Indian YouTubers ko Santa Ka Taufa | MostlySane

Indian YouTubers ko Santa Ka Taufa | MostlySane

Chotu. Turn off the music. Entire year is so peaceful. But December gets too hectic. Play Station, new bike, new girlfriend, lost love, new car, new house, unlimited supply of momos. Kids ask for anything. But we are the ones who have to think about the budget. It’s not like a wholesale system where you buy the same thing for all the kids. Lets get some work done. We can talk all day. This time I’m going to change things a little. I’m going to do things according to my will. You get this advantage after becoming a Santa. You also get this advantage when you’re an aunty. You must have noticed that I’m very funny. Lets see what list do I have today. Oh! These are all YouTubers. Chotu! These are the ones with YouTube channels right? The ones who keep saying Like, Share and Subscribe. Lets decide what shoulde we give them. Do you want to see what gifts do I have for them? The first name is Ashish Chanchlani. Oh! I have a very special gift for him. Even I have a smart phone now. So I keep watching stuff on YouTube. I know what’s happening in everyone’s life. You will also notice that my gifts are a little personalized. I was about to get a frame. But he has been a bad boy. That’s why just the picture. He’s a big fan of Akshay Kumar. So he can keep the poster in the temple and the picture in his wallet. Is he wearing a sweater? Our next kid is She… Shhh… Chotu can you read this out for me? Sherezade Shroff. Lets call him Sherry. She’s the one who says “Hi guys!” She’s a nice kid. But I have a complaint. And to solve that complaint I’ve got a Christmas present for her. I don’t understand one thing. After living in Mumbai for so long, how can you not know how to speak in Hindi? Leave your mom’s number in the comments below. I want to speak with her. The next kid is Gaurav. Chotu which Gaurav? There are two. One is Taneja and one is Chaudhary. One has a big heart and one has big bills. What a dialogue by Kajol in K3G. Which one is it? Chaudhary is Technical Guruji. I have the perfect gift for him. I’ll show it to you in his style. So lets begin. Today’s product is Mivi’s Moonstone. It comes in a very durable box. Once you open it, you can store your thread rools in this. It’s metallic finish is magnificent. Since it’s Mivi you don’t need to worry about the battery life. Plus the sound quality is also great. It looks nice and is very affordable. If it’s so affordable then he can but it himself. He won’t wait for me to gift this to him. So I’ll do one thing. Chotu keep this in my purse. And looking at his Instagram account, he’s so blessed he can give some gifts to Santa. I’ll also send you my list. Next kid is Be YouNick. What’s his name? Nikunj Lotia. He’s the one who loves Chai. Himesh wouldn’t have said Kitne Armaan maan maan in his song as many times as Be YouNick has said Chai in his song. So it’s clear he loves Chai. My presents are always thought through. So I thought I’ll gift him a coffee maker. Chotu! It doesn’t look like I got this in Diwali right? The next kid is Harsh Beniwal. Isn’t he the one who was making fun of all the aunties and how they judge everyone? I saw that video with all my friends in my kitty party and we all got so offended. But thanks to my sense of humour, I didn’t let anything happen. My friends are very angry. And it’s not just my friends. Someone else is also angry, because of which I’ve got Govinda’s address for him. Because the letter Govinda has written to me, he has asked for his clothes back. So if possible please return his clothes. It’s not good to wear someone’s clothes for so long. Imagine what would he be wearing. The next kid is Gaurav Taneja. He’s very sweet. I always keep telling Chotu how talented Gaurav is. He’s done his IIT, MBA. Then he became a pilot. Now he’s become a YouTuber, he’s also an editor. Now that he’s done so many things, as a Christmas present I’ve got him admission into CA college. Now that you’ve done so much, why not become a CA as well. For a bright future. Next year I’ll get you admitted into a law college. He’s very promising. Very sexy. I mean very well behaved. The next kid is CarryMinati. He’s very cute. My work also involves a bit of research about the person I’m supposed to get a gift for. So while I was researching about Carry, I asked everyone what Carry does, what kind of videos does he make. Everyone told me that he roasts. He knows how to roast. I’ve got a really good present for you. There’s a kitty party at my place. So I’ve got some raw chicken for you. Get this roasted in time. All my friends tell me that I’m a joker. These kind of jokes come to my mind very rarely. But whenever they do come, I use them immediately. The next kid is Mallika Dua. Because of her I broke my back. The effort I’ve taken to get her gift… She really needs the gift I’ve got for her. I’ve got this from Himalayas, from a baba. Shaanti Water. Whenever she opens her Instagram and gets shocked with whatever is happening, she can just take some of this water and splash it on herself. The next kid is Ranveer. Beer Biceps. Chotu this is the cute one right, who keeps laughing? Whenever I’ve seen him in videos and pictures, he’s always smiling. When you see someone so happy, you feel like ruining their mood. One should know that it’s important to showcase other emotions also. Because he’s so happy, I’ve got him a DVD of Thugs Of Hindustaan. Whenever you’re too happy, just watch this movie for half an hour, it will definitely spoil your mood. A little bit of demotivation is also necessary. Don’t hustle. Go to sleep. The next kid is BB Ki Vines. He’s the one with long hair. He’s very cute. But I also feel bad for him. He has been through so many difficulties. I’ve seen all of his videos. I’ve helped him in whichever way possible. I’ve noticed in his videos, that he has only one hand. So I’ve got him another hand. He should also feel how different life is when both your hands are working. And next is my favourite kid. I would like to fulfill her wishes first. I would like her to be happy. Prajakta Koli. MostlySane. I’ve seen her videos as well. And I’ve always thought that whenever I meet her I’ll give her something. This is a box. And in this box is some sense of humour. I told you, my gifts are very useful. Next week onwards, use a little bit of this in every video. Not all at once. It shouldn’t be like one video works and the others dont. Use a little bit in all the videos. Tastefully. And let me know how was the video.

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  1. Wow.. Amazing.. I'm pursuing CA and I can help Flying Beast ka Sourav Sir ko.. Hahaha.. Happy new year to all of you..

  2. Who else think she should not do such kind of stuffs, taking only fewer Youtubers and that too very famous creaters.
    Other small Youtubers can get offended and sometimes may get demotivated too.
    And by the way, this video was very boring.

  3. video.. loved it ❀️❀️❀️u d bestπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’―πŸ’― love love πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  4. Hi this is Anvesha
    Are you getting married ? Just wanted take a rumour out of my mind so I just asked this .btw love you , your channel and your lifestyle

  5. She is my inspiration and I love prajaktha so much and each of video is having a special content that inspires each and everyone which is seeing this because everything like from the hard work to everything is seen in each and every video and I am a great fall over soap after watching her all this video and audio from all this inspiration I started my own YouTube channel up it before and it is having this beauty specially beauty because I am more into beauty but I am incorporating all the things which have because she is my inspiration for YouTube starting a YouTube channel so I started my beauty blogging dance covers comedy and everything from do what I can do so hope you all will like it by the way and I think you can also subscribe to that considering me as a friend and it is mainly in Malayalam but still I used to do English content has a Malayali and I used to do videos on my subscribers request I love you prajaktha I love you so much and keep inspiring keep on going love you,,iam also on my way

  6. Happy New year 2020
    And congratulations on being a 'Back Benchers', enjoyed viewing your energetic episode. ✌️

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