How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: New Years Cards

How to Make Greeting Cards : Homemade Greeting Cards: New Years Cards

Hi this is Brenda and today we are working
on our pop-up cards. This project takes our 5 x 8 index cards that we can buy in the school
supply section of the store. It is a heavy card stock material. We have our scissors
on hand, our markers, our glue, our rubber stamps if we like and stickers. We are ready
to begin. Take one of our 5 x 8 cards like this and just fold it in half and with my
scissors I am going to be making some cuts right into the paper. We are going to be making
8 fairly close together. The first two. Then skip a little bit, make the next two, skip
some space, make the next two, skip some space, make the next two cuts. Right now it doesn’t
look like much but this is what is going to be making our little shelves later in the
project. We just begin to fold it over and back like that so that we can make this into
what we need it to. Then I just begin to pull these strips forward like this. I take my
fingers and just begin to pull forward. It takes a few minutes to get this going but
you can see it is beginning to take shape and there will be some space here underneath.
Now I also have a sheet of paper lying here on the side. It is also 5 x 8. It can be a
different color than this paper if you like for contrast and later in the project we are
going to be gluing this on and that is going to hiding our cut marks so that when it’s
turned over you won’t be able to see that. Now this card I wanted to make as a New Years
Card so what you can do is just write out the letters 2007 or whatever year it is and
cut those letters out. So here we have a finished product to show you. You can tell that I placed
each letter like this or each number rather on the little shelf that I made earlier. Just
take a little of the glue and glue it onto the number. You can see that this is the side
angle like this. Just glue it down and make sure that you don’t have it so that when
you open the card that it sticks. Just maybe place the letter or the number rather up just
a small amount like this so that when the card opens. Once again like I said you will
be placing this under liner and gluing it on so that the cut marks are not visible when
you look at the card. You can just draw on here if you like to with colored markers,
stickers or whatever you like.

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