I made my own tree decorations (now I need a tree)

I made my own tree decorations (now I need a tree)

hi guys good morning I just noticed that it started snowing and it’s so beautiful anyway hi you guys welcome to the mess this is the end-of-the-year mess my face is a mess as well full of sports and stuff like that that fits okay so today we’re going to work on something fun my friend holiday Guam he is a drum player he plays the drums and he’s a jazz musician actually and he asked me to do an illustration for him because he’s going to start doing some classes workshops regarding how to play the drums and stuff like that and he asked me to do an illustration to promote those classes and these are the sketches so if you ask me I like this one because it’s kind of unexpected I show him these three options the unexpected very weird one the funny one and the classic one and he said that one and three or he his favorite ones but one was definitely the one and I couldn’t agree more and I really liked this version thank God so today guys we’re going to work on that as well as some other projects and I’m very excited because tonight Ann and I are going to go to to the movies it’s our first time going to the cinema here in New York and I bought two tickets to watch the new documentary about a yamazaki he’s the CEO can you say behind studio ghibli which is my favorite animators like animated studio can you say that and he’s the one in charge of my favorite movies of all time so I’m really excited because I love documentaries and I love his work so this is a kind like very nice combo and that it’s going to be my Thursday [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay pass the music for a second I just finished erasing all of the Nepean see the remaining I mean the page I love how this looks now I want to check and I want to I want to experiment how it will look like this illustration without the outlines of the skin like this so I’m trying to see what it will look better if there’s no lines in this shape and here in the ear because I think it will look more if the worm splice now is the word I want to see I want to see what it will look like without those lines and then making it make take a decision make a decision which version will will look better did that make sense [Music] okay guys this is what I meant without lines I’m I am the worst of explaining stuff but anyways I removed all the lines that were at the beer and the ears on the skin so this is like before and then and after I always keep copies of all the layers just in case I liked the old version better just in case because I always gets like really paranoid that I’m going to make a very sudden and like permanent change and I can’t go back so I really liked how this looks and then I was trying to see which background look better I think I’m going to send this file to Rekha as it is so he can choose his favorite color to put on the background and I am so happy with the result guys I love the texture of the pencil and that’s why I did it Anna lovely and I love we traditionally and not with the tablet because even though I love to tell it I mean the iPad I think it’s very hard at least for me to recreate the real version of how the texture looks like and how this for example these shades are way more subtle and lights than this ones I don’t know there’s something about like traditional things they’re really hard to replicate at least it’s hard for me to replicate digitally and I am so happy with this yay I’m done [Music] [Music] hi guys so right now besides a mess is Sunday afternoon and I just spent you can’t see that much but watching Gilmore Girls and playing with fimo again final fimo anyway hopefully you already watched the video where I played with a female as well so I’m not going to repeat what I did but right now I am doing some Christmas decorations for friends so basically what I did is let me see if I can show you I did a very quick sketch of people that I’m going to see in Chile some of them I can’t do them that I can’t do all of them but I did a quick sketch of my friends and I turned them into Christmas decorations so I basically put a needle through the dough through the fimo and now I’m going to bake these babies for 15 minutes and later on I’m going to paint them and hopefully put a thread in between and hopefully you can hang these decorations on any tree or a door or anywhere actually so I’m gonna bake these babies now and hopefully tomorrow I’m going to paint them with you guys I can’t wait to paint them hi guys the morning my face but what’s happening there happy Monday we just took I’m gonna guess a mere more to the vet because we wanted to do like a quick checkup just to make sure that everything’s all right before leaving Chile and now even though I am dying you guys to paint these babies that I made yesterday I have to work on an illustration that I’m I really would love to upload today to Instagram to my Instagram so I guess I will prioritize that and hopefully this afternoon I can just like treat myself and paint the Christmas decorations I guess is the proper word so me a couple of hours and I’ll get back to you god I wish I looked more glamorous and put together but no so guys it’s 5:30 last time we talked to each other was about five hours ago and I just finished the illustration for Instagram it took me a long time because it was four panels and I mean four pages long and lots of panels in between so yeah it was a lot but I am ready now I just spend a couple of minutes sketching the faces because since I am doing real life people and not imaginary people I need to stick with facial expressions and like different like real people things I how can I explain that like real people features yeah that makes so much sense and now I’m going to start painting well I watch Gilmore Girls because these are the C’s and I have to watch it your girls now what else that’s it a few dozen veteran soldiers came back and made this day it’s nice to be dead yes your American history is all over me Oh I think I know that guy’s your breakfast is for me folks like me take a bit of loot homes down it’s Washington okay guys I think oh my god my voice I think I’m done I have been painting for about two hours two and a half hours two hours and it’s been super super fun I made at favorite cameras for archery and I made a couple for our friend I met a sketchbook in some coffee and I think the pets were by far the most complicated ones because this time I wanted to draw bouquets on cereal like they are and I based it design on real pictures instead of my illustrations so they look weird but I kind of like and this is my cousin’s dog and she has a very particular face anyway I did my best I’m going to wait for these babies to get completely dry and I think tomorrow I’m going to paint them with two layers of glaze to make sure that everything’s fine and then I will show you the final result but it’s been super fun you guys hi guys today’s Tuesday I need to edit this video but before that I’m going to do a very thin layer of glaze tiny burp as you guys know I need to do this very quickly because for some reason the glaze tends to smudge the paint I don’t know why it happens but at least I felt the first layer I have to do it very quick this is how decorations turned out and I’m so happy they look so cute and in between I am going to edit this this video while the first layer dries and then I’m going to do a second layer I think between two and three will be great just to make sure that everything settle and nothing is going to smudge afterwards so yeah hi guys I wanted to show you the final result yay I know this is not officially a tree but because this year we decided not to have a tree because we’re not spending Christmas here and that plant doesn’t look very safe for hanging things so this is going to be our display for today I really really like the results so much and they look so cool guys of course I bet yours would look even cuter when an actual tree you can even hang this on the mirror in the car I just realized that or I don’t know if they will work as keychains because I don’t know how resistant this material is after all is clay so it can eventually break if you just like I don’t know take care of it properly but I think these decorations they look so cute look at these you guys anyway I hope you enjoyed this video I had the best time doing this Christmas decorations with you guys I think they’re a fun activity if you have kids or if you have nieces and nephews or little siblings I think there’ll be I don’t know it’s it’s a very fun environmentally friendly way to I don’t know do you Christmas decorations it’s a very budget-friendly present as well so I hope you do it please send me your pictures if you decide to do it I would really like to see the results and that’s it guys now I’m going to finish this project finish this video and I’m living on this Sunday to Chile to finally have a break because I really really need some time off guys and to have a break anyway I hope you’re having a wonderful end of the year I wish you and I’m awesome 2019 thank you so much for joining me another year and I wish you all the best my loves have a wonderful weekend happy holidays oh by the way thank you so much to my patrons because they allow me to buy sculpey and all of these art supplies that I used today thank you so much patreon so for supporting me another year you’re the best okay that’s it I love guys bye-bye

