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Irish Shortbread Christmas Trees Hi Bold Bakers! This week, I am really excited
to be participating in Kin Community’s biggest collaboration yet: a Christmas Cookie Countdown.
Be sure to check out some of my favorites from Mind Over Munch, How to Cook That, The
Gray Boxwood, Simply Bakings, and Donal Skehan. My contribution to this collaboration is traditional
Irish Shortbread, and of course, with a BIG & BOLD twist. So let’s get baking! I’ve gotten a lot of requests to show you
guys more traditional Irish recipes. It doesn’t get more traditional than this recipe and
it is super simple to make. You’re going to start out by beating your
room temperature butter a little bit just to loosen it up. You can do this on a mixer or you can
actually do it by hand as well. Just make sure your butter is room temperature. It makes
it a lot easier. And now you’re ready to add in your sugar.
Turn back on your machine and beat in your sugar until it’s well combined with the butter.
Now that these are well combined, it’s time to add in the rest of our ingredients: Add in your vanilla extract, salt and flour.
Now turn the machine back on low and make sure not to overmix it now that the flour
is in there. You can actually start seeing the dough come together now. Perfect! When
your dough starts to clump together in clumps like this that means it’s done. It’s not one
big ball of dough, it’s kind of crumbly but we’re going to mold it with our hands when
we put it in the cling film. Turn your dough out onto your table and we’re
going to bring it together with our hands. Now if you’re worried that this dough is a
little dry, it’s not. It’s perfect. When we put it in the fridge to rest it will actually
get a little bit wetter so this consistency is great. Now we’re going to wrap it in cling
film and get it into the fridge. Now this guy needs to relax for around 45 minutes to
an hour and then it will be perfect and ready to roll. So how am I going to put a BIG & BOLD twist
on traditional Irish Shortbread? Easy. We are going to make Shortbread Christmas Trees
using star cutters. I am going to put a link the description box below of where I got these
guys. Once your dough is nicely chilled, we are
going to put it on a floured surface and start rolling. You want to roll out between a quarter
inch to half an inch thick. To create each Christmas tree, you need one
cookie from every size of these cutters. We are going to start with the base and work
our way to the top. So cut out your big cookies. The next layer. And then just keep going. I think with a lot of Irish baking, it’s simple
ingredients and simple method. And that’s what I really like about it. It’s easy and
you get a great result at the end. You want two little stars for the top of your tree
because one of them is going to be the angel on top. Our shortbread looks fantastic. We’re going
to bake it in the oven at 350 degrees F for around 18-20 minutes until a lightly golden
brown. I hope you’ve been enjoying my holiday recipes
but there is so much more to come so if you don’t want to miss out on any then don’t forget
to subscribe to my channel. While your cookies are in the oven, we’re
going to make the icing for our Christmas trees. So in your bowl, add in your icing
sugar. Mix in a small amount of water. Take care not to add too much water. And mix it
until you get a thick consistency. Lovely. Look at this. This is the consistency that
we want because we’re going to pipe our icing. Now that you’ve got the consistency of your
icing, we’re going to add in the color. And you know my tip is using a toothpick so you
don’t add in too much. I have a nice forest green here. This is going to look great. It’s
the perfect green! And then simply we’re going to do the same with the yellow icing for the
star on top of the tree. Our shortbread is out of the oven and it looks
fantastic. We’re going to put them on a rack and let them go cold and then we’re going
to get ready to ice them. Mmmm. Yumm. Now for my favorite part, bringing it all
together and making our Christmas Trees. Fill a piping bag with your green icing and
cut a small hole in the top. If you don’t have piping bags, you can always use a spoon. Now we’re just going to frost all of our stars
with green frosting. Go around the edges of your star first just so you get a clear outline.
And then simply start to fill in. I like to do one corner at a time. It’s kind of like
coloring but with edible crayons. What I do when my cookie is frosted is I give it a little
bit of a shake and all the lines even out. And then you have a beautifully frosted star.
Or a layer of a Christmas Tree. Then continue filling in the rest of your
cookies. Once you’ve decorated your trees put them aside and let them set and we’re
going to get started on our stars. And just like with the green icing, fill it in to create
your star. Now that we have all of our cookies ready,
I’m going to show you how to create this beautiful Christmas Tree. We’re going to start with
our largest cookie on the bottom and work our way up to the very top. Put down your
large cookie. Put a little bit of frosting for its glue. Get the next size down and put
it on top. And as you can see, you want the edges to be pointing in the different directions.
And for the next layer, on again with some icing. And like we did before, we want the
points to go out the different ends. Perfect! Can you see how this is starting to look like
a Christmas Tree? And then just keep on building your layers up until you get to the top. So you can’t have a Christmas Tree without
decorations so I got these lovely little red decorating pearls but you can use whatever
you want. To apply your decorations to your tree, just stick them on with a little bit
of your green frosting and you won’t even notice it. Our Christmas Trees are looking fantastic
but we can’t forget the most important piece: the star on top. To attach your star to the
top of your Christmas Tree just use a little bit of your green icing again and stick him
on top. These shortbread Christmas Trees look so good
and the best thing is they taste great too. You can even make a forest full of them for
your friends and family. For more great Christmas Cookie videos, don’t
forget to head over to the Kin Community channel, subscribe and check out all the other great
videos that they have on offer. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you
back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder Baking.

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