How You Get Ready for Christmas in England and Japan

How You Get Ready for Christmas in England and Japan

Hello world, where I’m from in England, this is how you get ready for Christmas. Hello world, where I’m from in Japan, this is how preparing for Christmas is like. You know Christmas is coming when you see Christmas decorations in shops. Not just shops decorate, shopping centres decorate too, and I like this light up sleigh. In the outside, sometimes when it’s close to Christmas, some stores have special decorations. Kawaii! All towns put Christmas lights up. In the little town near us, they have lights too, and they look like little snitches. In central London they also have lights and they put on massive displays. These lights on Regent St are my favourite because they are angels. So this is in Ginza and Ginza has lots of lights, and there are some people that come to Ginza just to look at the lights. And this is Hara Hotel. So what are all these people lining up for? For the lottery. They could win something? Yes. Ooh. The first big job to do is to buy some nice Christmas presents for your friends and family. It’s not so busy now but it’ll get busier when it gets closer to Christmas. We’re going to go to Lush to buy some nice bath things for our friends At Christmas lots of shops have some limited edition things, like this blue penguin or this dinosaur wearing a Christmas hat, I really like that. And if you’re lazy, you could buy some a present already wrapped up for your friend or family They come in all different shapes and sizes I especially like this donut shaped one They also come in different looks Like that santa and the elf In Japan, people don’t get presents from under the tree Okay, so then how do they get presents? Um, they just give presents with hand Or maybe some people do give under the tree The next big job is to choose your Christmas tree There are two different types of Christmas tree Artificial and real and you can decorate them however you like This garden centre has lots of artificial trees to choose from some are big and wide some have lights on and some are even tall, skinny and white They cost more than real trees but you can use them every year We like having a real christmas tree There were lots to choose from Once you have chosen your Christmas tree you have to take it to the staff so they can wrap it for you So this is a shop to buy a Christmas tree but some people don’t have their Christmas trees but they have little plastic trees This is my daddy carrying my Christmas tree back home We don’t have a car so i have to take it on my bike One of the best things about getting ready for Christmas is doing Christmas activities I like going ice skating This ice rink is only around at Christmas time and they put it on a big field so children can come and play it’s fun whether you’re an expert or a beginner – like me even if you’re not that good at it it’s fun trying This ice rink is in the middle of a fun fair and you could even buy Christmassy food Did you know in England father Christmas’ favourite food is mince pies Each year we visit him in his grotto and ask him if we’ve been good and for a present If we have been good we can choose an early Christmas present too In some places in Japan we can go skating But this is at Skytree and it’s very expensive and I didn’t want to take the kids Hahaha This is a market to buy lots of Christmas stuff and what kinda stuff can you buy? You can buy Christmassy food or a lot of food from around the world Actually, this one is a German market so it’s mostly German food So you get sausages and chicken, no turkey Was the food cheap, expensive? well kind of expensive Yeah that food there was like 3000 yen yeah and they also had a Christmas concert that had santa in it In Tokyo, you can see some light festivals for free I have a pen, I have a pen eehh long pen What do you think about this light festival? It was cool and fun. What part of Tokyo is this in? Roppongi where we’re staying we have a special Christmas dinner. Which includes Turkey with potatoes. Brussel Sprouts are little cabbage thing about this size. My vegetables, they’re actually puddings? and peas and blankets? The actual puddings are like (inaudible) crispy bowl things that you can eat This is a mikan(orange) and this is a Christmas cake(keki) and this is KFC and then this is strawberries What time did you get your mandarins in Japan? uhmm..Fall it’s yummy I don’t know what he’s saying And while you were eating your Christmas dinner you get a partner and then pop this open What? A party hat. A hat. and a joke and here’s the joke. Why does mistletoe gonna be famous? Hollywood. (inaudible) And next is Kentucky Chicken and Kentucky Chicken, lots of people order for Christmas because it’s Christmassy so this is the fries this is the burger of chicken Wait a it a little bit cold? Yeah. Okay..let’s heat it up. So we’re heating it up because we bought it yesterday and a lot of people, they don’t eat the Kentucky fresh. they have to bought it in advance and therefore they usually end up heating it up. Okay! Now what happens now? we’re back and.. and we are going to eat it is it hot or cold now? Hot. Okay, let’s try hot -It’s hot. -Too hot? -Shin, is yours hot? -Yes, it’s crazy hot and it’s so crazy yummy. For pudding, after your Christmas dinner, you can have this lovely things and it’s called Christmas pudding. It’s like a food cake but dark. and you can put custard on it to make it taste really nice. and if you make your own, people, you can hide a coin inside and apparently, if you find the coin, it’s good luck. and when you serve it, you meant to pour alcohol on it then set on fire. First, our lovely Christmas dinner, we have all sorts of Christmassy treat. like this, Christmas chocolate orange and (inaudible) you might have an orange in your stocking. so i think that’s why they invented chocolate oranges and it tastes really delicious. but they don’t just look like chocolate orange, they taste like orange and chocolate. Mixed together. and this is what the inside looked. The outside of the chocolate look before it get smashed. this is what one of them looks like A treat that is popular in Japan around Christmas time is strawberries. Alright. Let’s eat the strawberries. Yeah. can we eat the white part? Yeah. Yummy! I don’t know what that means. but i think it means good. In England’s favourite Christmas treats are minced pies. they have minced meat in them. but actually no real meat in them. and they are little pies. They’re not massive ones. and there about this big. and they taste delicious. and normally sprinkled with sugar on the top. to make it taste extremely yummy. Inside, it contains spicy raisins and some dried fruit and it makes an excellent combination. I love it! When we went to 7 eleven, I saw this magical Christmas display and I said Hey, this Christmas cake looks tasty. Let’s buy it for the video. If you don’t want to get a big Christmas cake, you can get the little ones. you can even get chicken too. Ready..Set..Go.. Okay. Magical Christmas. when you buy this cake it comes with this so we are going to open the cake. Oh no, It’s such lot of cream Who want’s to leap this? Do you eat Christmas cake every year? Thanks for watching our video! How did you get ready for Christmas where you’re from? Byeee! Thanks for watching! See you next time! Byee!! Merry Christmas! Bye Byee! I want this part -I want this part -Okay