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  1. Ahhh te quedaron bakanes los adornitos!! Ojalá se me hubiera ocurrido esta idea a principios de diciembre xD. Bueno, quizás para el próximo año :). Feliz navidad!
    P.d: solo trae vestidos si vienes a Santiago jajaja el calor está brutal

  2. Argh, this is the best idea! It's been ages since I played with fimo, but this settles it! I'm gonna make time to giv this a try 😀

  3. Fran you are such a big inspiraton to me! <3 You should try shrink plastic sometimes, just be careful with It, these guys used to smudge all over the place after glazing them and are a bit tricky with colors!

  4. Fran is that a frame for screenprinting?! I just got into printing this year! I hope you have lots of fun with it if you are trying it out!

  5. Fran creo que no he visto ningún vídeo sobre el material que usas normalmente. Me encantaría ver de donde sacas esos colores tan llamativos. La ilustración ha quedado genial. Ya enseñará en Instagram el resultado final. Besos desde España

  6. i ordered the planner from your Etsy shop, it arrived a few weeks ago and I love it!!! these decorations are super cute, thank you for making such creative and inspiring videos. happy holidays!

  7. When removing areas from a layer I generally prefer using a mask. But either way and more than anything, CMD+S amirite hahaha cheers xoxo

  8. ¡Gracias por compartir! Espero que pasen unas excelentes fiestas decembrinas, y que tengan viajes seguros y felices. ¡Muy buenas fiestas para ustedes! Y que tengan un año nuevo lleno de bendiciones y alegría.

  9. You need to try shrinky dinks. Look them up on Amazon. They aren't super expensive but they are so fun for decorations and pins, and they have great texture to draw on

  10. I was so excited to see these babies! But hey, I worked with clay and acrylic before with the gloss and later on it would crack not too long after being put on, by chance has that happened?? Because I had the sculpey gloss and it would be the demise for my charms, I got inspired by you to get back at it, hope you make more! ^3^

  11. Fran to prevent the glaze from damaging paint, you can spray clear acrylic and that will still protect it and still be shiny. 👍👍

  12. I think if you use actual acrylic paint and not acrylic gouache the glaze won’t smudge the paint. I’ve been making pins for Christmas gifts and I haven’t noticed any smudging. Just a thought for next time if you get the chance to try it out. I used heavy body acrylic paints, but I’m sure any body (haha anybody…. any body….. get it? Lol I’m lame ignore me) would work fine you’ll just need more layers of paint. These are so cute and such a great idea ☺️

