International Christmas Celebrations (GAME)

International Christmas Celebrations (GAME)

– How well do we know our international Christmas traditions? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful music) (fire blasts) Good Mythical Morning. – There are a lot of interesting Christmas traditions out there. For instance, my
father-in-law has a tradition of reliving the time I cut
myself opening a Barbie and fainted into his arms.
– Mm-hm. – It’s a fun tradition
that we all cherish. – Yes, do not give this man a knife, especially on a festive
occasion, but the point is, there’s no one way to celebrate Christmas. Different places have different traditions based on different cultures
and historical periods. – Yeah!
– But can we tell which traditions belong where? It’s time for– ♪ Where in the world ♪ ♪ Do these international
Christmas traditions come from ♪ – The Mythical team will
come out and present us with a Christmas tradition
from somewhere on the globe. – Somewhere.
– And we’re gonna guess what that tradition is by
throwing a dart at the country on that map over there. You moved out a lot earlier. – [Chase] Yeah ’cause you picked
up the dart a lot earlier. – Yeah, smart! – Our resident Rudolph the
red-nose cartographer Chase will measure the distance from each dart to the correct country. – And as always, whoever has
the shortest distance to, the total shortest distance
wins the game at the end and Link, you know what, you
returned to your losing ways and so you are going to
get another life-line. It’s in your stocking. – I have a stocking.
– I have one too but I don’t have a lifeline in it. – The loser has to endure
punishment on Instagram related to one of the rounds. – Okay.
– So let’s get to round one. – Yeah let’s bring in our first tradition. ♪ Mm buh bah bah bah bah ♪ – All righty. – Hello.
– What do we have here? – Well I am a Christmas
witch who pops down chimneys, hence all the soot, and
delivers gifts to children on the feast of the Epiphany. Though I look sinister,
my sack is actually filled with goodies.
– Is it? – Where do I come from? – So you’re a witch Santa Claus? (Rhett chuckles)
Okay. Now Rhett, because you’re
hollier than I am jolly, I’d love for you to go first. It also gives me another advantage. – Is that because of the
crush I had on Holly Womble all those years?
– Yeah. – Oh. Good one, that’s a deep cut. (chuckles) Okay.
– That’s heavy. – Yeah.
– You said the feast of the Epiphany?
– Of the Epiphany. – The Epiphany is often used in the names of Catholic churches, like The Church of the Epiphany. So this feels like a Catholic tradition, which that could be right there in Italy, but as you know,
Catholicism was exported to South America and Central
America in great quantities. But this feels like something
that might come from the source but I don’t
know so I’m going to aim between them in somewhere in
the southern Atlantic Ocean. (grunts) – Ope, a little low.
– Okay. – Yeah, I have an epiphany
that this is Italy, so I’m going right for Italy. – Whoa-ho!
– Ukraine! Me kraine, you kraine, we all kraine. (chuckles) Where you from, Santa witch? – I am Befana. Thought to be descended from
the Roman goddess Strenia but now incorporated into
the Christmas tradition in Italy.
– Oh. – Yeah!
– Okay. I should have just gone with the instinct! –
Boom-a-da-boom-a-da-boom-a-da-boom-a-da-boom. I take the early lead, which
doesn’t mean much usually. (Rhett chuckles) – All right Link, you had
six, Rhett you had 11. – Oh wow okay.
– Very close. – Not bad to start. ♪ Mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Oh who do we have here? Wee-ho! – It’s Satan himself. – Yes, in the first week of Advent, local men in this country
wear devil costumes and chase children around in the streets. Isn’t that fun? (Rhett laughs) But December 7th marks the end of terror with the burning of the
devil where people pile objects they no longer
need against an effigy of the devil and set it
ablaze in order to cleanse evil from the home, so, you’ll
need that to light on fire. – They burn what? – They burn an effigy of the devil. – Look at the chest hair on this devil. – Yeah it’s to scale, everything’s there. – Very flammable too. Devil chest hair goes up like that. – Yeah that’s gonna smell
great when we burn that later. Hm, I’m gonna go first. Man. – Not a lot to go on
here, I’ll just say that. – Is hell on the board? – Yeah right under the board. – For no reason whatsoever–
– Good that’s great. – [Link] I’m drawn to South America. Colombia and Bolivia are
speaking to me equally. – [Rhett] Hm. – [Link] Hm, not a bad throw, huh? – [Rhett] It was equidistant
