I Want You to Get Angry! | Bar Rescue S6 Sneak Peek

I wanted to
bring in some friends of mine who know bars– Jim and Sam. They’re two of the biggest
stars on Sirius Radio. These guys have
millions of followers. They’ll give us a great
evaluation of this bar. – How you guys doing?
– Good. – What are you guys drinking?
– A Bloody Mary. – Not a problem.
– Do you have an Amber Bock? – Uh, yes. On draft?
– That’d be great. – That’s all I have.
– Yeah, so that works. – Good?
– Great, man. Look at the size of that glass
for a Bloody Mary. That’s gonna hold about
2.5 ounces of Bloody Mary mix. Typically that would be
in a taller glass. – This is burning my throat.
– The mix isn’t good? – Awful. No.
– Here we have a beer. Oh, yeah, nice.
Rub it off with your finger. – Built-in windshield wiper.
– ( Alex groans ) Is it usually flat? I gotcha. Once you
get a few drinks in you,
anything tastes fine. Maybe that should be
the strategy coming here. You slam a few down
as soon as you get here,
then everything’s fine. Doreen is sitting in
the other side of the bar, oblivious to the fact
that her business
is going down the tubes right before her eyes,
and she doesn’t even know it. – Let me get a classic burger.
– How do you want it cooked? – Uh, medium.
– I’ll try the Reuben, and let’s also get
the beef on weck. Their food order is in.
I’m gonna time this. I wanna see how
long this takes. Okay, here we go. Those are doggy-walking bags. – Vic: The pooper-scooper bags.
– Jon: It looks that way. But they’re certainly
not food service bags. Should the sauerkraut
look like a hash brown? Vic: Obviously, that brown
is what was cooked on there a hundred times
before that in that spot. You got all kinds of stuff
in that sauerkraut. How long does
the food usually take? – Jon: So there’s nothing up
in the window yet.
– Vic: No. Jon: So right now,
Al, how far we in? We’re at 16 minutes
and 51 seconds, Jon. Food should have been out
four minutes ago. I’m sure the food
will be here shortly. Vic: Look at that
dirty kraut again. – Oh!
– (Alex laughs ) Would you eat that, Al? Look at the color of that. 29 minutes, Vic,
and they still don’t have
the same order. – That’s ballistic.
– Jon: Okay, here we go. – Thank you for coming.
Had to make two runs.
– Thank you very much. – How is it?
– I don’t love it. – Sam: It’s not easy to handle.
– Jon: What is that? That’s that mushy Reuben, man. Oh, my God!
Look at how shiny my hand is! Yeah, that’s just grease. I’m not trying to be difficult,
but this tastes well-done. – I asked for medium.
– Look at this. This is a complete
failure, right? 28 minutes to get the food. It’s either undercooked,
overcooked, not seasoned properly,
but it’s not right. So they’re not taking
care of anything, but yet Doreen’s life
is going down the frickin’
drain right now. And none of them are doing
anything about it, Vic. Until now.
I’m gonna go in and get them
doing something about it. If Lindsey, if they need–
oh, my gosh. Jon came through the door
and I was terrified. I thought he
is going to find me out
as being a loser. Doreen? I’m Jon. I know who you are. You’re in big trouble,
aren’t you? Okay, should we go talk?
Okay, come on. I want you to meet
a couple of friends
of mine, okay? – Nice to meet you.
– Jim and Sam are
dear friends of mine. They have one
of the biggest shows
on Sirius Radio. Share with Doreen,
’cause she needs to know
what you felt coming here. – Why didn’t you eat this?
– It just didn’t taste fresh. – Let me see this.
– This is pretty bad. I watched him make this,
the entire sandwich.
Look at this. – Doreen: It is a mushy mess.
– Jon: It is a complete mess. So the fact of the matter is,
you guys came here, you tried to get a beer.
That wouldn’t work. You tried to get a burger.
You tried to get a sandwich. Nothing worked.
This cannot happen. Okay, let’s go talk. It was horrible.
I thought my food was decent,
and it’s not. I was afraid he was
gonna throw it on the floor. It belonged in the garbage. – So your father
opened this bar.
– Yes. – And then you lost
your dad when?
– November 2nd, 2017. What did your father
think about this? Did he want you
to continue to run it? He wanted his legacy to go on, and he trusted me. How much are you
losing a month? At least 5,000. – How much money
do you have left?
– I don’t have any money. – What happens when it closes?
– I’m not gonna have anything. This legacy means
more to you than any bar,
doesn’t it? Uh-huh. What would your father
say to you if he was
looking at you right now? He would tell me to be strong. – Would he tell you
to get angry?
– Yes. Would he tell you
to stop letting people
take advantage of you? – Yes, he would.
– I looked at your numbers. – Yeah?
– Your revenues are down 25%. They burned $90,000 worth
of liquor in the past year. It’s stolen. It’s gone.
Let’s call them out. Let’s create
accountability here. Let’s protect Frank’s legacy. I want you to get angry.
They’re robbing you. And I need to see you
take control of this bar and show some desire
to make this work. – Are you gonna get angry?
– I’m gonna get angry. – Okay, get mad.
– Okay. Doreen seems ready to take back
control of her business, but now I wanna see
if she gets angry and aggressive and takes control
of her staff. He sat here
for a half an hour
with a beer like that. You should’ve offered him
something else to drink and taken this and dumped it. Yeah, I am frickin’ angry
that they stole $92,000 worth of liquor
from me in this year. My bartenders have given away $92,000 dollars worth
of my liquor. – ( crowd groans )
– Don’t you blame them. How’s the liquor
leaving here? It’s leaving in your glasses ’cause you’re
drinking for free! This is what it is.
This is what my customers are. They have no respect for me
whatsoever. None. I might as well
throw people out of here.
What do you think of that? Shut the ( bleep ) up
or get out! How about that, honey? You’re gonna scream at me
in my own bar? ( bleep ) you! What the ( bleep )
is going on?
00:06:04,781 –>00:00:00,000
I’m not a ( bleep ) chooch!

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