I’ve got my buddies while I get ready. Good
morning guys and welcome back to my channel. Today’s vlog is quite an exciting one because
it’s Jackson’s third birthday party, which I cannot even believe that he’s three and
I know so many of you guys have been around since I was vlogging my pregnancy and birth
with him and now he’s three. It’s just gone so quick and all of a sudden he seems like
such a grown up big boy. We’ve cut all his curls off, he’s completely potty trained,
he’s just talking so well and running around. So yeah, so today we’re just going to hang
out. We might pop out for a little bit and do something and then his party is at 4:00
PM today. So, we’ve hired out a little soft play, got a few friends coming, and a cake
and stuff. So yes, I’ll obviously take you along with me. I’m wearing this dress today,
I’m not 100% sure about it. I ordered it on ASOS, but I put it on this morning to try
it on and Jackson went, “Cool dress mom.” So, I’m going to keep it, but I’m not 100%
sure about it. Yeah but anyway, on the day that this vlog
goes live, it’s also Children’s Growth Awareness Day. So, I thought it would also be a really
good opportunity for me to measure the boys’ height today, see how they’re growing, and
track it. Jackson is also three now, so that’s a nice milestone to measure him, but it’s
actually really important for us to measure our children on a more regular basis than
just once a year because growth is so much more important than just how tall they are.
It can be a really good indicator on their health and wellbeing as well. So, I wanted to show you this. This is Fraser’s
Memory Box here. It is busting at the seams and I really need to get a bigger one or a
new one, but in it I have his original growth charts. I used to be so good at tracking his
length and his height and how he was doing. I knew all the percentiles and everything.
So, I don’t know if you can see this, but this is him at birth, 53 centimeters and then
I measured him again at nine months old and he was 72 centimeters and then he was 76 centimeters
at a year and then I was tracking 14 months, 18 months, 21 months, two years, three years
and then four years and it just stops. Yes, I’m going to measure the boys’ height
today and then I can even input it into an amazing website called Morethanheight.com.
It is a resource for parents that provides information, tools and just helps you to better
understand your child’s growth and development as well. There are so many reasons that your
children might be not growing at the same rate as others or might be a bit slower. It
could be disorders, it could be malnutrition, it could be bone health. There’s loads of
information on there and they even have a little chat bot. So, if you have any questions
big or small about height or growth, you can just go on there, ask them a question and
they’ll reply straight away. So, this is a pack of things that I received
from the Morethanheight.com website. They’ve sent me a new height chart, as you can see
here, which I’ll put on the wall. They’ve also send me a little one pager, which has
loads of different information about how to measure your kids’ heights, like before you
measure them remove their shoes, make sure they’re not wearing any hair clips or hair
ties, then when you measure them heels touching the wall, shoulders touching the wall, loose
arms, head against the wall as well. So, just gives you a little checklist and things to
look out for. They’ve also sent me a ruler and a measuring tape and even a little magnet
you can stick on your fridge that says remember to check their height. So yeah, so I’m going
to use all these tools today. Who’s first, then? Me. Jackson. Jackson. Jackson first. Right. Okay. So, you’ve got to put your feet
against the wall. Heels against. Oh, that’s it. Relax. Head on the wall. Wait, head on
the wall. It’s too tight. That’s it. On the floor. These down. Okay,
now look up at me. Good. Okay. Let’s see. Okay, you are 92. [crosstalk 00:05:04] Do
you know what’s crazy? When Fraser hit three, he was 93. [crosstalk 00:05:11] Okay, so he
heels against the wall. Relax your arms. Relax. Jackson’s taking a photo. Head against the wall. Oh, look at this. You
are- 120. Nearly 120- I’m 120! Good. So, Caleb’s there and now Fraser’s turn.
So, oh, shoes off- Nice try mate. Why do we have mommy’s heels
on? [crosstalk 00:05:40] That’s it. Okay. [crosstalk 00:05:45] Put
your head. Yeah, that’s good. Oh my goodness. You’re getting so big. You’re measuring Fraser’s hair. 134. Look. Wow! Wow, you boys are getting so big. Wow. You’re catching me up Fraser. So, this is
the More Than Height website so I can check your growth on here. So, it says your child’s
growth tells a story of their overall health and wellbeing. That is why it’s so important
to track it and have it growing overtime. So, this is a simple growth calculator. So,
you put in your date of birth, when were you born? 7th of December, 2010. That’s right. So, we do the 7th. Okay, that’s
it and you are a boy. Father’s height in centimeters and we need my height in centimeters as well
and it’ll say your target height, then we’ll see if it’s the same. Yeah? And your height
was 134 centimeters. Okay. I don’t know what you weight is. Weighing in at 28 kilos, we’ve got Fraser
Norris. Fraser! We have Caleb D. Norris! On the scale bud.
