delicious. For more recipes like this one that are super easy, be sure to follow Southern Living on YouTube and click the bell so you never miss a recipe from Southern Living. We’ll see ya next time. Mm. So good. (calm music)

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