I’m talking about that cash money , yo this is $10,000 cash As you all know I flew from la to ohio to celebrate christmas here and to be honest guys okay, you know you just saw My 2017 best year of my, life, video This, year has been crazy, like, my, whole life, has been insane but especially this Year and i haven’t really done anything like incredibly super nice for my parents what am i a f***ing choch,NO AYOO GOOD MORNING LOGANG WHATS POPPIN So yeah this is the year that that changes. Hi, hello young dogi, i brought kong he’s the best dog in the world , so tomorrow Is christmas day, we celebrate at, my, dad’s house because my parents decided to ruin My, childhood and get divorced so today we’re celebrating christmas here at, my, mom’s i can Say, this because the vlog will not be live by the time it gets this gift i got my dad an $80,000 truck this is the year that logan paul is gonna do nice things for other people it’s time to spread the wealth Literally spread the wealth so i had my assistant lydia get $10,000 and $20 bills for my mom My, sweet beautiful mother and i’m gonna, make it rain on her i figured, my mom such a nice girl from ohio She’s never had $10,000 bonus in fact a wise woman once said i don’t dance now i make money moves and today we’re making money moves So if you’re, not a part of the LO- GANG make sure to subscribe, oh, my, god my voice guys, you know i lost my voice I sound Like a rapper this is crazy really though actually hit the subscribe button For me do yourself a favor today do something different it’s good to switch it up it’s good to be unique that’s the maverick movement And i can’t trust that santa’s gonna get it to you so make sure you get it loganPaul.com/shop or link in description The hotest softest merch in the Game.Know I did not forget about this kid either “Hi my name Jeff” Don’t worry little brother i got you, gifts alot of gifts ya if its not a lambo i don’t give a sh*t i think you’re, gonna, like, these bro there actually dope Okay if its not a lambo,actually i dont care Please don’t run, away Yo can you shut the f**k up i’m vlogging yo quiet wait are you I’m the bigger truck watch you think you’re a choch i am the definition of a. Choch Choch look, me up you’re a pretty big chuck look at you being 4th of july guys It is the 4th of july what every date your dates everyday American, what you know rolex, what did your mom rolex i already have, one bro platinum wait what You, got her rolex shh i got her $10,000 cash i’m gonna, gonna make it right No, i asked him to not do that he’s, oh? There is little please don’t run, away bro i asked nicely this is a lot, going down here guys I will say it’s cool, being home it’s cool, seeing lo Gangsters in the town i grew up in we had a little incident last night actually all right no dogs Christmas so you have to, wear it mommy’s just with mine it’s just one jake’s there, we go thanks mom appreciate it Wow, my favorite part is the chapstick a lottery ticket i also got a card for my, grandma Oh, jake, there’s money inside look, okay just a token to let. You know, that we love you too, fifty dollar, checks i Don’t need, the money right so Keep the money to all my family members watching This, thank you thank you grandma but keep your money like go go, go, buy, like socks or sorrowful hit the strip club Yeah, yeah yeah so many better things to do then give it to me I won i won $20 And a wiener trust, me bro you Keep saying if it’s not a lambo you don’t care this i promise is better than a lambo cuz it’s like it’s out its out promise Chick nurse it’s a pervert that’s Yours too, oh, no no i know, my boy you can go out. You, gonna dent the universe i see you It’s but it’s better than a lambo logan paul calm /op like, why, would you get a lambo When you could just get merged – jake love logan gig Yeah, wait what? That’s crazy, people are feeding for this bro he’s stuck in my bro you didn’t give me any good Yeah, it’s for me there you go this money yeah Oh, you love trucks i got one for you Here bro play with it okay thank you, I’m a brother you know growing up. Jake loved trucks he’s a car, fanatic He loves all the vehicles, and what i’m what you’re doing, oh there it goes? How much fun he’s having yeah See when i was a kid if someone gave me a truck personally i would play with it not destroy it Here jake i got this gift for you i really, don’t, want to open it jake, time for more gifts Thumbnail, jake, wall died exposed all right you’re gonna love this one i love the wrapping yeah bitch, yeah, yeah you can thank heaven for that one No, not my roommate though the asian kid What do you think it gonna give her that yeah for sure good call evan much appreciated I can put my cosmo in there why did you Just