from Colombia and Bolivia. – What are you thinking? What’s speaking to you? – I don’t know what it was, but please Satan don’t look
at me while I’m thinking about you and talking
about you, but the idea of, I’m definitely not thinking
like, this doesn’t feel like an Africa thing or South Korean thing. The whole Satan thing, it’s
a very western European and then exported to South America thing, sort of a similar deal. – You’re agreeing with me? – [Rhett] You know what, I’m
actually gonna hit Colombia. – Whoops!
– Okay nope, I’m gonna hit Mexico. – More for Guatemala. All right Alex. I mean Satan, who’s right? – So this is La Quema del Diablo. – Oh! Okay we’re in the right region. – A tradition (chuckles), a tradition that derived from
a colonial lantern ceremony celebrated in Guatemala. – Oh dang it! You lucky dog!
– Woo! Me and Satan are like this, man. – Yeah, there you go. – There’s one more thing.
– That’s your doll, huh? – He directed my hand. – If you lose this game,
I’m gonna chase you around on Instagram, so that’s another thing. – [Rhett] Oh. – And I didn’t just come up with that, that’s on here for sure. – (laughs) It’s on the card.
– Yeah yeah. – All right, so Link you had
14 and Rhett you had three. – Oh, okay well, I didn’t
mean to. (chuckles) ♪ Mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – All right let’s see who we’ve got next. – What is this, Halloween or Christmas? – [Goat] Hark, it is I,
the fabled Yule goat. I was once thought to
be an invisible spirit that would appear before
Christmas to make sure the Yule preparations were sent. Young men would dress as me
and go from house to house singing songs of merriment
and pulling pranks of scaryment. These days, I’m most often represented with a straw ornament hung from a tree. – Okay.
– Very straw-y. Glad you handed it to him– – [Goat] But where oh
where do this custom be? (Rhett laughs) – Was that whole thing a poem? – Yeah, the goat has
to show up to make sure you’re ready for Christmas? I like that. (chuckles) Nothing wrong with that at all. – I am pretty disturbed.
– Is the goat here yet? – [Goat] I’m afraid to move
because my vision is impeded. – Yeah, you’ve got human
eye slits right below your goat slits. (chuckles) – [Goat] Don’t touch my goat slits. – [Link] You can take one step back there. There you go.
– You can tell a lot about a man from his goat slits. – [Link] Move for me
that way, there you go. – Okay, goat culture. – Goat culture. – They got goats everywhere. To me it has a little bit of like a South American feel to it,
like a Colombia or Bolivia. ‘Cause we didn’t go there last time. We tried to. But I don’t know, something about a goat that shows up to tell you
to be ready for Christmas seems like something that
might happen in Africa. I don’t know why. – [Link] You going for
South Africa or Ethiopia? – I’m going for the middle of Africa. – Ooh!
– Or Ethiopia. – Man this is a tough one. (sighs) I mean not all
goats are mountain goats. – I see where you’re going with that. – That could actually be Ukraine. – A lot of mountain in Sweden.
– A lot of mountains, but it’s real cold in those mountains. – He has a sweater on. – It could also be Bolivia. I don’t know why. I’m going for the Ukraine. Don’t you think?
– Go for it. – I’m just messing with you now. All right. Ooh.
– Barely. – [Link] Italy is always
on my mind I guess. – All right Mr. Goat–
– Where you from? – [Goat] The Yule goat AKA Yule blocken is believed to be connected to two goats ridden by the Norse god Thor, but these days, celebrated
at Christmastime in Sweden.
– Sweden. – [Goat] Also part of Scandinavia. – Right, Link you had eight. Rhett, you had 21. – Oh.
– Nice. Woo! ♪ Mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – Hope it’s not another goat. – I kinda do. – It’s just Christine with Corn Flakes. (Rhett laughs) – Welcome to the Mass of the Rooster. At midnight mass on Christmas Eve, some churchgoers bring
a rooster to celebrate the rooster’s crow that
allegedly announced the birth of Jesus. – Okay.
– When they return home, they traditionally eat chicken stew which is a little sadistic. Anyway, a live rooster costs
$900 to rent for the day so went with a box of Corn
Flakes with a rooster on it. – Oh. – What country is this tradition from? – Mm, okay, so don’t be
distracted by the Corn Flakes. That’s just because we
can’t get a rooster. – So a rooster still sounds very Catholic. – It does, why? – ‘Cause of something
she said that I forgot. – But when I think of rooster,
I think of like voodoo. – You can do that.
– Okay. – [Link] You know what, I
think this is the result of a Catholic tradition being
exported and Ethiopiaized. – Interesting. – I’m feel Ethiopia. Ope.
