Intouchables – Danse de Driss lors de l’anniversaire de Philippe [1080 HD][EN,FR SUB]

Intouchables – Danse de Driss lors de l’anniversaire de Philippe [1080 HD][EN,FR SUB]

«Earth, Wind & Fire».
I told you about them. So good! It’s something else. That’s something else for sure. Am I right? Driss. – Driss.
– I can’t hear you. Come on, dance for
Philippe’s birthday. Come on. For Philippe. There. So… With all that I didn’t
give you my present, it arrived this morning. I didn’t want to ruin the party,
if she was ugly or something. You never know.
But at least she responded. Well… Good night! Alright, I’ll open it… So? She does not look like a dog.
Not at all. Oh damn… It must be the only northern
girl with all her teeth. There’s a note with it. ‘I’m coming to Paris next week.
I’m waiting for your call. ‘ ‘Dot dot dot. ‘ You know what ‘Dot dot
dot’ means, right? What does it mean? – That’s good?
– Of course it’s good, she wants you. One dot, two dots, three dots,
she wants you, end of the story. – She wants me… Feels good, doesn’t it? – I’m too excited to sleep.
– But you will. I’m putting the picture here. She’s watching you sleep.

97 thoughts on “Intouchables – Danse de Driss lors de l’anniversaire de Philippe [1080 HD][EN,FR SUB]

  1. Driss make his life better he changed for better because of him and so did Driss too they met for a reason he started to live again because of Driss and so did he, he made his life worth living and so did he, this movie literally has everything

  2. Philippe started to live again all because of Driss he made his life worth living and so did he

  3. Omar Sy made an exclusive performance in this movie specially in this scene when he started to dance 💃

  4. Sometimes you have to reach into someone else’s world 🌎 to find what’s missing in your own

    That’s exactly what Driss did to Philippe

  5. I used to see the Africans dancing at their beer bashes. Everyone in the kraal would participate. Sometimes the freedom fighters would drop by and rape a few women, kill the headman then make his wife cook portions of the dean man's flesh. Then she would have to eat it. What a noble race. The crime of the headman, well maybe he did not want to hand over his daughters, maybe he had a relative in the security Forces or maybe Congo Jim the terrorist leader was having a bad hair day.

  6. Dommage qu'il ait pris un des seuls tube de EWF pas terrible ! Y'en a des tellement mieux que ce Boogie Wonderland ! Comme quoi les tubes ne sont pas souvent les titres d'un artiste les mieux réussi musicalement !

  7. Moi j'aurai mis pour danser….. REVOLUTION ORANGE ! Tellement meilleur !

  8. one of my best friend gonna get married next year, im thinking seriously to dance like that in the party lollll hahah

  9. Comment il a du avoir plaisir et s eclater pour cette scene a danser , il est terrible ce mec , rien cas voir sa tete tu as le smile tu sais que tu vas passer un bon moment , j adore il est vrmt fandard ce gars , c est une perle

  10. Good movie I see 4 times now Hollywood studios copy American make on version 2019 coming The upside good luck watch US version bye

  11. i had France like fuckin 6 years in School and the only sentence i can remember is "J'ai un tour d'eiffel dans mon pantalon" man this Actor is making me learning France again 🙁

  12. i re dancin from birth to live,,, so dont afraid everything gonna ojay nd alternatively ojaaayyy ⭕⭕

  13. This movie is great. This scene in particular just sums up the whole thing, so heartwarming and nice in a life full of bad and negative people.

  14. 2 things. Omar deserves an oscar for this scene ALONE. Secondly. I made the mistake of watching The Upside. To be fair. Isn't that bad. But it brought me back here. Much love

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