JAMAICA VLOG | Weekend anniversary getaway! ✨

JAMAICA VLOG | Weekend anniversary getaway! ✨

Hello we just landed and we are
going to our resort right now we are staying out all inclusive resort which
is amazing and Brandon was just looking at the food menu there’s so many amazing
food options and we’re just gonna be eating all day every day
we’ll be here for three nights celebrating our first marriage turkey chicken pizza you got some a jerk chicken and it looks
amazing as to spicy food lovers this jerk shock and this jerk chicken is
absolutely incredible oh my goodness we never eat meat like at home but the
rules are changing when you’re in Jamaica okay we already ate so much but
now we’re on our way to the coffee shop called Grimes and it’s open pretty much
all day and you can get coffee whenever we haven’t been yet so we just this is
just what we read online but I’m really excited to these guys know how much I
love coffee view from our little balcony it’s so
beautiful so we’re staying at the Hyatt Ziva at
Rose Hall in Montego Bay Jamaica and we bought it with our credit card points so
we’re so happy with it it’s so incredibly nice got a beautiful shower
and a bathtub you know I love myself a nice warm a bubble bath and then our
room is super nice we have our bed we already settled in a little bit in that
our couch and then our balcony our beautiful beautiful balcony
I’ll show you we can see the ocean pool ready fook honeymoon for everything
right we’re currently on a mission to get a pina colada and some sugar we’re
gonna go to the sweet shop there’s a whole little restaurant just for sweet we have this section that contains
Jamaican pretreat so you can kind of get a taste for the local flavor like Oh we just got back to your room and we
were talking about taking a bath and look what we came back to oh my goodness
how perfect and beautiful and romantic also some champagne and it says wishing
you a lifetime of everlasting love and happiness and memories to be cherished
forever that is so precious okay I’m all dressed for dinner I’m just wearing this
cute little red dress it’s like a little mini dress I’ll show you in the
full-length mirror but it’s from princess Polly and we just got out of
the bath and I just rinsed off all the bubbles and stuff but I didn’t put on
any makeup tomorrow though I plan on like getting a little more cutesy and
dressed up for dinner but tonight keeping it casual and we’re trying to
figure out where we want to eat there truly are so many fun choices here so
it’s kind of overwhelming there is an Asian place there’s an Italian place
there’s a French cuisine place and there’s like Brazil steakhouse place
there’s so many different varieties so it’s tricky to pick so we might want to
say like pull out of a hat I might just ran him down on different pages and then
pull out a hat because we are being very indecisive okay Brandon tread the first Jamaican
sweet feet which is bust me jaw so funny you like it you’re into it this is what
it looks like it’s wrapped up on top he said it’s definitely chewy I mean if you watch Jamaica the water feels so good and cool and
it’s seriously the most crystal clear water and effort grated thought to take
this camera and he’s fallen back to the room and we’re gonna go about it happy Saturday aka our anniversary Eve we slept in a little bit because our
neighbors are a little wild last night so old a little bit they woke us up in
the middle of the night but we’re awake now and we’re off to breakfast Oh mine
is really cute some soup from revolve in chula rose rose I think that’s the brand
but I was like this debt back and it’s so sort of soft I wish you guys could
feel it so I’m excited to wear it all day but the really needs to eat
breakfast go to the beach for little dragon wants me to play basketball with
him in the pool and then there’s a ping-pong tournament at 10:30 that I
really want Brandon to do because he loves ping-pong so probably gonna do
that and then just chill and read and relax for the rest of the day last night
we went to Italian for dinner and it was so so yummy it was my favorite meal
we’ve had so far and he’ll blog or anything because
yesterday I filmed to get ready with me video and then I just wanted to kind of
have some alone time and just focus on each other last night so it was super
nice this is a Jamaican Apple and I want to
do a taste test because I’m so curious about it feels very rough do you want to
go first be brave be brave eat it eat it is it
good that’s gonna be it now let me try it
wasn’t puppet I don’t know it’s very different do you actually
think it tastes good though this avocado toast looks so got me in with sourdough
bread and the eggs your friend and got it too as a coffee lover I am so
thankful for the unlimited cappuccinos lattes coffee all day every day Brandon’s doing the ping-pong tournament
it’s just him in one of they’re gonna go after his son with King Kong we’re gonna
do aqua spinning so it’s like a cycling cut in the pool some sweet and I’m not a cake pop we got
some cold brew and I got some octopus sour gummies all right Fred today mister in it so
lovely we just did a whole lot of lying by the pool and Brandon did ping-pong
and also do you do ping-pong volleyball oh yeah ain’t eatin
crazy like sailing so you don’t think it’s called water surfing I don’t know
exactly what it was called but it was so fun and thrilling I’ll put it in a clip
of like the boat that we went on with the big sail it was we went so so fast
we were crashing on all the waves it was such a thrill and so so fine did we just
had a really sweet day ate lots of fun food got some coffee and just had such a
fun-filled day and made so many sweet memories and tomorrow we leave sadly and
tomorrow’s our actual anniversary so that’s very exciting so tonight we’re
just gonna go to dinner and have some alone time and ooh
and just enjoy each other’s company but thank you guys so much for watching this
vlog and falling along and hanging out with us on our trip to Jamaica we truly
love this island so much and the people here are so incredibly beautiful and
kind and we really hope to come back someday but I love you guys and can we
see you

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  1. The food looks amazing! I’ve been to Jamaica before but never stayed there. Definitely planning a trip to stay there! And that Aqua Spin class looked super fun!

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  10. Am from India I love uR videos ur sooo sweet in future if I visit in ur country I definitely meet u ur very sweet and beautiful

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