Is Sadhguru Launching A Political Party?

Is Sadhguru Launching A Political Party?

why should I not start a new party? You didn’t tell me to join the existing ones
at least, so that’s a good thing (Laughter/Applause). just organizing the external situations is
not going to bring human well-being. being in politics is not of personal ambition,
but towards nation’s well-being. what symbol would you give me, hmm (Laughter)? Interviewer (Idrees): So Sadhguru, the first question is, you’ve been traveling all around the world, meeting many number of people and
affecting as well as helping their lives, for the past thirty-five years as far as I hear. In all these years, you may have affected millions of lives. I feel it’s also the government’s responsibility
to take good care of people and to help them. So my question is, why don’t you establish a political party (Laughter) and run for the people’s representative (Cheers/Applause). Sadhguru: Well, we have a very distorted perception
of what is politics, unfortunately, largely in the world, particularly in India. If you do something wrong, we say,
“Oh, he’s doing politics” (Laughter). See what he’s trying to push me into (Laughs). But the real perspective of this is,
politics means it’s about policy making. That means you set the direction for the nation,
as to where the nation should go, what it should achieve, where people should get, essentially directing the ship. But if you look at a nation as a journey,
we are going somewhere, somebody has to captain it. Well, I think it is one of the most significant
things that needs to be done in the world in a most responsible and sensitive way. Well, unfortunately, a whole lot of them have not earned this. That today, it’s become like this, if you utter the word “politics,” it looks like we’re s… talking about something dirty. It’s almost like that. So having said that… You okay if I tell you a joke? It’s all right (Few Laugh)? You are serious man, that’s I’m asking you (Laughter)? This happened, three men who are in the older age
who are retired – one was a… a surgeon, another was a general, another was a politician. They met in the old age home, and they had
a golf game, it went all bad. So they thought at least they’ll have some
good gossip. Bad game what to do? At least good gossip! So, they started this and then they said…
the surgeon said, “Of all the professions, the most important profession is that of a
surgeon because it is only by cutting the Adam’s one rib and making woman out of it,
that this whole world happened. So what can be more significant than that? Surgeons profession is the most important
profession in the world.” So the General said, “Oh come on. It is clearly said that there was chaos and
then order had to be brought in before this rib surgery happened. And who else but a general can bring order? Obviously we were before you and only because
we brought order, you could do the surgery.” The politician said, “You guys are getting
it all wrong – but who created the chaos” (Cheers/Laughter/Applause)? Well, that’s not how it should be. That’s not what politics means. Politics means sorting out problems, not creating problems. So why should I not start a new party? You didn’t tell me to join the existing ones
at least, so that’s a good thing (Laughter/Applause). So it looks like I have at least a thousand
votes here (Laughter). But that’s not going to get you anywhere. But that’s not the point. The point is this, there are two dimensions to human life one is arranging the external situations,
which is in a way policymakers business, and another is settling the interiority of the human being. In this culture we have always held settling the interiority of the human being far more important than arranging the outside. Because however well you arrange it, still
if you are not organized well within yourself, still your life will be a mess. See all of you, I’m telling you, I’m sure
in IIT Kharagpur, there are 12,000 students. There must be at least 24,000 complaints (Laughter). Hello (Laughs)? But the fact of the matter is, compared to
any other generation ever in the history of humanity, you and me are living in the highest level of comfort and convenience and empowerment, isn’t it so? Isn’t it so? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: But still, no generation has ever
whined the way we are whining all the time. We’re not enjoying this organization. Never before in human history, human survival
was this well organized as it is today. So this is the time for a human being
to organize the inner aspect of you so that the external organization doesn’t go waste. Why I’m saying this is, already there’s enough
proof in the world that people can mess up… the most best organization on the outside
can be messed up by internal things. Thirty-eight percent… Thirty-eight percent of the European population
is on psychiatric medication. Why I’m picking on the European population is, this is a society which has enjoyed longest period of economic and material well-being on this planet right now. All… almost nearly two hundred years they’ve enjoyed material well-being like no other society in the world. How they got that material is another matter,
I don’t want to go into that (Laughter), okay? But they have enjoyed material well-being
for so long and thirty-eight percent, if you just withdraw a few medicines from the marketplace, the nation or the… all those nations can go crazy tomorrow morning. Yes? If pharmaceuticals go on strike, really, everybody goes crazy. How is this? You call this well-being? So one must understand, just organizing the external situations is
not going to bring human well-being. You can organize comfort. You can organize convenience. You can organize survival. You cannot organize well-being. Well-being is something that you have to earn within yourself. I have taken it upon myself to bring human well-being, because this is inner organization of yourself. This is very important, otherwise all the bounty that this science and technology has offered us will go waste. And this bounty has not come free. Let’s say we are sitting in the comfort
of this hall right now. If this hall has to come… come up, every worm, insect, bird, animal, plant, tree has suffered, isn’t it? Yes or no? For every convenience that you and me are enjoying, haven’t every other creature on this planet suffered immensely? Hello? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: And when we cause so much suffering,
at least we must be well. We sit in this comfort and we are miserable,
we had no business to cause suffering to them, isn’t it? In pursuit of our well-being we did all this
in the world, are we really well? We are the most comfortable generation ever. But can we claim we are the most joyful generation ever? Unfortunately no, isn’t it? That’s what I’m trying to change. So politics, there are so many people eager to do,
we need to change them (Laughter/Cheers/Applause), (Laughter/Cheers/Applause) that being in politics is not of personal ambition,
but towards nation’s well-being. This context we have to change in them – it is not a profession, it is a certain service that you have to render. So if this context changes in their minds and hearts, which we are trying to change, that will be bigger than me starting another party (Applause). I think there are too many parties (Laughs). Even the EVM machine is complaining (Laughter)
because there are not enough slots for all the parties. They are not able to find enough symbols. what symbol would you give me, hmm (Laughter)? So he says “Turban” (Laughs). Then only the Sardarjis will vote for me (Laughter/Applause). So there is no need for one more political party. I would say there should be reduction of political
parties in the country (Applause), to two or three or four, not two hundred parties. It’s just confusing the people,
they don’t even know whom to vote for. Because your chacha has started a party,
how can you not vote for it (Laughter)? You (Laughs)… You don’t know what is his ideology,
you don’t know what is his policy, what is his vision for the nation, nothing,
but he’s your chacha (Laughter). So if I start, all the millions of people
who are in some way drawn to me, they will not know what is my vision,
why I wanted to start this political party, “Sadhguru, we will vote him” (Laughter). I don’t want to bring that nonsense (Laughs) (Applause).