  13. Amo tus tonos pasteles❤️, casi no uso rosa, pero si fueran como el tuyo feliz seria un osito cariñosito.. Felices fiestas y que tengas un buen vuelo 😉

  14. Fran (again) Whatsapp finally let's us post stickers and I loved yours in LINE! Is it possible for you to put them up for sale on play store for us? I really hope you read this 🙂

  15. Fraaaaan!!!! Casi me dio un infarto saber que vendrías a chile 😱❤️❤️❤️ harás alguna firma de tus planners o cositas así??? Mucho amor para ti y tus ilustraciones!!! Me encantan y mi pololo siempre que ve algo tuyo x ahí me lo compra 👌🏻😂

  16. I love your Christmas decorations Fran! I made my own and I really like how they came out, but to start with I was using really old fimo, and I spent the whole morning trying to get it to warm up!! I even tried putting a hot water bottle over it, but I think it was just too old. I bought some new clay, air drying one this time. Then realised afterwards that it takes 4 to 5 days to dry! So I had to dry it with my hairdryer. So I had a rocky start, but in the end I'm really pleased with the results.

  17. Hello Fran! Just a few questions: have you ever warked with an agency that find clients for you as an illustrator? Or do you know some illustrator that use a kind of this agency?

  18. Hi there Fran, am a big fan of your vlog! Would love to send over a l'il gift as an appreciation for all of your kind sharing and inspirations if you happen to have a P.O. box or something? Thanks again for all the inspirational vlogs!

  19. Perhaps this comment is going to fade, buttttt, I really enjoy all of your videos, and they give me inspiration, I love all you content <3
    An awesome and warm hug from Chile!

  20. Hola desde Perú!! por favor, cuál es la melodía que acompaña el video o cuales son? creo que son 2. Saludos, gracias y todas las bendiciones este año que viene!

  21. The way you were stumbling to figure out the right words was adorable. I work with a gang of Columbians and Venezuelan and they do the same things all the time. And I do the same thing speaking Spanish to them! Haha

    Also, your cat is so cute and fluffy. I wanted to reach into the screen and pet it!

  22. Owww! You are my inspiration for today! It's a pity that I have no time for making some handmade stuff before holidays((
    Wish you a great 2019 too😌

  23. I hope you had a great and wonderful christmas <3 Wishing you the best for this new year and I really want to buy clay and make my own decorations!!

  24. I love playing with clay. There's lots of cool stuff you can make with clay. I also made christmas ornaments last year and put them on my tree. 🙂

  25. Hey Fran! The paint smudges when you apply the varnish because you’re using gouache. You shouldn’t have any problems if you use acrylic paint. 🙂

  26. Omg I cant believe I didnt see this video before. I thought I was more obssessed with you!…lol… I`m watching now 💛

  27. Hey Fran, I'm so glad I have found your channel. You inspire me to doodle more, despite feeling a little lost and unmotivated in my current 'life chapter' (master thesis awaits me …=.=). Also: YAY gilmore girls! 😀

  28. Fran this was so much fun to watch. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. You mentioned that you don't know why the glaze smudges the paint. I work with mixed media a lot. Many of the ingredients dont play nice together. It's very likely something in the acrylia gouche. Gouche isn't compatible with sculpy glaze and because acryla gouache isn't a true polymer acrylic the glaze is likely breaking down the binder in the paint. Either way…your ornaments are cute and fun.💖💖💖 If you want to venture into mixed media and have the things you make stand the test of time there are lots of great sites on product compatibility.

  29. I just wanted to pop in and say I *LOVED* your interview with Andy J. Miller on his podcast. Holy cow I've heard it twice and I think I need to hear it again. Probably one of the best episodes for me <3

  30. Hola Fran, me gustaría saber como te puedo contactar para cotizar una ilustración. Te he escrito por instagram sin suerte, y te mandé recién un email a la dirección registrada acá, pero no sé si es una cuenta activa. Ojalá podamos hablar, se trata de un regalo muy importante!

  31. Que increíble lo pequeño que es el mundo, yo te empece a seguir hace poco!!! y por casualidad me enteré que eres prima de un amigo mío!!!. me encantan tus videos Frann . yo no dibujo ni a palos. gracias por contarnos tus aventuras!!! EXito Exito Exito!!!!

  32. Mi ex novia siempre hablaba de ti. Miraba tus videos y ahora que ella no esta me gusta mirarte y sentir que ella aun es parte de mi vida. Que tonto lo se… Como la extraño.

  33. I don't have money to spare for patreon updates (car payments send help lol), but I hope everything is going well, Fran. Don't overwork yourself!

  34. Sadly, I guess in my envirement no one from my family or friends would enjoy that kind of decorations, but I absolutely love them, they are super cute:) you are so nice person, is nice to watch some other artist daily routine.

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