How to Make Tomato Cage Faux Christmas Tree | Countdown Day 3

How to Make Tomato Cage Faux Christmas Tree | Countdown Day 3

hey crafters welcome back to day three
of my countdown to Christmas so you know we’ve got our little Tom Turkey here but
it’s time for him to go because we’re going to instead of having turkeys on
the porch we’re going to use a tomato cage to make a really quick Christmas
tree for the porch just using some festive garland so what I’ve got with me
here today if I have this tomato cage this is a 42 inch one you can do this
with different sizes also but I’ve got a 42 inch tomato cage and then I’ve got
this really nice long fluffy garland I actually have total of two strands here
each strand was nine feet long and I just attach them in the middle so in all
its 18 feet of this Garland so now is the time of year to get your tomato cage
for this project because my Walmart has them for about a dollar right now ones
like knees and even bigger ones but the key is to get them now before they’re
gone so hopefully this week you can there’s still some that you can find or
maybe you have one left over from the summer but it’s really simple this one
I’ve got here it has the different you know rings at different heights and it
has these posts going straight up and down so there’s really not much to it
I’m just gonna start by taking my dent here hooking it around bend the girl and
have to get it to fold and then I’m going to start wrapping really the only
tip is you’ve got to make sure you don’t end up with too much slack then I’m just
gonna wrap them and keep trying this one but now that about the time just gonna
squeeze these together wrap this around kind of come inside there so he doesn’t
untwist and it will float together so now all that’s left to do is to fluff
this and make sure I fill in this space and so there aren’t any big holes in the
tree so on this leg here I kind of got a gap here and keep because this piece
keeps sliding down so really simple to hold it in the middle I’m just going to
take one of these little pieces on the garland and wrap it around the poster
just pulling it in that place one one I don’t know if love this to fill in the
rest of the gap so just play with it and get it to film it so now I’ve got my
tree all together my finished fluffing it the last thing to do is decorate you
can decorate however you want I’ve actually got this garland here I saved
these are a bunch of twist ties from something and they look really pretty
so I saved on them and turned em into the Christmas crown so it’s kind of like
a nice little upcycle project that Oh second I was like what’s wrong you for
saving junk but then it looks really cute on the tree so I’m gonna put this
garland on here if my cat will stop playing with it I’m also gonna put some ornaments on
this tree I’m actually using glass ornaments but I would recommend you get
the shed of proof kind just because if it’s outside you know they’re more
likely to break it as part of cleanup but here’s a fun little tip on a way to
put them on the tree so I’ve got this cute little bow here that you know you
can just twist on in the back but instead of putting the hook on here I’m
just going to run both ends of the bow through the top of my ornament like that
and I’ll fasten on the tree just by twisting the little pieces on and it
looks super cute fastened on the tree like this and just top it all off I’m
gonna put a nice bow at the very top of the tree it’s kind of like in opposite over

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