100 thoughts on “Jamie Foxx Showed Diddy How To Party On A Budget

  1. Never understood this story, Kanye did that song in late 2003.. jay z was a big star around that time and the neptunes were well known

  2. This story doesn't make any sense. The timeline is way off. Jay-Z became famous when I was 6. Slow Jamz didn't come out until I was 11. If the Kanye part was left out you could maybe say this was 1994, but his comment about Missy having her own room leads you to believe that Missy Elliott was famous at the time, which she wasn't but she had done work in the industry so maybe that entitled her to a room like Diddy? But yeah this story seems made up as hell.

  3. can't stand this Jamie Foxx dude since I read his quote where he says he hates white people. But here he is the lefties poster boy.

  4. Half the comments: “wow, Jamie foxx is such an amazing storyteller!”
    Other half: “if this mf tells this story one more time”

  5. For someone as talented as he is, I'm surprised he doesn't know shit about music, he could sing literally anything for 5 god damn seconds and it tops everything all his party buddies accomplished, especially Kanye

  6. Sounds like a BS story, he didnt know who Jay Z was at that time yet Kanye came in and they made that song, sounds like he is salting the story a bit

  7. This dude is a nut. If you could hang out with one person for the whole day and do whatever you have to have Jamie Foxx on the list. Comedians are the best, my friend used to house BET comics at his house in Portland, OR and I met all kind of stars……it was like LA lite!! LOL. They are funnier in person because they can be themselves and not watch what they say……it's insane.

  8. WE ALL LOVE JAMIE FOXX SISTER❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ALL LOVE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Bruh is spitting the truth, I know WAY MORE Millionaire's that drive around in 10 year old Corollas then i do owning BMW's Laborghini's Audi's Mercedes Tesla's(Which i have quite a fewof buddies in brand new Aventadors and Nissan GTR's) or whatever "status" symbol is in style at the moment, moral of my story is, you don't become rich by spending all your money splurging on expensive bullshit, SAVE SAVE SAVE, also earn earn earn, invest in your future, put money away, invest well, hold back from touching that money and start as young as you could, once you reach financial stability, stresses in life come far and few between. I'm not saying money the key to happiness, but once you've got financial security and have that off your conscious, life is much less stressful. Talk to a Certified Financial Planner, talk around dont settle with the first guy you talk to, and arrange money to be put into retirement, 401k if you're eligible, get tax write offs. I'm amazed every year when i tell my buddies the same thing and they continue to let their money go n burn away never taking what i say to heart and just letting thousands of dollars from their check go to taxes.

  10. I just realized for the first time ever that I am married to a Jamie Foxx, I close my eyes and hear this amazing talent tell a story and I hear my husband David.
    The scenario with the voice mimicking , and the high voice and low voice, the hand mannerisms- everything,

  11. 1 of the absolute most talented performers in all of showbiz from music to comedy and obviously acting!!! Dam legend killing it in real time!

  12. This TL doesnt make any sense. Kanye broke his jaw in '02. JayZ was already hella famous by then, the brotha had already dropped Bonnie n Clyde with Beyonce for god sake. How no one know who he was? And if we're sticking with the 02 Kanye jaw bust TL of the party, the Neptunes were huge by then too. Usher, Britney and Jay Z were already under their belt and they were the most in demand producers of the time.

  13. I watched this man transform into "special guest" Ray Charles after his standup (funny as shit)… And was blown away with goosebumps all that…Best show of my life…. Georgia….GeorgiaHH!!… Jaime kills it

  14. That story doesn't make sense.

    The song that he's talking about with Kanye was made in like 2003-2005

    People knew who Jay Z, Neptune's etc, before then

  15. stephen is the worst person to catch the marvel of guest like Jamie foxx… that dude brings all sorts of fun and games into the stage and stephen just stares at him like a stooge, speechless and ready to get over it to his next pointless question !

  16. Anybody else here that “she take my money !” At 6:31? It doesn’t even go along with his lips or anything I just hear it

  17. I'll listen to Jamie ALL DAY. I don't care if he's singing the phone book, because y'all know he CAN and HE'D KILL IT! 💜

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