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  1. Janaka(father of sita) was a enlightened king ,who ruled his kingdom even after enlightenment(it was his guru's order to remain king even after the enlightenment,his guru name was Astabakra rishi ji).
    Buddha left his kingdom and became sanayasi for enlightenment and even after the enlightenment he choosed to live as sanayasi(physical sanayas).
    What is difference? Actually nothing at all. It's just that they choosed the best way to connect people in best and better way according to the situation and time they lived in.

  2. Please start a class for the jokers who are politicking so desperately to grab a chair& glue themselves to it ,without any vision, any mission for the people or the country. This is the need of the hour ,Sadhguru ,please you will be doing big time punya, if you do!! We are fed up those who fool us , sit in the chair,& go berserk filling their coffers, neglecting us,abusing their power, & making a mockery of governance.Some of this lot are not even Indian, thank you, but the nautanki they put up to pass off as Indian ,as our well wishers is bizzare, to say the least HELP, be a Raj Guru NOW.

  3. Sadguru*with respect* it's the time when the knowledge preachers should get into this corrupt system to eradicate all shortcomings of the society….there is no way that a government can be thrown out because it is the backbone of the nation however people like u can surely turn the Fortune of the country…

  4. Wow . how how how clearly you r explaining Sadhguru. We gave our heart and soul to you which is valuable than vote. We all love you Sadhguruji. Shambo.

  5. This man change my life… I lost my father at Early age.. but now he is everything for me… I am so blessed I have guru like him… My Lord Shiva give him long life…

  6. Sadhguru h really deserve bharat ratan, nobel prize and many more…u r glorious…at present no one like u..we r very luckey that u accompanies us

  7. No. Some time back this gentle men told he may not interested politics. Not at all read the news paper. So he always busy with his own work. But now he discuss with this subject. It's annoyed. So totally it's a corporate samayar.

  8. Is he copying his spiritual way from Jesus Christ??? Because he creates stories as Jesus did in the New Testament as telling Parables….. what are your thoughts on that???

  9. Sadhguru ji if you make a party for india's well being im ready to give my life to you and i promise i will make sure these thousand votes increases to see you as a PM or i would say CAPTAIN GURU for this nation

  10. the students doesn't know that Modi himself is a yogi and spiritual teacher . just good english do not make people a better yogi .

  11. Honestly telling if Sadhguru comes in politics, my life time vote will be for him..
    He is capable of being a Prime Minister..
    We Indians r very fortunate to have him born in our country..
    Jay Hind ??????

  12. Nobody but SadhGuru can provide optimal solutions for any situation. His words alone can heal a nation! Political leaders of India should approach and seek His advise, Should support His initiatives. He is there to provide solutions that really works for the betterment of the Nation. God Bless India! God Bless this World!

  13. Political parties are like tribes. Belong to them and you must serve them against your own views, beliefs and opinions. Represent the nation, not the party. This ought to apply to ALL countries.

  14. All Indian chief ministers should come for a weeks/year vocation to Isha Center. And don’t drag him into politics because its not Safe.

  15. I believe you should be the change you want to see. Nothing wrong in having your own political party if you have a vision.

  16. if worlds want to live in peace..he should be made world leader…he has the ability to do it..this vedios of sadguru will get million of likes after 20 years

  17. Shambhavi-Shoonya-Samyama-Shiva-Shambo-Samskriti-Sadhguru-ShaktiChalanya-SukhKriya-Sushumna-Sadhanapad
    Sadhguru, the coolest man alive

  18. No doubt Sadguru is Bramharishi….seems Vishwamitra incarnated as Sadguru and Videhraj (Janak) as Modi Ji…This is a great time for India and the world.

  19. Sadhguru is great visionary. he is trying to change people mindsets. it is far more important than becoming PM. he is a king maker.

  20. 37 percent of Europe on psychiatric medication is a lie, sadhguru should refrain throwing such numbers without a credible source.

  21. "Not Personal Ambition but NATION SERVICE should be the Reason & Objective of entering Politics for everyone" Rightly Put ?????????
    Namaskaram Sadhguru???

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