How to Roast a Pig! GUGA’S BBQ PARTY – Wagyu, Dry-Age Steaks, Crispy Skin

How to Roast a Pig! GUGA’S BBQ PARTY – Wagyu, Dry-Age Steaks, Crispy Skin

Welcome back to Guga Foods everybody
today we’re doing something a little bit different I’m throwing a little party
and I’m gonna take you guys along with us check it out. That’s a good piece of meat. I’m a fan. I’m a fan!
oh that’s good! How is it guys. Yeah like it! It’s already time for
seconds. I wish I could curse to tell you how good it was. how good it was
Emilio? Amazing bro. It really, it really melts in your mouth.
It’s ribeye it’s always good, always good. I thought I’d take the time and explain
to you guys how I prepared all this amazing and incredible meat. Remember
ingredients and exact amount always on the description down below, I started off
with a 35 pound suckling pig. I opened it well so you will fit in my caja china
cooker took off all the Trotters seasoned well with my Moho sauce and
plenty of salt pepper and garlic powder, and let it marinade in the refrigerator
for three days. I started early in the morning with the
suckling pig and I took it out of the bag that has been in the refrigerator
for three days marinading then I flattened it up with the caja china
mechanism, light up my charcoal, to ensure I cooked this pig to perfection I
inserted my wireless thermometers one in each shoulder and one in each ham. Then
I put the pig inside of the caja china cooker and my charcoal right on top and
let her roast at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until was ready to flip. Then you want to score the skin and put
the heat back on so you can crisp up that skin. And in the meantime for all my
steaks I seasoned very well with my favorite seasoning first steak which is
salt pepper and garlic powder. I did not let it brine overnight because I did not
know how many people were gonna show up. As my friends were arriving I just
opened the package seasoned them and cook them up directly on the grill.
Thicker steaks I first reversed sear them and thin ones I just cooked them
directly over the fogo charcoal or the flamethrower. For my basting sauce I made
something extremely simple; clarified butter and garlic. As I was cooking the
steaks I just love basting them with that
beautiful garlic butter. I started off by grilling skirt steaks as appetizers for
my friends. Our appetizers here and we’re gonna give it a try I got my good friend
Oscar, Emilio from Grand Weston steaks there everybody always asking me, who’s
Emilio, well there you go! What’s up? Today you’re gonna get to try
your own steak Emilio alright let’s go dig in guys please. Fire! Lick it off my fingers bro! Thats so good! Fire dude! You like it? Amazing! Where is the tortilla? I keep going back for more. Increible! After trying several steaks like ribeye, t-bone which were all fantastic
and mouth-watering my good friend Oscar from YouTube channel La Capital never
touched wagyu and I wanted him to experience it so I cooked up a Japanese
Wagyu A5 for him check it out! You ready to try it? I am ready to try it! Look everybody behind you everybody has a camera on. Hungry! You guys ready? Ready man let’s do it! Let’s go for it! The beefy flavor. Es muy muy intenso el sabor que tiene la carne (Its very, very intense the flavor of this beef). Increible! (Incredible) It’s falling apart. Come here Emilio. Go for it! You go for the big
piece I love it! The best, the best, I said that’s the bang for your buck and it’s
falling apart I keep going back for more… See every time you take a bite is $100 yeah. Appreciate it! El taquito mas caro, del mundo. (The most expensive taco in the world) Japanese Wagyu A5 everybody as
a taco. Look at that! The most expensive taco in the world! I’m gonna take it just
like that. Go for it! No salsa, no chimichurri. Mira que lindo el mio! (look how pretty mine is) Wow! Cheers! Un burrito. Look at that man smile, look at that man smile, he don’t know what to say. This is the next level Wow this is good. Angel you haven’t been filming and not
recording, how is it? It’s really good. Not much you can say it’s so good. You ate taco bell last week, how does it compare? Its so good. Taco bell is like dog food or something compared to this. El taco mas caro del mundo y posiblemente tambien uno de los mejores del mundo. Okay now it’s time for the pig, lets do this! How is it? That’s amazing, amazing. Ummmm chicharron esta good! I made myself a pan con lechon. Pan con lechon. Asi se llama en Cuba. How is it Evan? Don’t mind if I do! You like it Evan? Ofcourse, what do you mean? If you prepare it is always good. Oh its good, very flavorful. That’s amazing! Enjoying pan con lechon everybody. Look at this
hahahaha. Oh yes! Just like that! Just like that! Good? Amazing. Thank you so much Guga. Ofcourse, thank you for coming Pan con chicharron everybody, Cuban pork
style it is incredible I know it looks difficult I know it looks hard but it is
not it’s very, very easy to do it just takes some time and patience. Amazing, delicious. Cuban pork man can’t beat Cuban pork Cuban pork is always
incredible. Guys that was my little party I hope you guys enjoyed it. It was a
lot of fun. I want to thank my good friend Oscar from Tennessee coming
and joining the party thank you Oscar. Thank you so much for having me. Appreciate it thank
you Emilio everybody you guys know already now this is my good friend
Emilio you always ask who’s this guy now you know. That’s Emilio right there. Now
you know me. I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoy it make sure give
it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you are interested in
anything I use everything is always on the description down below, thank you so
much for watching we’ll see you guys on the next one take care. We are out!

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  1. His doctor is probably pissed at how many times she has to up hi cholesterol meds. Looks bomb cant blame him

  2. Solo hombres comentando lol viene por Oscar but gaga man all those meat and pork look absolutely delicious 🤤 I sure pay $100 for every bite

  3. Vine por don Óscar pimienta recién molida 😀

    Ame su carita de felicidad por comer el wagyu japones jajaja like si también te gusto verlo feliz uwu

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  6. Guga goes anywhere on the planet and takes his personal fridge full of waguy A5 and A7 shortribs, picanhas and whatnot. Oscar goes anywhere and takes a fridge full of tortillas and chiles. jajajajaja cheers everybody.

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