(Rhett chuckles) – [Rhett] Wow. – [Link] But I’m throwing South Africa. – [Rhett] You almost went off the map. – [Link] It was a weak one. – Okay.
That’s not a good spot. – I don’t think that Africa is a bad, I don’t think it’s a bad guess. But I think your reasoning
is sound with the whole sacrificial idea that you
might find in Catholicism, being exported, but I see
this mixing with the animist, animistic, is that a word,
religions of the Native peoples of South America. (dramatic laugh) – Ha ha ha ha. – And you know what
happens when you do that? – What are you laughing at? – Corn Flakes! I don’t know if it’s Colombia or Bolivia, so I’m gonna aim at Brazil. And I’m going to hit the ocean. – Boy, that’s a tough throw. All right Christine. – All right so the Mass of the Rooster, AKA La Misa Del Gallo, is
a tradition whose origins date back all the way to the year 300 but is celebrated in a few
Spanish-speaking countries, chiefly, Bolivia!
– Whoa! (mimics rooster clucking) Yes! (mimics rooster clucking) – That’s the sound the rooster makes when you’re sacrificing him. – All right Link, you had 28. Rhett, you had nine. – Oh, got the lead back, bro. – It ain’t over. ♪ Mm buh bah bah bah bah bah bah ♪ – All right let’s see our final tradition. – It all comes down to this thing. (Rhett yells) – [Creature] Ooh, what’s up guys? – What’s up?
– Such an intimidating look. Not a very intimidating voice. – [Creature] Oh hello. You want me to be more spooky, wooh. – What is that, a donkey face? – [Creature] Well let me tell ya. – [Link] I think it’s a horse. – [Creature] Every
Christmas, groups of people travel around to pubs and
homes with a horse skull on a stick covered in a white shroud. They sing songs and spread good luck. Where does this delightful
equine tradition take place? – Okay, well–
– You’re going first. – Okay this is a place
that horses would be used in a tradition, but you also said pub. You said they go around to pubs. I think they have pubs in lots of places, but they usually call
them bars in other places outside of the United Kingdom. – [Link] That’s a good throw, Rhett, but you were aiming at the wrong country. – Okay. – I believe this is
Ethiopia, but I’m going to– (Rhett laughs) Oh you laugh now.
– Okay all right. You can move back over. Actually you know what, stay right there. – They have pubs in Ethiopia. And I have a lifeline. What’s in my stocking? I do not know. But when it’s brought, I will show. (crew laughing) – Oh, okay it’s just a fart.
(bell ringing) – You had, oh it’s a five dart throw. – So how is this gonna–
– I think you just take ’em out of the sheet. Hold on, I’ve got a stocking.
– These are nice too. – What’s in my stocking? I don’t think I have a
lifeline but it looks like there’s some girth in there. – [Chase] Here you go. – If there’s a girth in your stocking, reach in and find out what it, it’s ham. (chuckles) – Oh wow.
– It’s just straight up ham. – Seems that you’ve already won, Rhett. – I’m just gonna peel off
a piece and go to town. – These are heavy darts. – That’s good ham, I’m
willing to share it with you. You might have to throw better. – All right so I’m going for Ethiopia which is the correct answer, but I’m also gonna hit a
little of the United Kingdom, where they also have pubs. Pub culture. – Why would they have a horse tradition? Okay, you know what, aim for Ethiopia. – Watch for the camera people. – Three, two, one. (crew laughing) – What happened?
– How did that happen? – [Rhett] I wish North
America was an option. – You know what, throwing
five darts is actually a disadvantage, you maniacal,
can I have some ham? – Yeah it’s really, I mean,
I know you’re a ham man. And it’s really good ham. – All right dead horse,
tell us if I was right, but still am gonna lose. – [Creature] Okay this is the Mari Lwyd. A type of wassailing tradition which is when people travel door-to-door, singing and exchanging gifts. This particular wassailing
tradition happens in Wales, which is in the UK. – Ha ha ho! Ha ha! – You earned it.
– Where the pubs are! – Link had 24. And Rhett had four. – Oh wow. – Good work, man.
– Sorry Link. But you know what you get to do, you get to be chased by
the devil on Instagram. That’ll make you feel better. – Head on over there and see it. Thank you for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – I’m Parker from Indiana
and this is Santa Claus and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Yep he’s real. Click the top link to
watch us explore some of the oddest Santa art on
DeviantArt in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] Heading outside? Cover your melon with
these hats we’re selling. Three different styles to choose from now at

