Hundreds out shopping on Thanksgiving for early Black Friday deals

Hundreds out shopping on Thanksgiving for early Black Friday deals

ASLIVE IN- HUNDREDS OF CUSTOMERS ALREADY STEPPING OUT TO THE WILLISTON BEST BUY LOOKING FOR DEALS AHEAD OF BLACK FRIDAY. JONATHAN- i’ve been out here since 9:45, why? For the TV THEY SAY THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM, NAT-I got here at 11am BUT THIS THANKSGIVING, THE EARLY BIRDS GOT 4K TVS. NOT TOO BAD! JONATHAN- the toshiba 49 inch 4K tv NIKI- i came to get a tv for my boyfriend and i saw GLENN- I brought my son to because he wanted to get a new tv so he was the main reason he came down THE BEST BUY IN WILLISTON SOLD OUT OF ONE OF THE TV SIZES JUST AN HOUR AFTER OPENING THURSDAY. BU SHOPPERS WHO CAME FOR THOSE TV’S STAYED ANYWAY — AND FOUND OTHER BARGAINS TO BUY! NIKI-and i’m buying one laptop and then another for my friend and they’re both paying me back because they didn’t want to wait in line BEN- good deals on games tv’s computers, im here for a computer as well it’s on a crazy discount MANAGERS AT THE UNIVERSITY MALL SEARS ALSO TOUTING GREAT DISCOUNTS a lot of foot traffic very very busy THEIR BIGGEST GET- A LIMITED NUMBER OF APPLIANCE SETS washers dryers very very big items we’re looking about 275 dollars for a set SEARS IS ALSO HAVING BIG SALES IN THE TOOL DEPARTMENT. NOT MATTER WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, IT’S PROBABLY ON SALE MANAGERS AT BEST BUY SAY ALTHOUGH DOORBUSTERS FLEW OFF THE SHELVES, THEY’LL BE RESTOCKING ALL WEEKEN BRIAN- certainly be able to deliver on those expectations customers have when they are coming in the store. SHOPPERS SAY THE EARLY BLACK FRIDAY EXPERIENCE– AND WAIT– JONATHAN- a litte bit cold my feet are a little bit numb bit other than that good IS WORTH IT NIKI-it was a shorter wait than I was expecting definitely not bad especially for the deals BEN-it’s a lot of fun AS HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON KICKS OFF, NAT register beeps GOOD CHEER IS IN THE AIR NAT- thank you sir have a good evening ASLIVE OUT- BEST BUY MANAGERS SAY WHILE THURSDAY NIGHT’S BEEN BUSY, THE BIGGEST CROWDS COME BLACK FRIDAY. IN WILLISTON, ABBY ISAACS NBC5 NEWS HUNDREDS GATHERED FOR A

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