Husky Puppy First Christmas Tree Happy Howlidays 2013

Husky Puppy First Christmas Tree Happy Howlidays 2013

[Huskies howling]
“Aroooooo!” Is that time of the year? You don’t have any idea
what time of the year is! You probably know! Look! A tree! Time to put up a Christmas tree? Yeah? Back to the duck? Alright! Time to put up
the Christmas tree! – Good thing is nothing under the tree yet! Except for Memphis! Like the lights on? Yay! Wearing the lights! – Look! You are decorated!
Now, to stick you out in the yard! – Out you go! Alright! Try you? Try! – Memphis, you are beautiful in that color! – You’re pretty! Can’t chew on it! – Yep! Don’t chew on the lights! That’s a good color on you! – There you got it going… Yay! – What you think Oakley?
Wanna have some lights on you? I know, last year you won’t
let us do it, so we decorated your kennel. – Oakley! [kisses] Oakley! Have some lights? Have some lights on you? Yay! – She’s like, “No!” Memphis?
[kisses] – Holy lights! – Look at you! [laughter] [barks] – Come here! Follow me? Come here! Follow me! Shelby, are you following me too? You’re following me too? Huh? Are you following me too? Huh? Can’t follow me that quick!
[laughter] Can’t follow me that quick! Are you going that fast? Oh, Oakley! [laughs] – ♪ Tada! ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ – Jump! [barks] ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪

45 thoughts on “Husky Puppy First Christmas Tree Happy Howlidays 2013

  1. Y'all have Such a beautiful & Lovely Christmas Tree this year! 🙂 Loved how the doggies try to help Jamie with the light! 🙂 

  2. Merry Christmas Doggies! I been watching your videos ever since the first video u put up on YouTube. I love all your videos! My big brother has two husky dogs too their girl dogs their names are Cassie & Peaches!

  3. Merry Christmas, I Love Your Videos'.. <3   you all are Pawsome .. wooo woo woo <3  how did do the time lapse for the tree decorations?  

  4. I liked Shelby Under the tree   she would make a nice decorationkeep up the good worrk.  are you going to the casino again this year.  last year was great

  5. I just got a husky and her names Starlite! She is around 6 months old and I love watching your videos because it helps me with my husky and everytime I put one of your videos on Starlite hears the howling and runs in and just stars at the video!!! Thanks a lot keep making more videos because there awesome! 🙂

  6. And it's Starlites first christmas this year!  By the way your huskies are cute just love them, I also subsribed and liked all your videos I watched!

  7. The ENTIRE time I watched this, Laika, my youngest husky, stood with her front paws on my leg, staring intently in my face. Apparently, watching others have fun with their pups is not part of her plan 🙂 And our older husky, Tasha, sat under my feet in such an awkward position I was twisted all over. Love those silly girls! And love your videos 🙂

  8. Love the way they're following Jamie round the tree. Its my puppy's first Christmas this year too! Both my dogs are quite excited right now

  9. I LOVE the Shiloh collar on your topper! I had to say goodbye to my girl last Dec 26 and will do that with her collar. Love you all!!! Woof!

  10. Hi, Merry Christmas to all of you. !!!! All of your dogs are beautiful. !!! We have a husky he will be 2 in April 2014. He gets up too everything it takes all our time watching hi, you can not put anything down or he's away with it lol. It's my first time watching your videos I found them fantastic thank you so much for taking the time to share your life's with us it's very much appreciate'ed please keep them coming Thank you. Happy New Year to all. !!!!!!!!!

  11. awww Memphis frst xmas. sad to say ur missing precious angel Shiloh. she will always b close to your heart❤'s. Shelby excited daddy putting up the tree so as Oakley.Memphis is like daddy wat r u doing.xoxox

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