See how many kilos you weigh. [crosstalk 00:07:13] What is it saying? 22.4. We’ve got Jackson
[crosstalk 00:07:22]. Take that big heavy toy out of your hand. Jackson, what’s it saying
for you? Two. 13.2. How much did you weight Caleb? I was two- 22. 22. Point 4. Four meters. Kilograms. Okay, so I’ve put in Fraser’s and then I just
press submit and then it calculates everything and produces a little report like this. Excuse
how dirty my screen is, but I don’t know if you can see this. So, it says in terms of
height, Fraser is pretty much bang in the middle of where he should be for his age.
They also cover weight as well and for weights he is a slightly on the lower side, but still
well within what he should be and to be honest, Fraser plays so much football, he is quite
slim and he’s slim built like his dad. So, I’m not too worried about that. I think if
it was to be outside of this blue range, maybe then you could think about talking to a doctor,
but this website actually gives you loads of information about when you should talk
to a doctor, when you should be worried, how to have a conversation and all of that stuff
and this is Caleb’s growth report. He’s going to be six next month and for his
age he is on the tall side, but that doesn’t surprise me because he’s one of the tallest
boys in his class. In terms of weight, he’s pretty much bang in middle, maybe slightly
on the heavier side, but really where he needs to be. Right. So, that was really fun. The boys actually
loved having their height measured and Caleb has asked if he can have this chart in his
bedroom so that he can do it all the time. So yeah, I’d urge you to measure your kids
as well. Check how they’re growing and that website is brilliant. It’s Morethanheight.com.
I’ll link it in the descriptions. You can check it out as well, but I feel I’ve learned
a lot just from being on there in the few minutes I’ve been on there. Just what normal height looks like and little
things to watch out for. One thing it said is a sign of poor growth is if your children’s
clothes wear out before they grow out of them and I thought that was just an interesting
way to think about it. So yes, all the links will be in the description and now I think
we’re going to go to a little cafe near us that the boys love going to for lunch. Right. We’re off now to lunch. We’re going
to our favorite little cafe that we have been going to since Fraser was born. They all know
us in there. I think we’ll be going there forever. So, we’ll take you with us. Matt’s got a new camera. It’s a really cute little- Osmo Pocket. Osmo Pocket and he keeps vlogging me vlogging.
So, you’re probably going to see that as well, but anyway, we’re home now and on the way
back, Jackson fell asleep in the car, but we’re actually going to let him have a little
nap because it’s his party this afternoon and he was so tired. We were like, “It’s fine
to sleep.” We have normally given up his nap so that he goes to bed at seven, but today
he did really need it, but anyway, on the way back we also stopped at the news agents
to pickup the Sunday Times because a few people tagged me on Instagram and said that I was
in the top 100 influencers list. So I was like, “I need to get a copy of that.” So,
I’ll just show you. Yes. So, this is it here and it was actually
in the Sunday Times magazine, the supplement and if you open it up, there is a list of
the top 100 UK influencers and I am over here number 72, but honestly I just can’t believe
that I’m even in the top 100. It was such a surprise and shock. Yeah. So, I can’t believe it. I had no idea
this was coming out. Sometimes with things in the press, you are made aware of it, but
this was just a complete surprise and I’ve sort of looked into it a bit. I was like,
“Who made this list? How do you measure someone’s influence?” But apparently the person who
made the list is an expert. She wrote a book about social influence and she studied all
the stats like how often we upload as well as all the other stats to come up with this
list. So, it feels… I don’t know. It feels really official and my hard work’s been recognized.
