How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: Cards With Flowers

How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: Cards With Flowers

Hi this is Brenda and today we are working
on our pop-up cards. We need our 5 x 8 index cards that is a heavy stock material. We need
our glue, glitter, scissors, pens, colored markers, rubber stamps and stamp pad and we
are ready to begin. We take one of our cards and like this we fold it in half like so.
We also have another sheet of paper that is the same size 5 x 8. This can be construction
paper or copy paper and this is going to be a under liner later for our project to cover
up any cuttings that we have in the index card. So we take our index card that we cut
in half. We make two cuts here and we come over just a way and make two more cuts about
an inch down. It doesn’t have to be exact. We just fold it like that; fold it back so
that it will be easy to work with. Just take the strips like this and pull them out. Take
them again and pull them out. Just kind of makes it easier to work with. A little bit
more pliable and they become like little shelves. I like to recycle greeting cards that people
give me. That is what I have done today. I have taken this card. It’s a pretty card.
It has little flowers on it. I’ve cut some designs out and what we can do is put a little
school glue and glue it to the little shelf that we made. So this is our finished product.
You can see the shelves here how they stick outward and I just glued the little flowers
from the recycled card. I’ve used my rubber stamp and I just stamped some designs here.
I am going to take my paper that I cut out earlier for my liner. I’m going to glue
that to the index card and that will hide any cuttings that I made earlier. As you can
see the side here when people open it up, it will just pop out. If you would like to
put a quote here or some calligraphy or just make this a note card or write a note on,
it just makes a cute little pop-up card.

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