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  1. And in england
    I go to winter wonderland every year (big fun fair in a middle of Hyde park) it opens from September but for some reason it closes on Christmas then, it opens after straight after Christmas till Jan 😉

  2. What to do for Christmas in California
    (This is for laughs, and I don’t live there.)

    1) Go outside
    2) Realize you forgot your gas mask
    3) Choke on the horrible air quality
    4) Run back inside
    5) shop online
    6) delivery man chokes on air
    7) Cry in corner

  3. I am Christian and i like Christmas very much and i am just like Japanese girl or something so yeah and i am writing this from my dads channel Merry Christmas and stay safe!

  4. How to celebrate Christmas in Sweden
    – Write your list in October
    – Shop In November
    – Celebrate In December while watching Donald Duck

  5. Christmas in Japan – presents are mostly for kids. When I was a child, I got just one present that I wanted most. Nowadays young people exchange presents each other. Santa leaves presents by the pillow. At Christmas eve dinner, some people eat roasted chicken legs (not a whole chiken, their ovens are very small), so the fast food chicken places are popular choices. As for sweet desserts, the small chocolates in the Santa boots made of cardboard used be popular. And they eat Christmas cakes, varied from the strawberry short sponge cake to French log cake, on Christmas eve. And 25th of December, everything will be gone. No Christmas day dinner. It will be the new year's thing all around. (Oh, you might see some leftover cakes on sale.)

  6. Too cute!!! =)  The little English girl was so prim and proper!!! I also think she's going to become an ambassador for something. And the Japanese kids were just adorable!! KFC must make a killing in Japan on Christmas!!! Merry Christmas 2018 everyone from Pittsburgh PA!!!

  7. How to have a Christmas in Australia
    Have a party
    Get drunk
    Hop in the Ute to go for a cruise
    Get pulled over by the copas
    Pay for the fines
    Don’t get family Christmas presents bc u broke af

  8. Am from Jordan and like 95% of ppl don't celebrate it
    Even the holiday is only for 1 day so it's not a thing in here too
    It's Smthg religious so don't surprise when it's not that big in Japan or other countries, maybe they have another days u guys don't know about

  9. the part when they swich from japan to england is so cringy its like
    Japan: AHHHAYAYAYAYAYAHHH paaaapapappAHIAJAHIAHAK!!!! and lets go to england with that sarcastic accent and pronouciation that sound so royalty
    England: fo christmaass weey haalfve thase puuuuddding CHOCcccoklate thiingaeys THATTTT yu eaayt foo chrisTmasss lol

  10. what do you eat for christmas?
    America: you know, things
    Ireland: you know, things
    Australia: you know, things
    the whole intire Earth: YOU KNOW, THINGS LIKE TURKEY
    Japan: speak in really deep voice and raise higher and higher until became screamming ………..give…me…..AlllL………THE….FREAKIN….!!>!>!!>!>>!>!>! KKKKKFFFFFCCCCC

  11. How come the British and Japanese are so similar to each other and also seem like each other's both friends and rivals?