So yeah, I’m just so thrilled and I’m going to put it all on Instagram right now. So, we’re just waiting for the cake to arrive
now and then we’re going to make our way to the venue. We’re taking two cars because Matt’s
dad is over from Spain for it and he’s staying with us and we’re also going to take one of
Fraser’s friends because he’s had a little soft play and that he’s a bit older, he doesn’t
really want to play in soft play. So, I was like, “Invite a few friends,” but yes, I’ll
show you the cake. Right. So, I’ve just got to the venue and
it’s all set up ready for a little party. I’ve just put out a rainbow banner and you
can probably hear the boys. They’re down there in the soft play already. We basically hired
out one of Jackson’s favorite little soft plays because they hire it out exclusively
if it’s on the end of the day on a Sunday. So, it should be really fun. They can just
run around and go crazy and the cake is amazing. I have to show you this. I keep using the
same woman for cakes. She’s made me four now. She’s called Cut A Slice on Instagram. I’ll
tag her, but I would totally recommend her if you’re in the London and surrounding areas.
She always delivers the cake because she’s so worried about it getting damaged in transport
and you can literally say anything to her and she will make it and sometimes cakes look
really nice, but it won’t taste nice. Hers always taste so good as well. Yeah. So, this is the cake here and it just
looks incredible. All I said to the cake maker was that he likes Mike Wazowski. So, here
he is painted just so well. He’s got a little party hat on. He’s got a little cake that
says, “Jackson three,” on it and it just looks amazing. He’s going to absolutely freak when
he sees this. So yeah, I’ve got that and then also we’ve got sweetie cones as the party
bags. Sorry, the kids are screaming over there. So, each of them will get one of these and
I’m sure no parents are going to thank me for that, but kids just love those sweetie
cones, don’t they? (Singing) [crosstalk 00:14:45]. And again. [crosstalk 00:14:49]. Oh my gosh. Look at that. Wow. It’s like a
second cake under there. Yeah. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. [crosstalk 00:15:03]. So, we’re back and the party was a total success.
They all had loads of fun. I didn’t film loads because there were lots of kids that weren’t
mine there. Yeah. Did you have a nice party? I ate Mike Wazowski’s leg. You ate Mike Wazowski’s leg? And his nails. And did you have a nice party? Mom, it’s my [inaudible 00:15:29] iPad. It’s your [inaudible 00:15:31] iPad. So, what
are we going to do now? Should we open all the presents? Yes. Yes. So, now we’re going to let Jackson open
the presents from the people that came to the party. Obviously it’s not actually his
birthday until Tuesday, but we’re going to let him open what your friends brought you.
Yeah? The cake. And eat more cake. What did you get? Oh no, not a shock. Oh, wow- What’s that? Oh. Look! You can do cleaning. I’m cleaning- You can do spring cleaning. My kitchen. Get it out. Whoa. Right. So, I’ll just show you a few presents
that Jackson got from his friends. He got these kiddy binoculars, they’re called Kidnoculars.
He also got a little Toy Story Art Center. He got, which one is this? Oh, Zoomer. That’s
it. A Zoomer Hovercraft, which he just, he loves Paw Patrol. So, you’ll see a theme in
a minute. He got Paw Patrol socks, Paw Patrol glow in the dark pajamas, Paw Patrol mess
free coloring. Also got some new kinetic sand, which has dinosaur molds. So, he’ll love that.
He really likes kinetic sand. He also got two sets of Duplo, a fishy under the sea one
and also a construction building one. He got a little Buzz Lightyear remote control car,
which I need to put some batteries into because he really looked keen to try that one out.
He also got a little book called Poo In The Zoo, which is right up my voice street and
then he called Paw Patrol art set as well as this little, what is it? Scrub and Play
Smart Sink. So, this is the same make as his little ice cream shop that he loves to play
with. It makes loads of noises as you [crosstalk 00:17:38]. Oh my god. Yeah. So, you may have seen he was already
playing with this. He really looked like he liked it. It came with all these little plates
and scrubbies. He’s put them in the dishwasher and the last thing that he’s been playing
with a lot already, he got the Peppa Pig caravan, which is probably the only Peppa Pig toy he
doesn’t have and he’s loving it. It comes with a tent, a scooter, a fire, a little pot
to cook with and on the top of the caravan, it’s got a bed, look, where they can sleep.
They can go to bed in there, can they? Oh, daddy pig’s so big though. There you go. Will
you say, “Night, night?” Night, night poo. Right. So, all the boys are in bed now. So,
I’m just going to eat some cake for dinner. What’s left of it and have some coffee and
text everyone to say, “Thank you for the presents,” but I hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you
so much for watching and yeah, let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll of
course link the More Than Hight website in the description down below if you want to
go and check it out and I’ll see you on the next one. Bye guys.


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