im gonna kill santa claus [glmv] lazy and rushed

im gonna kill santa claus [glmv] lazy and rushed

oooOoooOOooooOo we are back again with the subtitles yaahoo ruby is hiding in the background oOoooOooooooOOOOoooOooOooo ruby is a fu- freaking physcopath i dont know how to spell that lmao liar shes a trap did you guys realise the milk is dripping(?) oH Boy, sHe jUst gOt sHErkEd egdelord- jeez santa, whats with the eyes are you trying to flirt ruby– magic~ OH FRICK RUBY STOP KILLING SANTA now people cant celebrate christmas>:( *epic entrance* elf’s entrance is husbando material im joking plz dont kill me ruby, you cant drive yo she just roasted santa ruby you madlad this is fine this is totally fine dont ship starlex and zac if you ship them i will murder you- jkjk bruh you just broke the law becuz you murder someone and that someone is santa you wanna know whats in the wishlist daniel- crazy girl are you sure about that .-. oki goodbye

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