How to Store Christmas Lights

How to Store Christmas Lights

How to Store Christmas Lights. If unraveling a tangled web of hastily stored
Christmas lights is part of your annual celebration, here’s how to break with tradition. You will need Strands of Christmas lights
Scissors Pieces of cardboard Spool organizer Twist ties or zip ties Permanent marker Attic
or basement Plastic storage totes (optional) and bubble wrap (optional). Step 1. Check each strand for broken lights before
putting the strands into storage. Plug the string into an outlet and look for
burnt-out bulbs. If the entire strand isn’t working, throw
it out. Place the light strings into plastic storage
totes. Some specialized storage totes have slots
for each pile of lights. Step 2. Use scissors to cut 1-inch slits on each end
of a piece of cardboard, repeating at regular intervals on each end. Place the end of a light string into the slit
and wind the entire string up and down into the cardboard slots. Use one piece of cardboard per light string. Use bubble wrap to protect and secure stacks
of lights placed into storage totes. Step 3. Buy a spool organizer at your local hardware
or garden store. Place the plug of a light string into the
top of the organizer and carefully reel the light string into the built-in storage basket. Step 4. Place a string of icicle lights onto a flat
surface. Grasp the plug on one end and carefully pull
the first icicle light into your hand. Continue gathering each individual icicle
until they are all in hand. Tie a cable tie or twist tie around the wires
at the top of the mound. Step 5. Label each storage container with a permanent
marker before putting it the basement or attic. Group together boxes with similar decorations
— it will help make finding them easier. Once Christmas rolls around again, you’ll
be in great shape! Did you know Electric lights were first used
to decorate a Christmas tree in 1882.

17 thoughts on “How to Store Christmas Lights

  1. If the whole strand isn't working, throw them out? Really? That's just stupid, there still are christmas lights connected in series, so if one bulb is defect none of the lights works. Yay, you might have just tossed out your christmas lights because you are unable to check the bulbs.

  2. Keep the original plastic frame which held the lights to begin with when you purchased them from the store. When Easter gets here and you are ready to put away the Christmas lights just use the original packaging to store the silly things.

  3. If you have a wire where the bulbs are connected in series, and DON'T form a circle, grab one end, and make large loops around your hand, like you normally roll a cable, but use the straight-reverse tecnique. That way, the cable won't tangle when you roll it out.

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