  12. The way the british kid is talking is really disgusting. I love LWIF, but that girl just sounds so incredibly snobby and annoying.

    It really sets me off.

  13. Although we are not all that post (think lord of the rings for instance) I love this representation of the UK. Beef and Yorkshire pudding is a staple dish along side the old english and fish and chips. The german food market may by out by christmas but it is just as "popular" as englisg food, except the areage area when convining both, towns and cities together have english food making up 4 x more food outlets combined when compared to the 2nd most popular nationality with in the UK is indian food (In contrast there are about as many italian food outlets in germany as there are of German ones (again all type combined in the same nationality). (saurce being Trip adviser with Singapore and Hongkong having alot at over 50 and ver 90 English food outlets respectively). Apart from the fact that Turkey is the most popular and traditional meal, very acurate to what my childhood would had looked like as well as giving English food some much deserved. Love Nihongo and the UK. 大好きです Daisuki desu. (love it)! Good job!

  14. Christmas in France :

    Really small street decorations
    Small Christmas trees
    A lot of presents for kids underneath
    Lonnnng lonnnnnng and annoying family dinner where you're arguing with everyone, and sometimes repeating the same awkward or fun stories that happened to you or someone else.
    Simple dinner with ALWAYS, in dessert, a Christmas log.
    Alcohol. A lot of Alcohol.

    1. CRY!

  16. Aiko’s dad: and this is sky tree and is expensive so I don’t want to take the kids hahaha

  17. Yooo If you're gonna reheat KFC, drizzle it with a little oil and toss it in the over or in a pan on the stovetop with a cover, don't nuke it in the microwave man.

  18. how to prepare for Christmas in the Philippines :

    1. start decorating in September

    2. get your lights ready

    3. celebrate Jesus birthday

  19. How Chinese people celebrate Christmas:
    1) Grandparents throw their grandchildren money
    2) their grandchildren buy literally every they want

  20. A very middle/upper class portrayal of how to prepare for Christmas in England..
    Unfortunately this isn’t reality for A LOT of English children in 2019 England..
    As the government prepares for Brexit and introduced Universal Credit more and more children will miss out on Christmas.. Some parents have to stand outside foodbanks to receive Christmas boxes that have been donated by people.
    Working class parents dread the Christmas season. Mainly because they know they won’t be able to afford much. Some even fear their kids going on holiday from school as they don’t know how to feed their children in Christmas break as most kids have school lunches in England meaning it’s less worry for parents to figure out how to pay for additional meals.
    I’d love to show you this year how working class parents prepare for Christmas..

  21. I don't celebrate Christmas in Singapore. I don't know if other families do it, but I don't. My family doesn't even get each other presents for Christmas

  22. How to celebrate for Christmas in the USA:
    1) Buy presents
    2) Spend money
    3) Get broke
    4) Get presents
    5) Eat cookies
    6) Be happy
    7) Get money

    This is a joke xD

  23. What’s Christmas is like in America: spend all your money on stuff. And eat till you get fat. Open presents. And worship Jesus..

  24. 20 June: I deliver my first bit of xmas mail for the year today, then youtube recommends this video to me. I think I've woken up in an alternative universe or something >.<

  25. How I Christmas:
    1: At about 9:00PM, my cousins come to my house.
    2: We just play.
    3: At about 11:55PM, we like to sit on the carpet waiting for it to turn midnight.
    4: at midnight, (I scream “IT’S CHRISTMAS OMGGGGGG” 😂) and we open our presents.
    5: after my cousins leave, I play with. Meh presents and sleep.

  26. This sounds ignorant, but does it snow in Tokyo? I know it snows in countrysides, and mountains there but…I mean, really snow ala Midwest, East Coast U.S., central U.S. and Canada?

  27. In Ukraine, people celebrate Christmas on 7th January, because it's an Ortodox country. On that they, we go to the church with food and let the pope put some holy water. But this is not that interesting like our New Year. We celebrate it on 31st December with New Year trees (they are like Christmas trees, but on New Year XD), Santa Claus (recently Ukraine changed him into Saint Nicholas, but in Russia people still use Santa, or better, Ded Moroz, which literally means "Grandpa Cold"), dinner and all those things that Catholic countries relate to Christmas. Basically, our New Year is a Christmas but without religion, just to celebrate a new year that is coming.

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