try to kiss me on the mouth Stay away, from those so that’s one of my girls here jake This one’s no joke? No edible i don’t know, no it’s not i don’t know Guys, they, squish they’re, like plushies how, does it squish like that i don’t it’s weird this gift is for logan, okay, i asked lydia to help me no wait don’t drop it don’t i already did That literally just happened Me even dude, no, not drop out of school college This is my story this is the cologne? Actually you got me a million dollar cologne, well i only can afford this much Smell it let’s see, well you can, smell it without spraying it oh wow This is all the girls joke all the girls this is no joke it’s not a. Joke He’s out wow actually thank you mom peer mom i got you, another trust, me jake she’s gonna, like this one i like them all I’m gonna go ahead and dab out of here oh this is this is so awkward Because like now this next gift is gonna be more awkward for me than i planned on it being Haegele, we might hurt logan got you logan you know. You’re this is right now No i meant you do you love it? No, i just kind of get weird i don’t know What you had in mind when you did this i know because you didn’t have Any other girls to buy for i see yes i do give, me i’m bringing, this back they’re like You’re, the mavericks or it’s wait, why Wait is that a? Youth manager wait, what yo i was thinking ahead you can Give this to your kids bro when you have kids so i got you the youth merch , oh? What, oh? You got the big hoodie that’s sold out, like hotcakes What are you doing oh
no I mean just a hottest merch from the game is still gonna be hot even in the cold another great thing about christmas is all Oh, yeah it’s a joke cuz i’m a comedy bro oh shi* My, gosh this is actually amazing this fits the vibe of the maverick house, is that wooden chair i really like This gift, uncle jeff thank you man okay so this is all big cute but i think it’s time for your big gift What is it i kind of think? It’s thin up you know, this life we’ve been, living, me and my Brother jake has been crazy it’s all thanks to you, and i’ve never really done anything like Big for you or dad this Year i want that to change because i want to share the wealth and i owe it all of you so thank you mama? Now with that said i’m gonna blindfold you with your new, dress there you go Okay, now stand right here are you nervous? yes Cuz i’m just now seeing the way you look at it it’s really funny Okay, i’m upstairs i’m grabbing the money there’s a lot of money okay how. You feel ma Pay up there you go yeah! Yeah, this is it my whoa look on money, oh, my gosh so this is it? So this is uh this is $10,000 cash? My, floor, and i’m sure no one’s ever made it rain on you either, no that’s that maverick stuff baby Whose door so yeah that’s all yours thanks honey wow i guess Thank you i got you no, you Kiss me on the mouth you my mom, oh? Okay, i guess, jake’s doing it he just gave mom With the cash you look, sorrier than, ever right now this is truly incredible ah Hey, oh look, family friends come on in come on in guys It’s my, mom’s christmas gifts Y’all so look, this is all fun and games it’s been a good christmas but There’s still one thing i got to, do i’ve come to cash this lottery ticket i won $20 You, guys, have $20 cash i’m all, about the cash today on some kardi beasts, oh? Thank you, oh, yeah, don’t worry everybody have, no fear i got it No i won that lottery 10,000 and $20 cash for my, mama i’m gonna pay go mama 10,000 $20 cash If you find yourself confused, sad lonely and just downright unhappy it’s probably because you’re not in the logang so subscribe But doing the strongest family on youtube got yourself, some maverick much the hottest office:version dk and go out Be different guys the map Revolution is real tomorrow’s vlog is a huge one don’t be ready for that turn your post notifications on ring the little bell with that Sad low, gang i love y’all, no tsuita mart Take your gifts, and give them, back fabric merchants, where it’s at got the hoodie What’s that sailor look in that you should dream about that you should get my new, backpack? To, these birds, oh no, oh?

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  1. I don't dance now I make money moves – Cardi B
    a wise woman once said I don't dance now I make money moves- logan paul vlogs

  2. ”My parents decided to ruin my childhood by getting divorced” πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  3. logan you and jake changed my life all i do exept scool i watch yalls vlogs i wih that i can see yu ne day but i cant becus don have the mony to

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    Logan: Oh! Respect to that dope
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