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  1. Thank you for announcing the birth of our Holy Lord and Savior! Now we will kill and eat you and your friends! ?

  2. Can the cast members not be sick hipsters and actually be into their job…. They are much too sarcastic and uninteresting.

  3. Catholicism was never exported to Ethiopia,in fact Ethiopia has never been colonized except by Italy under Mussolini's rule. But by then the government with Haile selassie had expanded its influence across the then Abyssinia making it hard to colonize. It ended up being more of an occupation of the country.

  4. Actually from Italy here, and i can add that Befana mostly brings sweets to kids that have been good, and coal to those that have been bad (and usually the coal is sweet too, made up of sugar, even if more extremists parents use real coal lol).
    The tradition wants her to put the sweet in stockings hanged around the house during the night of the Epiphany's eve, so that the kids will die of diabetes the day after.
    Also, the stockings were usually handmade simulacrum of stockings, often made patchwerk-like.

    Only lately (last 15 years or so, i think) they started to commercialize already filled stockings that have toys in them, but that really breaks the tradition.

  5. Ill bet all the money iv eee seen that link cheated on the goat one with Sweden…he looked straight down at the card for like 5 seconds!!!! Punish him!!! Haha

  6. Hi guys. We like to play along but you reveal the answers right away. Could you hold off for a bit so we can guess too please. Me and my daughter really love watching you guys. Thank you.

  7. Idea for the future iterations of this game:
    In each round, you are both given the option to guess where they are from, before throwing your darts. If you guess correctly, your error is halved. I feel like the added incentive to make a correct guess (and use that to potentially cover any error in throwing a dart) would make the game more interesting without giving one side a distinct advantage.

  8. Next time you do one of these, I think you should deduct 10 cm for guessing the right country… it would be a game changer!

  9. I love these darts episode, but Rhett is eerily WAY too good in guessing the countries. It's either he's too lucky, or too intellligent lol

  10. Suggestion for a link advantage: Cut his distance by half when he gets the country right. For example, if he guesses Ethiopia but he’s off by 20 cm, if the country actually is Ethiopia, give him 10 instead of 20

  11. Rhett is so calm and carefree about these dart games now. He doesn't even seem to care in this video because he's so sure he's going to win no matter what Link does lol

  12. I hope someday to see a training montage of Link practicing his dart throwing and culinary/cultural geography/anthropology and just coming into another game just kicking so much ass

  13. The "horse tradition" thing in the UK is a pagen celebration thing. There are a lot of pagen celebrations that have been incorporated into Christmas celebrations.

  14. Is anyone surprised they’re using the metric system, yet they’re american? It surprises me cause im Canadian and know Americans love their imperial

  15. I am Swedish and I have never heard of that goat-thing.
    We sometimes decorate with straw-goats, but i had no idea about the meaning behind it.
    However I have no idea what bunnies and chickens have to do with easter either and I don´t think many people do..

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