How to Poop at a Party –

How to Poop at a Party –

You’re finally meeting his family of eight over a home-cooked meal big enough for 30… when you need to bake a kiester casserole. *stomach grumbles* *silverware falling* Hi, uh. Where is the restroom? Uh, it’s right behind you. Right behind me? Oh… That is convenient. Now, what do you do? He’s really hot. Most of the time I get real big trolls. I need you, help me out. *aerosol spaying* *stomach growling and toots* Oh my gosh. What did I do? What did I eat? *toot* Oh no! After you answer Mother Nature’s booty call, you fill the air with synthetic citrus, hoping the scent of last night’s burrito won’t follow you back to the table. Ooouugh, that was a bad choice. *coughing* They’re going to know my secrets. And they’re gonna hate me. And I’m never gonna find love. Maybe more, maybe more, oh maybe more. Oh come on. Come on. And everyone’s going to be married with kids And I’m going to be a lone lady with cats. *toilet flushing, coughing* *commotion* Smells like, diaper gravy!—Smells like uh, It’s got some fruit notes. Is, is it shitrus? I can taste it! It’s atomic! It’s, it’s stinging—We need to go!—It’s stinging. I can, I can… It’s burning.—I can see it! My eyes. It’s in my eyes. She ruined my dinner! *sobbing* *crickets chirping* *girl makes ring noises* Oh, this is really important. I better take this. You tuck turtle head back in its shell and toot, scoot and boogie to the backyard. You pop a squat and push it. P-p-push it real good. And just when you think you’ve gotten away with your rectal ruse… *sigh* Please… please. I, I won’t tell if you don’t tell. *laughs* No deal! Why? Why can’t you be a nice grandma that bakes pies and knits sweaters. *spritz, spritz, spritz* Please, excuse me. Before you pass the chocolate delights, you spritz the bowl with Poo~Pourri. *toot, sigh* Nice. Whew! Mmm, yeah. That was a good one, but it smells good too. You did so good. I just pooped and it smells fabulous. Yeah! Bring it down. Bring it down. Down town. I did, right?! Yeah. Yeah! *toilet flushing* All they’ll be able to smell is an appetizing blend of natural essential oils. Oh, that’s heavenly. I don’t remember putting a lemon meringue pie in the oven. Whatever that smell is I want to eat it, right now, with my mouth. It smells like sunshine! And fruit loops! Very nice blend.—Marry this one man. I mean, she poops pies. Am i right? —Just like me.—Just like you! Winner winner, burrito dinner. Control the shituation with Poo~Pourri… the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that creates a film on the water’s surface that actually traps odor before it begins. If your poo stinks, Click here to get your Poo~Pourri today at Poo~Pourri. When the glasses clink, don’t ruin the party with a stink.

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  2. Imagine if Tyler Perry’s Madea was in a Poo~Pourri commercial, Madea on the toilet with Poo~Pourri and having diarrhea and Joe will be saying crappy puns like, “Damn Girl, this is Ass-inine!”. I would be all LOL about it! ????

  3. 2:18 was kinda inappropriate, the grandma was smoking and that was the reason she went outside is you see the cigarette

  4. I literally need to take a toilet with me everywhere haha I go too much. I LOVE their tiny bathroom. That is so me What Did I eat????!!!!

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